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The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

Gelegen op het eiland Redang, voor de kust van Terengganu, ligt dit schitterende Taaras Redang Resort. Laat u verleiden door de privacy, parelwitte stranden en helderblauwe wateren.

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  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Bay Beach Bar
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Prive-strand
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Hill Deluxe King
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, The Asean
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Bay Beach Bar The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Prive-strand The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Hill Deluxe King The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, The Asean


The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Bay Beach Bar
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Prive-strand
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Hill Deluxe King
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, The Asean

Over The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

Het eiland Redang maakt deel uit van een eilanden-archipel in een beschermd National Marine Park van Terengganu. Het heeft een fantastisch eco-systeem en is zeer geschikt voor natuurliefhebbers van zowel boven als onder water. De fantastische koraalriffen en helderblauwe wateren laten de harten van menig snorkel- en duikliefhebber sneller kloppen. Ook boven water is er een prachtige natuur. Redang is een heuvelachtig eiland waar u verschillende wandeltochten kunt maken. In de jungle zijn verschillende soorten flora en fauna te ontdekken. Het Taaras Redang Resort ligt verscholen in deze jungle onder de palmbomen direct aan het zachte, parelwitte strand van Redang Island. De houten chalets en suites laten u wegdromen van de bewoonde wereld. Uiteraard is er ook gedacht aan de innerlijke mens in de aanwezige restaurants en (lounge)bars. Redang Island staat voor u klaar om ontdekt te worden!


  • beachfront
  • rust en natuur
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
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Garden Deluxe
Airco, plafondventilators, internettoegang, LCD-televisie, telefoon, kluisje, minibar, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, badkamer met douche en föhn en balkon.

Deluxe Hill View
Zoals Garden Deluxe, ruimer met apart bad en regen douche.


Gelegen op het eiland Redang, vlakbij het vasteland.

Aantal kamers



• 3 Restaurants
• Bar
• Lounge
• Zwembad
• Kinderzwembad
• Fitnessruimte
• Spa
• PADI-duikschool
• Gamesroom


• Tennis
• Beach volleyball
• Verschillende tours
• Watersportmogelijkheden zoals duiken, snorkelen, kajakvaren en windsurfen

Ongeveer 45 kilometer uit de kust aan de oostkant van West-Maleisië vindt u Redang. Dit beschermde marinepark bestaat uit negen eilanden en is een uitstekende duik- en snorkelbestemming. De onderwaterwereld rondom de archipel biedt prachtige koraalriffen, zeeschildpadden en een enorme diversiteit aan vissoorten.

"Truly paradise alone in Redang Island!"

We spent few days here with my boyfriend. Our first international vacation together! Staffs were helpful and accommodating in reception, restaurants and bar. Always greeting and smiling. Just not satisfied on the cleaning service of the room. We left a stained chocolate on the furniture and we went back to the room, it didn't remove but cleaned the room. Excellent variety of foods in buffet breakfast. Tasty variety of Malaysian noodles. Dinner at the Brasserie was not comfortable. Because of the chair outside table has bugs biting me. I got itchy from that chair and we did not come back for dinner. But the food was great. Bayu bar, has tasty dishes. We are a couple loves pizza and our rate for their pizza was great too. Room service of food. We ordered a pasta near midnight. After we ate it. I had a bad stomach. I had nausea the whole night. No proof to blame the food but that's the only thing it made my tummy bad the whole stay. But my partner didn't have the same condition as me. Every late afternoon at 4pm. There was a staff delivering a cookies for us. Bathroom amenities were good. But no bidet to wash after toilet need. Bay cliff view room was nice and relaxing but it's a hard way to go up from the beach and restaurants. Staffs offering us a ride going down but no going up which is barely needed hahaha. Beach sand, vivid sea water, breeze and the fishes at the jetty were exceptional to experienced! The Staff Eddy from the reception arranged us a trip going to Long beach after our stay. Gave us Aziz's number for our boat trip. The reception staffs were excellent to help us in every needs we had. Our AC was down one night and fixed in the morning. We had a smooth trip going to their resort by their paid transports. Pick up from TGG airport, jeti to ride a speed boat and free shuttle van to the resort. A must stay! Pricey but worthy!

"Turtles everywhere!"

This resort was AMAZING! A lovely resort located on beautiful Pulau Redang. White sandy beach, azure water teeming with coral reef and friendly turtles, and great staff. Especially Attiqa, one of the guest service officers. She looked after me really well. It was a super-relaxing stay.

"Amazing 7 days stay , but rooms for improvement."

My husband and I stayed here for 7 days as part of our honeymoon, and it was the best place we have ever been in Peninsular Malaysia. It was the second time we have stayed and most certainly weren't disappointed. The island is very well maintained and clean. The service, in general, is the definition of 5-star. We stayed in a Cliff Bay View Suites (Room 244). Originally booked a Garden Deluxe (Room 165), received a complimentary cake to celebrate our honeymoon which was a lovely touch, but after stayed within 1 hour in the room, the kids screaming from the outside mixed with the murmur of conversation, and TV noise through the wall could be heard so obvious, drive us crazy that we requested to change the room and upgraded to Garden Suites (Room 138). Our biggest prerequisite was that it had to be quiet as we needed some peace. Room 138 was lovely, bigger than Garden Deluxe. BUT, the toilet smells were so disgusting. Around 6pm-7pm, I went to the Front Desk (talked to a young Trainee Malay lady with black scarf) and addressed the issue, and the Housekeepers came to our room to see the problems. The housekeepers said that the smells are a sewer odor via pipes. They also said that it is NORMAL that after few days raining, the sewer gasses come up through the pipes, and this issue has been like this for several years?! It was also affected to the next building and not just our room. But what I don’t understand was, if they knew the problem, but why the Front Desk offered a room with such big problem to the guest? How can a Garden Suites Room cost RM1100.00 a night and then smell like an open sewer all the time? So, since we just changed the room, we placed all the clothes and stuff in the wardrobe, we didn’t want to lose any precious time anymore to ask another new room. The housekeepers suggested placing an oil burner in the toilet. They provided peppermint and lavender essential oils. It gave much better smells, temporary on that day and throughout the night. On the next day, I came to the Front Desk, complained that we can’t take anymore with that solution. A sewer smell is still a sewer smell, for another 6 days? No, thank you. It is like, “If you got poo on any other part of your body, would you be satisfied just wiping at it with paper?” Thank heavens, to the Front Desk Manager (I guess?) had offered us a FREE upgrade to a Cliff Bay View Suites (Room 244). We felt so happy that we finally can enjoy the real honeymoon. Thank you very much!! When we got there, we were blown away by the view. The room was huge, clean and beautiful. Another very positive point; the quietness. Absolutely amazing. There is some room for improvement though. Food and Drink -. All the REAL food in every single restaurant was delicious, there is no “clutter” from the menu, for better focus and overall success in dining establishments, and the guest won’t spend so much time on “what-to-eat” crisis, outstanding restaurant menu and acceptable portions, not too much, not too small. But, one main concern is about French fries. Oh yes, we take seriously about the French fries. They are not fresh! Why restaurants 5-star hotel, serve frozen French fries, which is too oily, bad quality and yet dirt expensive. If we opt to eat frozen French fries, we could get it at McDonald or KFC, and much cheaper. After discussing this issue with F&B Manager, Mr. Zabidi Hamid, I could not agree with his points. As I said, looking at the menu at the Bayu Bar, The Beach Brasserie, and Asean Café, you have perfect variety menu size that the F&B team and Chef have enough time to prepare fresh French fries. Plus, the hotel guest is not like thousands of people per day. Every client has been complaining how expensive the price food is. How about giving the best quality food so we can accept the value of the food we pay? By saying, quote “All hotels in Malaysia served frozen French fries” unquote, doesn’t solve anything. This kind of mentality needs to be changed. We have been to the many 5-star hotels in Europe. The headcount of hotel guest even much more compared to The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort. But still, the hotel can cater the demand of fresh French fries, taste much better, excellent quality, and healthier. Hopefully, this suggestion will improve overall customer experience. And the hotel could invest potato French fries cutting machine. Horizon Lounge and GYM Tonic -. Nothing spectacular. Even though the equipment is slightly outdated, but still functioning well. What exactly is lurking on the gym equipment? Gym Hygiene. The guest is bound to be exposed to sweaty clothes, germ-ridden exercise equipment, or both. It can add up to an increased risk of these annoying, but typically not serious, skin infections. There is NO cleaning apparatus for equipment once people have completed their exercise. They've neither wipes nor spray bottles with rags or tissue paper. Wiping down every machine before and after use should be mentioned in the regulations and the guest should be informed. Bacterial and viral infections can easily spread on the surfaces of gym equipment. May I know, how regularly the yoga or fitness mats are properly sanitized per week? One way to ensure cleanliness is through audit and consultancy programs that focus on guest hygiene, health, and safety. RECREATION PROGRAM -. We only participated 1 session - snorkeling. The snorkeling was quite good, you see lots of different types of fishes, and some coral, BUT not much coral because most of the corals are bleached and dead, but it is fine. We think it is good that the tour guide brought us to the dead area. This is kind of an education to the guest, what the impact to the coral reefs caused by a human (with the explanation of course). Ocean frolickers can damage corals intentionally—by touching them or breaking off branches as souvenirs—and unintentionally, by standing, walking, or dragging their gear over them. Snorkelers and divers can also kick up clouds of sediment with their fins. When that grit lands on a reef, it blocks the sunlight that zooxanthellae—the algae that live in and nourish the corals—need for photosynthesis. Photographers need to be extra cautious: Their extra gear and desire to get sweet close-up shots make them a special hazard. Snorkelers and divers who put on the sunscreen: Chances are, found that common chemical sunscreen ingredients can trigger viral infections in zooxanthellae, causing the corals to "bleach" and weaken.Another issue that we deeply care is, the tour guide provided bread to the other guest to feed the fish. We told the tour guide, that they can’t feed fish with the bread. Unfortunately, with confident, he responded, it is OK. Quote, «The Gardenia bread is not like a doughnut, it is just a normal bread contain no oil, the fish will be OK". Unquote.Bread contains yeast and when eaten by fish, it will expand and can cause constipation for most fish. The most resilient fish will survive however others will disappear as they suffer and the predators take them. People feeding the fish think it is amazing to see so many fish so close but if they look at the big picture, they would realize the damage they are causing. Some people feed them pellets and this is a better option however fish need to be left to their own devices. They’ll be there in greater species if we leave them alone. So please, stop and make it illegal to bring bread to the ocean. If anybody see someone feeding bread to fish, please ask them to stop doing it and explain why. Here's our personal wish list. We would you like to see from The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort and another BERJAYA hotel around the world, especially in Malaysia. 1)Provide a board shows how long some common items will take to break down if left in the environment. How long it takes various types of garbage to decompose is important. This board is only displayed at the Recreation Centre. In fact, it should be placed at every spot. At the airport lounge, at the Merang Jetty, at the Front Office, at the arrival lounge and its toilet (while the guest is sitting in the toilet, they can read some valuable information behind the door’s toilet about the environment, at the Restaurants, in the Fitness gym, and all guest room. We should reduce consumption of products that generate waste materials that take a long time in landfills to get completely decomposed. 2)In addition to the typical toiletries: earplugs—in case of noisy neighbors or street construction. 3)The hotel should switch to using larger shampoo and conditioner dispensers in the rooms, which the hotel can refill to reduce waste. Every day millions of bars of soap and half-used bottles of shampoo are discarded in hotel shower trays around the world, abandoned by guests who didn’t stay long enough to use them up. Many of these toiletries are scooped up by chambermaids, thrown into bin bags and sent off to landfill sites, which is a disaster for the environment and a social travesty given that many people around the world are going without proper sanitation. How many guest take the toiletries with them and use them at home or donate them to a homeless shelter? 4)Switch to a system with durable glass bottles that will wash in a standard glass washer.This system can help hotels to slash the waste they produce from bottled water to zero, without having to compromise on quality. Guests can rest assured that their hotel has a great environmental policy in place, but the water is still great. Going green can also increase revenue for hotels, and the overall, positive knock-on effect is significant. Reusable bottles help reduce stock, plus transport and delivery fees are non-existent, fridge and storeroom space is freed up and waste is kept to a minimum. Plus the reduced man hours spent restocking and reordering. There are solutions to hotel water bottle waste that provides a win-win for guest and hotel. Swap glass or plastic bottles to refillable stainless steel bottles which can be branded and taken away by the guest to use at home. 5)Offering guest pure, fresh, delicious-tasting water from point of use water cooler dispensers reflects your hotel high standards and commitment to quality. Water dispensers also reduce costs, simplify logistics and show that hotel is socially responsible by looking after employees and reducing its carbon footprint. Watercooler solutions are a way for hotels to demonstrate their approach to sustainability, whilst also offering customers an added-value service. The convenience and dependability are also ideal for the breakfast, dining area, and also at the beaches, where filtered and purified tap water from a point of use cooler is increasingly in demand. 6)Styrofoam cups, plates, and bowls should be prohibited in the hotel. (The Fitness gym is still provided water dispenser with Styrofoam cups) Styrofoam is non-biodegradable and appears to last forever. It's resistant to photolysis, or the breaking down of materials by photons originating from light. Styrofoam can be recycled, but the market for recycled Styrofoam is diminishing. Many recycling companies no longer will accept polystyrene products. 7)Provide guestroom recycler baskets for the newspaper, paper, glass, aluminum, cardboard, metal, and plastic. 8)Provide recycling bins both in public areas (i.e., poolside), in the kitchen, and in the back office (including one at each desk) to make recycling as easy as possible.Green Hotel Guest Room Recycling Bin. User-friendly systems such as using clearly labeled containers and visually unique bins for collecting recyclables (e.g., specially colored bins); and make sorting recyclables part of every hotel employee's job description. 9)Guest who like to wake up early in the morning and enjoy running at the beach, running around the hotel, like myself, also tend to collect rubbish during exercise. Some rubbish from the sea is very dirty with sand shall be thrown in a separated bin which also provided at the beach. 10)Seek out ways to recycle or donate hard-to-recycle items (such as Styrofoam, packaging peanuts, planting pots, toiletries, bubble wrap, plastic bags, used mattresses, cooking oil (biodiesel), furniture, flooring) in hotel area and create a visible storage bin with signage to encourage employees and guests to throw these items into the separate bin. 11)No more plastic straws and switch with reusable metal or glass straws. Plastic straws are too lightweight to make it through mechanical recycling sorters, so they end up in landfills and waterways and, eventually, our oceans. While not using a straw is best, some people prefer them or need them, like those with disabilities or sensitive teeth or gums. Instead of those little plastic things to mix milk/sugar in the coffee, uses dry fettuccini pasta cut in half. This kind of program must be informed to the guest during check-in. 12)There were days that gym was closed. I am not sure why. While indoor gym has its specific time, why don’t hotel provide an outdoor gym, at the beaches. The station is equipped with such as Pullup & Dip - portable bar, Playpark - Calisthenics Parks & Street Workout equipment, plyometrics, abs crunch/leg lift, offering the guest a truly unique outdoor fitness experience. More unique, if the equipment is made from old, recycled components from cars and other machinery. Staff - as per all the other reviews, the staff really are exceptional. Every single member of staff, whether cleaning, waiters, on the beach, reception, shuttle drivers etc. were the friendliest people we have ever met. They greeted you every time you passed them, remembered drinks. They really did become friends with all of them whilst we were there. Special shout out to the following staff members who helped make our stay so special: Siti Nur Fatihah and Viery - We saw them at almost every breakfast. They were always so nice and helped us prepared special juice which main ingredients are some fruits, garlic and ginger. Husband and me, we both not feeling well since we arrived due to the weather, so we asked Fatihah and Viery, every single day, to prepare these juices. Thank you so much. Syukri – We were desperate to go to the Klinik Kesihatan Pulau Redang because we both felt sick. But we can’t wait for the van anymore. Luckily Syukri was there and willing to lend us his motorcycle. (TBH 46xx). Thank you so much. Cillie (Sorry if wrong name spelling, very petite girl with spectacle) - We saw her at every meal at the Bayu bar for lunch. She remembered our usual daily menu and she was always so friendly and attentive. The housekeepers Room 138 and 244, Kak Izwani, Kak Nur Asyikin, and others – Turn down and turn up services were excellent. Big applause to the Housekeeping team who work hard to our rooms. Always bring nice chocolate during those services. Always greeted us with a friendly smile. Shuttle Service Staff- They always greeted us with a friendly hello and smile. Balqis Samsuri- The Marine Biologist, we had lovely chat about the poor turtle that you saved and other environmental programs in Redang Island. We hoped that we could meet again and can’t wait to come back to see all the changes at the hotel, towards eco-friendlier. Miss Ana – The Housekeeping Assistant Manager. We were so glad that your effort to remove the hidden rubbish, behind the rocks, at the beaches were successful, one day after our discussion. Thank you for saving the earth and to the rest of the housekeeping team. We hope to come back here again, and we know that it would be just as incredible as this time. Thank you for The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort!!

"Beautiful island"

We had 10 nights at this gorgeous resort . Absolutely loved the whole experience. Wonderful beach with sort white sand . Crystal clear sea that was warm. Are room was spotless and very comfortable . All the staff were very friendly and couldn’t do enough for you . In particular Supri Adi and Yudha wiradinata who made sure we had our drinks during the day and evening , and they were nice and cold . We would most definitely recommend this hotel . We will be back if I have anything to do with it .

"Good for holiday with family"

This was my 3rd time here.As usual, this hotel never let me down. Stayed in the same type of room(Cliff Hill Deluxe), The hotel was well maintained and the beach is really nice and beautiful. As usual, my daughters really enjoyed the time here and we just stayed at the beach throughout the day .If you are looking for the quiet rest and relax, this is the place. The breakfast also have a lot of varieties, even though i missed the miso soup . But But there were a lot of other food to enjoy from asian to western taste. The setback was the buggy service, not like our first stay three years ago which service was excellent and prompt, we have to wait for half and hour for the buggy to come and collect our luggage during check out day. Might be due to lack of staff or the buggy itself. However, all the staff were trying their best to entertain us during our stay. My advise, if you are travelling with old folk or small children, better stay at the garden suite/deluxe or ocean view suites(near to everything-check in counter, cafe,beach and pool),so you dont have to rely on buggy service. otherwise you may try cliff view room which is nice and if you are lucky,you can see the monkey hanging on the tree and come to your balcony.Too bad, we dont have luck to meet with the monkey this year. However, as usual, already plan to again for another visit.It would be excellent if this hotel can provide non smoking area, as most of the traveller come with families including small children .

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