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Er is een dagelijkse vlucht tussen Mahé en Bird Island en u kunt maximaal 15 kilogram bagage meenemen.

Bird Island Lodge

Na een verbiljf in dit eenvoudige eco-hotel voelt u zich als herboren. U ervaart de natuur op haar best: complete verlatenheid en alleen het gekwetter van de vogels.

Vanaf € 221,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Bird Island Lodge
  • Bird Island Lodge
  • Bird Island Lodge, Chalet
  • Bird Island Lodge
  • Bird Island Lodge
Bird Island Lodge Bird Island Lodge Bird Island Lodge, Chalet Bird Island Lodge Bird Island Lodge


Bird Island Lodge
Bird Island Lodge
Bird Island Lodge, Chalet
Bird Island Lodge
Bird Island Lodge

Over Bird Island Lodge

Dit paradijselijke koraaleiland ligt in het uiterste noorden van de Seychellen, op een half uur vliegen van Mahé en heeft meer dan vijf kilometer poederwit zandstrand. Deze ver-weg-van-alles bestemming is geschikt voor honeymooners die zich aan alles willen onttrekken, maar ook voor gezinnen die samen met hun kinderen de natuur willen ontdekken. Er loopt zelfs een ruim 200 jaar oude landschildpad rond! Dit eiland is tevens een vogelreservaat. De kamers zijn eenvoudig en u heeft hier geen bereik met uw mobiele telefoon, maar dat zult u geen moment vervelend vinden op de prachtige plek!

Insiders tip

Er is een dagelijkse vlucht tussen Mahé en Bird Island en u kunt maximaal 15 kilogram bagage meenemen.

Bird Island Lodge
Overige Eilanden
v.a. € 221 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Upgrade your stay

Uw verblijf op Bird Island is een bijzondere ervaring, met als hoogtepunt de schildpadden! De kans op een ontmoeting is het grootst in de maanden oktober tot en met januari.


Plafondventilator, WiFi, kluisje, zithoek, badkamer met douche en veranda.


Gelegen aan het strand op Bird Island, het meest noordelijke eiland van de Seychellen, op 30 minuten vliegen van Mahé.

Aantal kamers



  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • WiFi


  • Kajakvaren
  • Snorkelen
  • Zeevissen
  • Walvis spotten
  • Natuurexcursies

De 115 eilanden van de Seychellen verschillen enorm in grootte, sommigen slechts een stipje in de oceaan. Behalve de hoofdeilanden zijn er veel resorts die het 'one island, one resort' concept hanteren. Ze variëren van eersteklasse natuurresorts tot exclusieve 'escapes' waar alles draait om decadent genieten. Dit alles wordt omlijst door een unieke (onderwater) natuur.

"Birders dream"

Only a 30 minute flight from Mahe - landing on a rather bumpy small landing strip which is 2 minutes walk from reception - a great view of the island as you make your approach. Our bags were spirited away from the plane to appear again at our assigned chalet. The rooms are spacious with lots of hanging spaces and both a wet room and a separate toilet and bidet. There is a flask in each room and you take it with you when you go for a meal, leave it on your assigned table, and they will fill it up with drinking water for you to take back to the room. There are 24 lodges - 12 either side of the restaurant / bar / reception area. The tables are numbered with your room number and all meals are buffet style although they will serve the soup to your table before the main course. The meals are fairly basic consisting of fish and chicken for both lunch and dinner, with rice and salads to accompany it, they are nice enough as you don't really come to Bird Island for gourmet cuisine. The brochure does say that they breed their own pigs to produce pork for the guests but this wasn't evident during our stay. The lack of choice did get rather monotonous and I am glad we were only staying for 4 nights as it would be nice to have a choice other than 'take it or leave it'! I think when you have fish you expect to look for bones but I didn't expect to watch out for bones with chicken but it was fairly obvious that they had been crudely chopped in preparation for cooking and you had to watch for little splintered bones. We have stayed in other very remote places where the emphasis is on wildlife spotting rather than gourmet food and they had offered a much better choice and variety so I do think there is room for improvement. We arrived at the end of the Sooty tern nesting season and there were still loads here but they can get up to 700,000 over the nesting period from May to September. They are at one end of the island (a mere 15 minutes stroll from the chalet). We thought it might be quieter as most of the terns had gone but we hadn't taken into account the other birds. The cacophony of noise is amazing and this is where we discovered - sea birds do not sleep! The island is alive with Noddies flying in and around, there are beautiful Fairy Terns, elegant White Tailed tropic birds, ground doves wander around your feet whilst you are sitting and there are loads of smaller birds darting around. They do make a lot of noise though and they do not stop all night! Having said that - we both still slept well only waking occasionally when a particularly loud call disturbed us. There are also lizards scurrying around - often having a nose around your room to see what's around. There are no natural predators on the island so you are even likely to see a little mouse scurrying about whilst sat in the bar or even (in our case) scurrying around your room - we didn't notice it but the cleaner did and swiftly dispatched it! We were sat outside the following evening and could hear a rustling noice snd didn't think too much of it until we went inside to get some tablets out of a little net bag we keep them in and found that the mouse had gnawed through the netting and tried to get to a blister pack of probiotics. Thankfully our other medication was in plastic containers so hadn't been touched. Not quite so endearing so we duly mentioned it to the cleaner who put some poison down in the room that evening. So beware - do not keep anything edible in the chalet as you're asking for trouble! You are also supplied with a torch in the chalet as there are no lights outside other than the ones on the chalet verandas so you need it to see your way back to your chalet after dinner. If you look closely you will see where the resident crabs have burrowed underground and occasionally pop out from. The bar area is a pleasant place to chat to your fellow guests although the drinks choices are fairly limited and rather pricey (unsurprisingly considering the location). The resident guide Robbie takes you out for a nature tour and points out what kind of things you can see and it's well worth joining him for one of his tours. The night sky is something spectacular to see as there is so little light pollution - it was awesome! All in all, this is a birders dream. It is a magical place and my husband was in his element! Me - slightly less so although I like to take photos but as we had been on a couple of recent holidays where we had to set off early, got back late and everything was geared to getting the best possible experience I had decided that this holiday was going to be different and laid back with no alarms, no excursions, and the only photos I would take were where the wildlife came to me for a change. I was even considering not bringing a camera! As it turns out - I did let them come to me and took most of my photos while lazing on the veranda or strolling 100 yards to the tree where the tropic bird was nesting. The birds will come visit you and they will glide past your chalet so I still took loads of photos but with very little energy expended!

"Exceeded expectations "

We visited for 3 nights in the middle of October, after visiting La Digue & Praslin. The trip was a concession to my bird watching husband & I hoped it would be the hilight of his holiday. How surprised was I to find that it was mine also! As previously stated, the rooms are very simple but provide all that you need. I was amazed how little 'wildlife ' entered, just a friendly lizard in the shower & a visit from a brown noddy. It goes without saying that my husband enjoyed his birding but for me the hilight was snorkelling daily with up to 6 Hawksbill turtles, no fear of humans so they were quite happy for you to observe them. Some huge rays as well. The food was very good & although the drinks are pricy, it was well worth spending some time at the bar for the convivial company & atmosphere. The memories that you will take away from here will be unsurpassed. We feel very privileged to have enjoyed this experience.

"WOW ! Wow ! Wow! Simply Gorgeous"

A short 30min flight from Mahe and you step into a nature wonderland, a warm greeting on arrival, some banter from Robbie the "island legend" this little island is simply gorgeous, clean beaches, comfy cabins, a good variety of food for all meals. The bird life is amazing , so may on the island and not scared of us humans. Get up close and personal with them and the Giant Tortoise roaming the grounds. The spectacular sights of the Sooty turns on the beach , on the grounds in the air. I would recommend this place to any nature lover and photographer out there. Will go back in the near future.

"what a place !"

well weve just had 4 days on this island and it was heaven.greeted by Robbie on arrival we had a welcome drink as well as a welcome by the vast amount of birds on this island.If you want quiet then this isn't for you,if you want nature at its best then this is the place to come.The birds are on the go 24/7 with no break which is what we came for this is on a migratory route from the north and also the trade winds from the east.You can have a whole beach to yourselves which are pure majestic.26 cabins full board just drinks to pay for.It was about half full while we were there but different seasons bring variety of birds so it can get full so book early for this majestic island.Robbie was at the helm of this island and is a great man to guide you around .The owners are about too but do not impose at all and will stop and talk about there wonderfull island.we will be back for sure Robbie will know who we are (good luck to the Hawksbill Turtle)


we arrived in the early afternoon by small aeroplane and were greeted by Robbie who went through the basics of the island. we collected towelsand flask for water and went to our lodge. by the way NO KEYS !! . all the windows were open and so were the doors . If any one did steal from you where would they go ??. Food was all home cooked by Alan and was to an exceptional standard . his wife Betty was a waitress and she served us very well too, The choice of food was either chicken or fish during our stay and never became repetitive. You need to fill your flask with water at every occasion as you must not drink the tap water. This was a minor problem and we believe that the management should provide water bottles for guests in the rooms. To buy a bottle of water will cost you about £4.00 from the bar. The lodges were of a good standard although a littler dated . there were birds everywhere and lots of friendly turtles too which was fun as they loved to be fed fruit and loved their necks to be stroked, watch out for their jaws as they will take a finger off if your not carefull .The Beaches were to die for some days we were the only ones on the beach , the sand was a powdery white and the sea was a beautiful coral colour which had small sting rays in and small fish in the shallows.We found where the famous esmerelda lived, right next to where the farm was on the island !! she is a HE and he too was very friendly , Jennifer and her husband ran the farm and they are very proud to show you around.Watch your bar bill as the seychelles is very expensive ie can of beer £6 can of tango £3 wine £25 If you want a beautiful relaxing place to be in then this is the place for you soft white sand lovely sea, no pubs, no crowds ,fantastic ...oh and lots and lots of birds !!

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