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The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

Gelegen op het eiland Redang, voor de kust van Terengganu, ligt dit schitterende Taaras Redang Resort. Laat u verleiden door de privacy, parelwitte stranden en helderblauwe wateren.

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  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Bay Beach Bar
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Prive-strand
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Hill Deluxe King
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, The Asean
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Bay Beach Bar The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Prive-strand The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Hill Deluxe King The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, The Asean


The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Bay Beach Bar
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Prive-strand
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Hill Deluxe King
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, The Asean

Over The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

Het eiland Redang maakt deel uit van een eilanden-archipel in een beschermd National Marine Park van Terengganu. Het heeft een fantastisch eco-systeem en is zeer geschikt voor natuurliefhebbers van zowel boven als onder water. De fantastische koraalriffen en helderblauwe wateren laten de harten van menig snorkel- en duikliefhebber sneller kloppen. Ook boven water is er een prachtige natuur. Redang is een heuvelachtig eiland waar u verschillende wandeltochten kunt maken. In de jungle zijn verschillende soorten flora en fauna te ontdekken. Het Taaras Redang Resort ligt verscholen in deze jungle onder de palmbomen direct aan het zachte, parelwitte strand van Redang Island. De houten chalets en suites laten u wegdromen van de bewoonde wereld. Uiteraard is er ook gedacht aan de innerlijke mens in de aanwezige restaurants en (lounge)bars. Redang Island staat voor u klaar om ontdekt te worden!


  • beachfront
  • rust en natuur
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
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Garden Deluxe
Airco, plafondventilators, internettoegang, LCD-televisie, telefoon, kluisje, minibar, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, badkamer met douche en föhn en balkon.

Deluxe Hill View
Zoals Garden Deluxe, ruimer met apart bad en regen douche.


Gelegen op het eiland Redang, vlakbij het vasteland.

Aantal kamers



• 3 Restaurants
• Bar
• Lounge
• Zwembad
• Kinderzwembad
• Fitnessruimte
• Spa
• PADI-duikschool
• Gamesroom


• Tennis
• Beach volleyball
• Verschillende tours
• Watersportmogelijkheden zoals duiken, snorkelen, kajakvaren en windsurfen

Ongeveer 45 kilometer uit de kust aan de oostkant van West-Maleisië vindt u Redang. Dit beschermde marinepark bestaat uit negen eilanden en is een uitstekende duik- en snorkelbestemming. De onderwaterwereld rondom de archipel biedt prachtige koraalriffen, zeeschildpadden en een enorme diversiteit aan vissoorten.

"A beautiful and frustrating contradiction! So much potential but beware the minefield of issues..."

Our stay at the Taaras Redang left me feeling conflicted, because parts of it are stunning and fabulous, and other parts are frustrating and disappointing. Redang Island itself is gut-wrenchingly beautiful and a must visit, and the Taaras is the best resort on the island to my knowledge and has a private beach, so you probably will stay here, and I do encourage you to. I guess my (enormous) review and list of pros and cons is to help to manage your expectations when you do!! One other huge thing to note is that there is no ATM on the island of Redang, and we found this out AFTER we had arrived. This meant we were stuck at the resort and subjected to only their food and activities for the whole trip, as the few restaurants and shops outside the resort only took cash. I was annoyed that no one at the Taaras had alerted us to this before we had arrived in the many times we had communicated about payments and ferry transfers. PROS - Winning location and views: Literally cannot get better in terms of a stunning beach; honestly it rivals the Maldives for the pristine white sand, absolutely crystal clear turquoise water and a gorgeous backdrop of palm trees and lush hillside. A truly beautiful setting.  - Nice rooms: Our cliff bay suite room was very nice. Spacious with a comfortable bed, efficient air conditioning and a nice little balcony with a jungle and partial sea view.  - Very friendly staff: The staff at the Taaras are all (for the most part) pleasant and accommodating and if you have specific requests, they will go out of their way to help you. Also always smiling and friendly. Particularly a handful of amazing staff that made our trip; Kelly, Hassni and the ladies in the spa were just excellent.  - Wonderful spa: The massages we had at the spa were some of the best we'd ever had, and just overall a beautifully relaxing experience through and through. Highly recommend!  - Quick room service: We ordered wine glasses and ice a few times and it all arrived promptly. CONS - Inconsistent and at times incompetent service - As I said, the staff are all very nice and helpful when you have specific requests. However, overall the service needs work and is nowhere near a five star resort standard. They mostly just seem perpetually confused and not really sure what they are supposed to be doing. Also their general pace and demeanour is a little too casual and blasé for where they are working. - Absolutely useless wifi: Seriously. I think it connected and actually worked twice the whole trip. Don't bother. - Activities were very hit and miss: Turtle watching was great with a few exceptions, but beware the jungle trek. The first hotel-led activity we did was turtle watching, which was largely amazing. The turtle area is literally 50 metres boat ride from the hotel jetty, and you go there and hop in the water with turtles - fantastic right? It was, but certain things about it made me anxious. Firstly, before you leave, the office sells you squid to feed the turtles, but the squid comes frozen in small, clear plastic bags, which you take on the boat with you. Clear plastic bags!! For a resort that has environmental posters up and for an island that claims to be forward in turtle conservation efforts, have they never heard of the sad fact that turtles can’t tell the difference between a floating plastic bag and a jelly fish (a food source for them) when in the water? There were also about 6 other tour boats of varying sizes in the small area during our tour, and of course all of the people on those boats also had plastic bags full of squid, which inevitably ended up floating in the water where distracted/clueless snorkelers had discarded them. I even saw one of the turtles come up and try to grab a bag out of someone’s hand, so this is such an obvious and frightening hazard to these beautiful creatures that it made me want to scream. I also dug two bags up on the shore, so god knows how many more there are in the vicinity. This needs to be addressed immediately. Also, all of the snorkelers were touching, trying to get selfies with and crowding the turtles, and even though apparently you weren’t allowed fins in the water with them, some snorkelers had them on and were hitting the turtles with them. This again all bothered me, and no one from the island or hotel had tried to educate anyone or was doing anything to stop it. Coming from Australia, a country really into conversation and preserving wildlife and habitats, you know not to touch anything or go too close for fear of destroying it, as humans have a tendency to do. In saying this, the turtles didn’t seem to mind because they were being fed, but it still set my teeth on edge, especially when the island supposedly prides itself on its turtle conservation efforts, and it certainly charges you a conservation fee before you set foot on the shore. I will also be writing letters to the local conservation societies and universities about this and I encourage you to do it too if you agree. The jungle trek was probably the last straw for us. We had a “guide” who was about 25, male and could not have been less interested in us or what we were doing. Along the so-called trek, he barely uttered a word to us or attempted to show us any wildlife or engage with us at all. The trek area itself was essentially a rubbish dumping ground surrounded by jungle. We’d been told the trek was two hours in duration. In the 45 minutes we actually walked through some jungle, we didn’t see one lizard, bird or monkey (obviously the hotel can’t control this, but speaks volumes about the area chosen for the trek, as lizards and monkeys are very commonplace in the hotel). This was until we came out into a clearing that was a construction site backing on to a couple of resorts AND rubbish dumping ground (pictures attached), where we finally saw a monkey and a lizard eating the garbage - the only wildlife of the walk. We then walked a further 5 minutes to Long Beach, where we waited half an hour (with little explanation from our guide) for the hotel boat to come and get us. So in total we trekked for about 50 minutes along a green but rubbish laden path, and waited around for the remaining one hour ten minutes on a beach - hardly a jungle trek as advertised. In addition to all of this, as there was supposedly a minimum of four people for the trek to go ahead, at the last minute they tried to make us pay for four people instead of two, which we then negotiated down to 3, which at RM76 a head (more expensive than turtle watching), was not a cheap excursion! It was absolutely disgraceful, which I fed back to the hotel manager who was very apologetic. Unless everything about it is completely overhauled, definitely do not bother with this activity. - Food was very hit and miss: For this I've written a long and detailed section because it's not straightforward to explain. And if you're there for an extended stay this is an important aspect of your holiday, especially as the options are fairly limited both inside and outside the resort (and being the greedy guts I am, food is certainly at the top of my list!)! Breakfast was pretty good with a decent selection of items, but when it's busy many aren't replenished as they should be after the greedy seagulls swoop in and pile their plates high with goodies they will never eat. The Beach Terrace restaurant is supposed to be the resort's upmarket restaurant with an Western/Italian menu, and the Asean restaurant is the casual, open all day eatery. The Beach Terrace mystified me. Visually, it's a beautiful restaurant with a lovely sea outlook, and very well meaning (if a little untrained) staff. A nice place; aside from the chairs, which I mention below. However, the first meal we had there was shambolic. Firstly, we ordered a couple of glasses of white wine, which arrived warm (first face palm). For entree we ordered the scallops and goat cheese salad, and both came with an identical, undressed, wilted cabbage salad. The scallops were small and stringy - just horrid. The goat cheese itself was good but atop anaemic white croutons that were barely edible. The bread rolls were of the same bread variety. I then received a main that I hadn't ordered because of a waitress's mishap but ate it anyway, which was a mistake. It was so spicy that I could barely eat it; it was like, someone had just added a bucket load of chilli flakes without any regard for how it would actually taste. For seafood spaghetti, I also expected more than four small, overcooked, pasty prawns in the entire dish. Very disappointing, especially for the price. My husband had the lamb rack, and aside from being a bit tough and very under-seasoned, it was pretty good. When we reluctantly went back to the Beach Terrace on our last night ( a few days after discovering about the "no ATM on the island" deal) the food quality had improved out of sight. I'm not sure what happened but it was like there was a different chef in the kitchen. The bread rolls were even different! And much better. We had the salmon carbonara and a grilled fish main and both were absolutely delicious. So expect a bit of a hit and miss experience here! The Asean restaurant was a very casual affair, and the service was extremely casual to match; friendly again, but just so aloof it is almost funny. Our food took over half an hour to arrive and we were one of three tables in there. This food was also only average, my Malaysian noodles were very greasy and again had 2 prawns for the whole dish, but otherwise good and well presented. My husband had a panini that he had to choke down out of hunger; beware of the bread in Malaysia and of ordering anything containing it. It is all borderline stale, white and sugary. Funnily enough, the thing we ate most on our trip were the pizzas at the Bayu bar, which were actually very decent. Simple, only 3 topping choices but a quick and yummy meal option if you didn't want to risk anything else more complicated from the other resort eateries.  So in summary, the restaurants at the resort: - Beach Terrace Restaurant: Hit and miss, nice ambience and adequate service. - Bayu bar: Great pizzas and view, but beware awful music and mouldy coconuts. - Asean Restaurant: Good selection of options, food slow to arrive and varying qualities when it does. And lastly, here are a list of irritating inconsistencies that after a while brought on involuntary face palms and constant eye rolling. I realise that some of these things sound minor and are really a bit finicky on my part, however when you are there they do start to stack up and grind away at even the most happy-go-lucky holiday goer. - Strong musty smell in room (synonymous with tropical destinations, and we did get used to it) - Some dysfunctional room amenities: the bar fridge was barely warmer than room temperature (though when inspected the repair man said it was "good"), bad TV reception and a few bits of obvious wear and tear that hadn't been addressed - There were no cushions on the hard, woven plastic chairs at the Beach Terrace, but the same chairs in the Asean restaurant had cushions for under your butt and behind your back, as they were clearly meant to (?!?!). Okay, I know this sounds ridiculous but hear me out. The Asean restaurant is the "casual" restaurant that serves burgers and the like, and the Beach Terrace is the "posh Italian" that has candles and a beach view. And they put the crappy chairs that obviously are supposed to have cushions but don't, in the posh one? This meant when you sat down to look at the lovely ocean view you were about 6 inches too low, your meal is in your face (I am not short either) and you are uncomfortable for the whole meal. Why?!? Makes no sense. At. All.  - Broken pool cues. Every single one of them had no tip, and you could not adequately hit a ball, but still had to pay for games - At times there was a long wait for beach towels. Painful when all you want to do is hit the glorious beach. - Borderline shambolic bars. If you observed the bar staff it was easy to see that they really weren't well trained or competent. We saw two of them clearly pondering over whether something they had pulled out of the fridge was too off or not. I also ordered two, very small coconuts (at the exorbitant price of RM18 each) and one was rancid, the other had mould in the top. The guys working at the bar inside were really nice and fun, but admitted to us that they pretty much had no idea what they were doing! We appreciated their honesty and thought it was a little funny, but when you are paying RM38 for a cocktail this is kind of the last thing you want to hear. - Terrible and loud recorded cover music at the Bayu bar. Intrusively loud, awfully repetitive and just awfully awful. Silence would be miles better! - Leaking/flowing garden taps at many points across property with water gushing nowhere (conservation much?) - Long check in process, though we were met with cool towels and beverages, so was not a problem. - Jack hammer noise that resounded throughout the cliff bay rooms at about 6pm onwards (not sure what it was) - Conservation posters in activity centre urge people to recycle, but hotel itself does not recycle!!! I tried to have my plastic bottles recycled and they just laughed at me! Final face palm. So that's that. This hotel is good, but not excellent. I believe that with a few (quite a few) tweaks that this could really be a fantastic place to say. Failing that, the location is so breathtakingly beautiful, you will probably put up with these things to get a glimpse of the best of Redang. But just remember to keep expectations at the right level and bring lots of cash with you so you can escape when you need to!!! 

"I felt like royalty there!!"

I cannot believe I landed in this paradise! From arrival my stay had been amazing. Sharvine at the reception has been truly friendly and helpful, putting me at ease instantly... and that was only the beginning of my terrific experience there! The location is ideal, I was able to truly relax on the comfortable sun beds provided, the fish that I saw snorkelling from the beach were colourful and varied, my room was stunning and perfectly cleaned. I have appreciated all the high quality goodies provided, from the top notch herbal tea to the nice conditioner. Nothing to fault, absolutely everything was perfect and I highly recommend it! :)

"Pleasant stay, heavenly scenic view"

It was great experience and pleasant stay. Crystal clear waters and white sandy and clean beach, most important private beach perfect for relaxing... friendly staff. check in and check out was smooth.like the breakfast buffet. room was so clean and good (hill deluxe). Their beachfront facility was so prefect. good for people do not like crowded places.Do not miss their second beach to see nice Turtles just some minor problems: 1- our room safe box has problem it takes time to fix it, 2- aircon was old and making noise sometimes we do not care because most of the time we were at beach or snorkeling around. restaurant was expensive we had lunch at nearby local restaurant.

"Simply Paradise"

Best for honeymoon couple. We were welcomed on arrival with free welcome drinks, coffee and cookies. We got an upgrade to garden deluxe. When we entered we found honeymoon cake. Private beach was calm. Good activities around. Lot of free activities offered. Beautiful and clean rooms. Comfort like home. Highly recommended. Manager Alfons in particular was a great host. He also offered us free dinner. We recommend you take public ferry from shahbander jetty and coordinate with Taaras before your arrival.


It is simply paradise on earth and the best unknown island beachfront in the world! The resort is located on the heavenly scenic view of Teluk Dalam (Deep Bay) on northern part of Redang Island, 40 km off the coast of Terengganu, a north-eastern state on Peninsular Malaysia. Amenities, food, hotel transfer, customer service and location are excellent! The pick-up was fast and check-in was easy. Because we have arrived 2 hours earlier than the check-in time, the front-office staff sat us down at comfortable lounge area and arranged for the check-in. While waiting for our rooms to be ready, they allowed us to change our clothes and went to the beach. The first moment our eyes saw the beach, we were mesmerized! It was more beautiful than the photos of it that we saw before we arrived! We really enjoyed our two hours at the beach while waiting for the check-in time. For the next two days and nights we really enjoyed our time there and will definitely return!

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