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The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

Gelegen op het eiland Redang, voor de kust van Terengganu, ligt dit schitterende Taaras Redang Resort. Laat u verleiden door de privacy, parelwitte stranden en helderblauwe wateren.

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  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Bay Beach Bar
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Prive-strand
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Hill Deluxe King
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
  • The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, The Asean
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Bay Beach Bar The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Prive-strand The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Hill Deluxe King The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, The Asean


The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Bay Beach Bar
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Prive-strand
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, Hill Deluxe King
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort, The Asean

Over The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort

Het eiland Redang maakt deel uit van een eilanden-archipel in een beschermd National Marine Park van Terengganu. Het heeft een fantastisch eco-systeem en is zeer geschikt voor natuurliefhebbers van zowel boven als onder water. De fantastische koraalriffen en helderblauwe wateren laten de harten van menig snorkel- en duikliefhebber sneller kloppen. Ook boven water is er een prachtige natuur. Redang is een heuvelachtig eiland waar u verschillende wandeltochten kunt maken. In de jungle zijn verschillende soorten flora en fauna te ontdekken. Het Taaras Redang Resort ligt verscholen in deze jungle onder de palmbomen direct aan het zachte, parelwitte strand van Redang Island. De houten chalets en suites laten u wegdromen van de bewoonde wereld. Uiteraard is er ook gedacht aan de innerlijke mens in de aanwezige restaurants en (lounge)bars. Redang Island staat voor u klaar om ontdekt te worden!


  • beachfront
  • rust en natuur
The Taaras Beach & Spa Resort
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Garden Deluxe
Airco, plafondventilators, internettoegang, LCD-televisie, telefoon, kluisje, minibar, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, badkamer met douche en föhn en balkon.

Deluxe Hill View
Zoals Garden Deluxe, ruimer met apart bad en regen douche.


Gelegen op het eiland Redang, vlakbij het vasteland.

Aantal kamers



• 3 Restaurants
• Bar
• Lounge
• Zwembad
• Kinderzwembad
• Fitnessruimte
• Spa
• PADI-duikschool
• Gamesroom


• Tennis
• Beach volleyball
• Verschillende tours
• Watersportmogelijkheden zoals duiken, snorkelen, kajakvaren en windsurfen

Ongeveer 45 kilometer uit de kust aan de oostkant van West-Maleisië vindt u Redang. Dit beschermde marinepark bestaat uit negen eilanden en is een uitstekende duik- en snorkelbestemming. De onderwaterwereld rondom de archipel biedt prachtige koraalriffen, zeeschildpadden en een enorme diversiteit aan vissoorten.

"Amazing beach & fantastic hotel"

We went here in early October and stayed in a garden deluxe suite which was lovely, spacious & clean. My husband thinks the decor maybe a bit dated but this is a small thing and I think it suites the jungle setting that you are in. I loved the bathroom & shower! The beach is amazing, better than the Maldives, the water is crystal clear, warm, calm & great for snorkelling & diving at a fraction of the cost. The food was okay, the hotel did run out of things whilst we were there however the pizzas were exceptional. The service is a bit slow, however, who cares? You’re on holiday, it’s not like you have meetings etc to go to. The dining & bar staff are doing their best to provide a really good service & do all that they can for you which was good enough for me. The cleaning staff did an amazing job getting our rooms ready before the official check in time. The guy at the ATV desk lacked customer service skills....my husband & brother in law booked an ATV with him, when they went to the desk for the session booked there was nobody there....he hadn’t booked it in properly....other people had to sort out what was his job. Also the guy on reception was quite rude, he started serving some impatient Chinese people whilst we were sat down at the desk trying to checkout.....I don’t appreciate this when we are trying to sort money stuff out. Our interaction with these two people was minimal and didn’t detract from the great service we received from the rest of the staff. We would definitely go back here again, it may not be perceived as a true five star, however, it is definitely value for money.

"Back on the very right Track / Memorable Holiday"

We stayed here in April this year for 2 weeks and my review (14.04) was not positive at all with the exception of the Diving Unit. We came back from 14 to 21st October with several doubts about the real improvement on the service level and attitude. We are more than happy for what we have experienced: a very BIG jump into a positive overall development. Starting from the moment they wait for you at the Jetty and at the arrival in the hotel where the new GM, Mr Peter and his management welcome you with a smile. This positive attitude is the constant component for the entire staying. All staff from top management (thanks Mr Richard) to the gardeners have made our holiday very pleasant and relaxing. The landscape still remain awesome, the place is fantastic and now close to perfection for a memorable holiday. A special thanks goes always to the Diving Unit, to Syahir and his fantastic team. We recommend the ATV activity. An enjoyable jungle ride with top professionals. Fun and Safe. Dear Taaras, please go ahead like this and see you all in April 2018. Thanks to all of YOU for taking so good care of us.

"POOR service - Staff needs training and hotel needs renovation - Beach was amazing"

First of all, I agree with all other reviews: the beach is fantastic! Water was clean and clear, white sand and a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The service in the hotel, however, was rather poor and staff needs training. The hotel would also need renovation for sure. I do NOT think that it was worth my money as this was supposed to be a 5-star hotel. I arrived here on my birthday with my boyfriend, however, was met with frustration shortly after entering the room. There were several problems (do check photos): 1. The remote control was not working at all when we tried to turn on the tv. So we asked someone to come and fix it. They came with new batteries and left. We put the new batteries in, however, it still did not work so we had to call again for someone to fix it. In the end, they came with a new remote control. What they could have done: at least check the tv before check-in (it is one of the room's facilities) or at least stay and replace the batteries yourself to confirm whether the fault really lies with the batteries. 2. The safe was not working at all and it made a beeping sound non-stop when we tried to put our valuables in. This was shortly after we arrived at the hotel... Someone came to fix it for the first time, however, did not manage to, so we were left with the promise of "we will bring back another safe". Shortly after that, they came back for a second time, trying to fix it. This time they managed. We came back in the evening and wanted to take our valuables out. However, we entered the pin and straight away, it showed the error message WITH THE BEEPING SOUND again - non-stop. We called the reception twice and the second time, they told us that the guy who is supposed to fix the safe, left the hotel already --- WITH the cable they are supposed to use to fix it. Well, we told them that it still needs to be fixed. (There were not aware of that and wanted to leave it as it is by telling us that they will come in the morning to fix it) So, we were then told that they would try their best to find the cable. About an hour passed and we received no call from them. We tried to ignore the sound and even tried to carry the safe to the bathroom so we would not hear it. But the beeping sound was too loud... In the end, I could not stand it anymore and called them again. They told me they could not find the cable....(at least call us to update that you could not find it, you knew we were waiting for your call!!) I told them straight up that they can't expect us to sleep with that beeping sound! They said they will talk to their manager. A while later, they send someone with a cable to fix it and they were able to open the safe, we took out our valuables. They took the safe away with them because they think there is a problem with the battery... We were left with no safe.... 3. There were 2 holes in the bathrooms and small flying ants kept flying in through those holes. they were all over the sink, bath tub and towels.... It was raining outside so they all flew in... I did not take a bath in the end :( 4. Breakfast Buffet in the morning that I paid for when I booked the hotel: there was a small piece of plastic in my dragon fruit :( I was eating it and nearly choked :( Overall, I had a good time on the beach. However was very frustrated when I was actually in the hotel! Please do something about the hotel and train your staff to solve problems!

"AMAZING HOTEL - however, TO THE MANAGEMENT falling coconuts are a SERIOUS RISK, do something about this."

GREAT food, GREAT room, GREAT beach, GREAT ocean, GREAT weather. This is an amazing hotel, and we loved it here and would like to come back one day. However, HOTEL MANAGEMENT PLEASE READ THIS: in a three day period at your hotel, I personally witnessed TWO, old brown coconuts, falling from 20+ foot high trees and smacking onto the concrete path where people walk. If one of those coconuts hits somebody on the head, I think its quite obvious what the end result will be. It would take you a couple of hours, on a monthly basis to clear the coconuts from the trees - please make an effort to do this for ALL the trees where people walk so somebody does not get hurt, or even worse. Additionally, please make some non smoking areas in the restaurant and near the beach, having young children breathing in plumes of tobacco smoke is quite horrendous during a meal - make a smoking and non smoking section, again very easy to implement. Thank you for having us, we had a great time.

"Fabulous Place - Tired Hotel desperately in need of renovation"

The beach here is AMAZING! We returned after visiting 20 years ago, we wanted to revisit the white sand and the fabulously clear sea! Thankfully this was just as beautiful. We had adjoining rooms with our children, which really were lovely, one double, one twin. That was great. However, as soon as we stepped outside the rooms to the walkways and stairwells these areas show a complete lack of maintenance and management. Rooftiles are coming off, guttering is broken, there are stacks of dead leaves on rooftops, the jungle area in parts of the walkways is very unkept and untidy (particularly walking down the stairs from the Cliff Hill directly to the beach), there are broken light fittings, rusty water stains... it seems like the maintenance team could do with new management? a lot of what we saw could be easily dealt with. One day, we walked out of our room to find monkeys outside our door. A couple of people had had room service nearby and the rubbish from the servicing of the rooms had been left outside our room door too. That same day, our balcony was ransacked by the monkeys, (who have also pinched one of my bikini tops! GITS) The rubbish was left there all day. We returned to our room, reported this and the dirty pots to reception who had the rubbish taken away. However, the dirty pots remained there until we left over 3 days later! It's little things like this at the Taaras that just seem so unnecessary! Before staying here we visited Pangkor Laut on the West Coast of Malaysia. The cost was relatively the same, however, the standard of service and accommodation was vastly out weighed, Pangkor Laut was the complete 5 star experience, unfortunately the Taaras, despite it's idyllic position wasn't (and yet it SO could be). Staying at Pangkor Laut only a few days prior and paying the same amount of money really highlighted where the Taaras was going so very wrong. Our arrival at the jetty to catch the speedboat at Merang was nothing like that of Pangkor. The chap meeting us at Merang, employed by the hotel, had a very untidy appearance and you felt like you were imposing on him when he was doing his job. When he was checking us in, he let out an almighty belch (That wasn't the best start to our 5* break!!!). We enjoyed some lovely meals at the Taaras and the staff in the main restaurant were great. We really liked Mansor, he was very attentive and kind. Ron Hing, the restaurant manager was also a great chap. The Beach bar, we had mixed experiences here. One day it was great (the day the manager Ron was also working there), the next time we went, it took us over an hour and a half to be served and the staff were rather arrogant and blaze, that day the Ron was not around, we assume that this was probably the reason for the change in staff mindset. A couple of other issues (and again I am comparing here to Pangkor Laut, where they have dedicated staff to tend to you when you arrive to take a deck chair on the beach!) At the Taaras we witnessed a fight break out between guests as one family turned up to occupy the sun loungers at 3pm in the afternoon and another set of guests had decided to take them due to them being unoccupied. It is chaos at times. Many people put their belongings onto the sun loungers but then hardly use them, if they use them at all... There are not enough sun loungers for the guests of the hotel, which again causes all sorts of issues. Our observation would be this could be easily resolved, by a couple of staff managing the sun loungers and more loungers being purchased. Lastly, the snorkelling here is another reason we returned to The Taaras. It wasn't quite what it was 20 years, which I guess is to be expected as tourism has increased massively. However, during the snorkelling trip we went on, no guidelines relating conservation or how to look after the coral were given and we witnessed lots of the tourists on our boat standing and smashing the coral. The tour operator or hotel again, could easily deal with this by giving a briefing on how to conserve this amazing part of the world. Again, at Pangkor Laut a full briefing is given when you arrive including "do's and don'ts" they make it part of the extra special experience. We donn't regret our visit here, it is a truly beautiful spot and our rooms were truly lovely. That is what makes this so frustrating, The Taaras could definitely be another Pangkor Laut with the right guidance and management. Perhaps you guys need to go and check out the competition and what you can learn from them??

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