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Inle Resort

Comfortabele middenklasse accommodatie met prachtig uitzicht over het meer en gelegen te midden van een bijzonder fraai aangelegde tuin.

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  • Inle Resort
  • Inle Resort, Royal Villa
  • Inle Resort
  • Inle Resort
  • Inle Resort
Inle Resort Inle Resort, Royal Villa Inle Resort Inle Resort Inle Resort


Inle Resort
Inle Resort, Royal Villa
Inle Resort
Inle Resort
Inle Resort

Over Inle Resort

Het Inle Resort is gelegen aan het Inle-meer, een van de belangrijkste toeristische attracties van Myanmar. U kunt het resort natuurljik met de auto bereiken, maar wellicht is het leuker de reis per boot af te leggen vanaf het dorp Nyaung Shwe. Het hotel is gebouwd in traditioneel inheemse stijl, met als meest opvallende detail de bijzondere daken. Het Inle Resort kenmerkt zich daarnaast door haar ervaren personeel en een goede service. De aanwezige spa zorgt dat uw verblijf in dit resort een ontspannen ervaring is.

Inle Resort
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Garden Cottage
Airco, televisie, telefoon, kluisje, minibar, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten en badkamer met douche.

Royal Villa Private Lake View
Zoals Garden Cottage, ruimer, apart zitgedeelte, uitzicht op het meer.


Gelegen aan de oostkust van het Inle-meer, op 20 minuten varen van Nyaung Shwe.

Aantal kamers



• Restaurant
• 2 Bars
• Spa

Ten zuidoosten van Mandalay strekt zich het 22 kilometer lange Inle-meer uit. Langs de oevers en op eilandjes in het meer wonen tal van minderheidsvolken. Elke dag is bij het Inle-meer wel ergens een marktdag. Van heinde en verre komen traditioneel geklede mensen uit de omliggende bergen om de fotogenieke markten te bezoeken. Groente en fruit in alle kleuren, pannen en potten in alle maten, gereedschap in alle soorten en soms zelf hele boten wisselen van eigenaar. De talrijke dorpen met hun lokale pagodes zijn het best per boot te bezoeken. Het maken van een boottocht over het Inle-meer is dan ook een ‘must do’. U vaart langs tal van drijvende tuinen en dorpen en maakt kennis met de wel zeer bijzondere ‘beenroei-techniek’ van de lokale vissers, die niet met de armen, maar staand in de boot met hun benen roeien.

"Wonderfully furnished, old style lodge in great surroundings"

Deluxe rooms very tastefully furnished with great attention to detail and local materials. Grand old dining room, wonderful lakefront bar and terraces, unbeatable sunset separated by 1 km of floating gardens from the noisy boat traffic of the main drag. Breakfast boasts generous buffet with great French patisserie. An unexpected find, worth staying longer - maybe add a bike-day using resort own bikes next time?

"Beautiful resort, terrible service & management"

Short Review: Do not book this hotel - you are bound to be disappointed. + The premises are very beautiful, hands down. + Dinner was very good. - Terrible, terrible reception because… - Apart from about 3, maybe 4 individuals the staff does not speak/understand English or any other foreign language for that matter - The shower was moldy, dirty dishes were not removed from the room; the mattress is very hard and we always woke with sore backs. - Some facilities are left unattended for a long time; we went to one of the bars and ordered a coke and only after 40 minutes did somebody bother to show up again Public domains of the hotel (restaurant/bar/reception) are left unprotected from mosquitos - The hotel management cannot handle problems/complaints professionally. The manager’s approach was to downplay the problem and discredit us altogether and then getting angry. - Bring a warm winter jacket to breakfast because it is FREEZING cold (the staff is freezing too, btw). Whyever they insist on serving coffe & tea and omlettes outside when everything else is inside is beyond our understanding. All doors are left open and so you can „enjoy“ breakfast with about 13-16°C in a dark cold dining hall. - No/severely overpriced concierge services: The reception refused to book an independent taxi for us to the airport (they would only make a call if we gave them a number of a local taxi company - which we could not find and they know that, of course). They only offered us a considerably more expensive private transfer. And it was a very arduous process to make them call another restaurant and place a reservation for us. The lady at the reception did not understand us and when I wrote down what we wanted she couldn’t read or understand it either, so she had to hand it to her already overwhelmed coworker. We even had to look up the phone number because she was not able to procure it after 10 minutes of a frantic search in some scrawny phonebook. They did offer to book a local tuk-tuk but for a crazy price: 20’000 kyats both ways. For comparison: the already overpriced taxi ride from Heho airport to the hotel was 25’000 kyats and took one hour but it was after all a proper car with AC. Only when we expressed our bewilderment at the price did another member of the staff offer to call a cheaper tuk-tuk (12’000 kyats - still too much, but acceptable). - DO NOT RENT BIKES. The majority of them is very old, sometimes the brakes do not work (they are well aware of it and do nothing) and they are rusted and some simply broken. When we rented two bikes, one of them didn’t even make it out of the hotel premises - the pedal fell off as the thread was missing - which did not stop them from just sticking the loose pedal back into place. The other bike that replaced this broken one was somewhat better but after 30 minutes riding it, it started rattling and screeching and it got so bad that one could hardly pedal properly at all. The saddle was not fixed properly and kept slipping down. When we complained about this bike after our return, the manager told us that we should have returned the bike at once. Easy to say when one is 40 minutes drive away. They rattled the bike at bit and proclaimed it fit for use. The worst of it is that they actually want money for these dangerous mobile piles of junk. - Considering all these problems: it is far too expensive and the pricing is sometimes very strange. A bottle of sparkling water is more expensive than a drink at the bar, for instance. Some points elaborated: When we arrived we were left waiting at a sort of back entrance (the only one that could admit cars) and wandered without any clue as to where the reception actually was around the extensive premises without any staff offering to show the way, although there were some around. We did find it eventually and although the reception was friendly enough the staff was somewhat overwhelmed because a second check-in was in progress. The main problem that soured our stay here became evident at once: barely anyone speaks or understands enough English beyond some formalized orders and requests. And vice versa: it was very difficult to understand them. We are not native speakers of English so we sympathize with such issues. But an establishment of this kind (and in this price category) should have at least one person at all times that can communicate with the guests - this is not the case. We were met with blank and helpless stares everytime we uttered something beyond the usual keywords such as „check-in“, „I would like to order this“. The serving staff at the bar in particular is not to keen on serving. One has to run after them, go looking for them, wave and shout to attract their attention. When, for instance, we returned to our room to find it reeking like a public dixie toilet (we assume that they emptied the cess pools that collect the waste water), we called the reception and asked for a room refresher. We received blankets, which is kind and shows that they are trying, but it did not solve the problem. We called again and they sent a plumber. Only, when we presented ourselves personally at the reception to explain the problem (with pantomime) to the flustered gentleman in charge did he call for someone with better English and he finally understood what we wanted. When we returned to the room we found another (new) set of extra blankets and after another 10 minutes received the air refresher. The whole process took about one hour, which we would have like to spend in a different manner. This is but one example of the time we wasted in an attempt to make our stay here agreeable and it is sad enough to say so - it should be the hotel and the staff that makes the stay a good experience and not the other way round. The staff is friendly enough and tries to assist but since they really cannot understand their guests, they are literally unable to help. And well, after a while it simply gets annoying. This is simply not 5-star standard.

"Good facilities, poor service. Not recommended"

The resort and rooms of the hotel are fantastic, stayed at the rooms next to spa and they are large in size and comfortable. This is where all finishes: Staff english and communication is extremelly poor, very difficult to understand any queries or provide help. The resort is just a luxurious b&b, complete lack of atmosphere and guest service for price paid, nothing to look forward or enjoy when you return from a long day visiting the lake, other places are better value for money. Complete lack of attention to details, management is very poor and staff morale looks very low. Regardless of great facilities, the overall experience is spoiled by the service, this is not the same experience at other hotels visited in myanmar.

"Fantastic room ,dreadful management"

We arrived by boat at Inle resort and spa and were delighted with our spacious suite overlooking the lake. We ate in the restaurant the first night and were rather disappointed. The cavernous dining room lacked atmosphere and the food was relatively expensive and mediocre. We decided to eat out on the second night and that is where our problems began. I selected a local restaurant 3.5km away on tripadvisor and was then quoted 25 dollars for a return trip in one of the hotel cars!! I then asked for a local taxi firm and was handed the phone by reception to make my own call with the person on the other end having no English. Eventally we called a Tuc Tuc from the local town for a fraction of the cost quoted by the hotel. The following evening we ate out again and needed a small amount of dollars changed as both ATMs were out of action. Reception refused to change any money for us or other guests the manager was contacted by phone and suggested we call a taxi to go to the local town 8km away to change the 20 dollars we needed. Other guests heard our plight and changed money for us. Discussion with our guide confimed that others had similar experience with the hotel. There is clearly a policy to try and stop people travelling outside the restaurant for meals which I feel is unacceptable for a 4 star hotel

"Nice but not a luxury property"

We spent three nights at Inle Resort. The hotel is charming and spacious and well-situated on the lake. We appreciated the views, especially at sunset, and the use of wood throughout. The resort offers a range of rooms and the cabins are spacious. You can take boat trips from their dock, there is a nice bar, and the dining hall offers decent food at decent prices - for a hotel, anyway. Why is it not a "luxury" property? Huge platform beds with mattresses that are much smaller than the frame. The local staff mostly speak English but the comprehension level is lacking. The chairs on the sunset viewing platform were very uncomfortable. Our electricity was turned off (by accident) but reporting it once was not enough. The room safe malfunctioned. Getting our luggage to the parking lot took two visits to reception and 25 minutes. But these are all "first world complaints." Having more than one expat managing the property would probably help. We did enjoy our stay and would return at the right price.

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