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Red Frog Beach Island Resort & Spa

Bent u op zoek naar natuur, wilt u vissen en snorkelen of gewoon relaxen op het prachtige strand dan is dit de perfecte bestemming. 

Vanaf € 228,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Panama Bocas del Toro Red Frog Beach
Panama Bocas del Toro Red Frog Beach


Panama Bocas del Toro Red Frog Beach

Over Red Frog Beach Island Resort & Spa

Dit "Designed by Nature" resort met talrijke villa's en een eigen jachthaven is gelegen nabij het beroemde strand Red Frog aan de achterkant van het eiland Bastimentos. De jachthaven kan per boot worden bereikt in ongeveer 20 minuten vanaf Bocas Town. De kamers bevinden zich in een exclusief ingerichte (gedeelde) villa met een eigen zwembad.


  • beachfront
Red Frog Beach Island Resort & Spa
Bocas del Toro
v.a. € 228 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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1-Bedroom-Luxury King Suite (no kitchen)
Privé kamer met Kingsize bed en volledig uitgeruste badkamer in een gedeelde villa.

2-Bedroom Villa
Privé villa met volledig uitgeruste keuken, badkamer en 2 slaapkamers. Een eigen zwembad en gratis WiFi.


Op Isla Bastimentos, 15 minuten water taxi vanaf het lokale vliegveld en de winkels in Bocas Town.

Aantal kamers



  • Punta Lava Beach Bar & Grill
  • Castaways Floating Boat Restaurant & Bar
  • Canopy zip-line
  • Surf en Boogie boards verhuur


  • Watersportmogelijkheden zoals snorkelen, duiken
  • Diverse dagexcursies zoals bezoek aan Bocas, boottrips
  • Vissen

De Bocas del Toro-archipel ligt in de Caribische zee ten noorden van Panama. Op de eilanden heerst een relaxed ‘slow down’ sfeertje, waardoor het een rustpunt is tijdens uw Panama vakantie.

"Jungle Meets Luxery - What an experience!"

Since traveling to Red Frog, I have been asked many times how I would describe it. Amazing, beautiful, luxurious, adventurous, breath taking, and yes, Amazing! This was our first trip to Red Frog, we traveled with our three teenagers, and it was an incredible experience. We arrived late, after a very long day of travel, and were greeted at the boat taxi by smiling staff. They immediately offered to take our luggage to our villa so that we could go directly to the new beach club to enjoy some much needed food and drinks! This was a perfect welcome to the resort, and upon arrival to our villa, we continued to be impressed with the cleanliness, the spaciousness, and the ease of "moving in". The morning brought a new appreciation of the beauty that surrounded us (it was dark when we arrived). We enjoyed coffee on the veranda while taking in the scenic ocean views and listening the the sounds of the jungle. Wow - I had never experienced being immersed in the jungle like this. It was incredible! We were also happily surprised by a sloth that decided to make a nearby tree his home for much of the week! With 3 teenagers, we tend to be a more adventurous group, and the Red Frog team kept us busy! This resort has an expansive offering of activities to create your own best vacation and we took advantage of this. The Jungle Canopy Zip Line Tour is a must. Cruising along the tree tops of the jungle, in the rain (it is the jungle!), was amazing! The guides were well trained, very attentive to the group, and a ton of fun! They offered tidbits of information about the jungle as we were waiting for the next zip line launch, pointed out wild life, and kept everyone engaged in the whole experience. Other favorites were the bat cave tour and a day trip to Zapatillas Islands. Both of these trips were well organized and gave us memories we will laugh about for many years! We do enjoy a bit of down time as well, so we mixed in a few days lounging at the beach. We spent an afternoon at North Beach, which was a bit of a hike, but well worth it! We were the only family on the beach for as far as we could see. This was a great afternoon of playing in the water, snorkeling, and enjoying a picnic lunch on the beach. A day at the new Beach Club was a treat for all of us. We had easy access to the ocean, the pool, the bar and the restaurant. We lounged all day and roamed between the ocean and pool. The staff was awesome, attentive, and quick to offer suggestions on favorite foods and cocktails. Honestly, you could spend all week here! With a family of 5, food options can often times be challenging! We were all very happy with the selection provided at both restaurants. We also found that the small onsite market gave us some great options for breakfast, lunch, and snacks when needed. Red Frog is an amazing destination that provided a vacation full of fun memories. I would highly recommend it!


Firstly, if you are visiting here shortly, I suggest that before you get on the Red Frog transfer boat, that you walk across the road to the supermarket and buy bread, butter, milk, coffee, eggs, water, crisps, soft drinks and fruit and veg. This will save you money and a headache as when you arrive at reception, you are given no guidance and the small shop there has a limited range of processed food which is priced high. We had high hopes for this place….based on how much we paid for our luxury villa (No.13) which despite travelling along an un-surfaced, pot holed road to get there, had the most stunning views over the sea. The property was very large, clean but shabby. The sofa arms were fraying, the tables were water and heat marked and the non-stick saucepans were damaged. Two of the four outside chairs had broken supports so you would fall straight through them. Metal sun loungers? Aww, come on – it gets pretty hot out there! We could have overlooked this if it were not for the building works that started on day 2 approx 20m from the villa at 7.45am. Digger, fumes, trucks, shouty workers. Paradise was lost. Management acted very quickly and moved us to a smaller apartment close to the sea for no charge. Too right as we weren’t going to get a refund as we paid out for a luxury villa to start with and ended up with no view and a bath tub as a pool! Offered a zipline tour but were rained out. Villa 67 was more modern but again, the shabbiness! Towel rings that fell off the walls, frayed towels and bizzarely, non-dry glue to hold all the cupboard shut. Geared up for self catering but no can opener! Food – awful. Truly awful. The Point – the most miserable and unfriendly staff! Food was tasteless. The Beach Club –breakfast USD15pp for weird consistency muffins, limp fruit skewers and I can’t even talk about the omelette without laughing. Staff were a lot nicer though. Selina’s is on site and the food there was ¼ of the price and tasted fresh. Yay! Shame about the ear splitting music but hey, it’s a hostel. The drivers will drop you off there. There is a place called Palma which is a 150m walk from The Point. Take a torch or use your phone torch on the way back as you will need to walk over tree trunks and vegetation as the tide will be in. The food was very good on the first night we went. Staff were friendly and the vibe was great. Second night, the bar man was just plain rude so we did not bother to spend our money there. Evening escape…. USD7pp before 6pm to take you to Bocas Town. USD10pp to get you home. Adds up for an evening out. If anyone tries to charge you more then do haggle. The only decent meal we had was as Azukl (you need to book) which has 2 sittings for a taster menu USD19.90 each. Best meal we had out there. A few of the staff at Red Frog, especially the drivers, are very pleasant and professional. One or two of the reception staff were cordial enough and helpful but the rest are poorly trained and unfriendly. Oh, don’t worry about wearing the red wrist band they give you as the security guard can be found sleeping/belching in reception of an evening. We kept the ‘do not disturb’ sign on at all times so I can’t comment on room cleaning. On our last night, I spoke to two people at reception. Collect us from out villa at 7.15am and order a boat for 7.30am. No boat, told we were booked on the 8am as yes, we wanted to wait in reception for 45mins! Asked for a boat again, didn’t get a boat. Did they care? Nope. Bocas Town is safe enough to walk around. You may be offered illegal substances but a shake of the head is enough. Lots of places to eat and supermarkets to stock up on. The sad part is that the scenery is so stunning. We saw sloth’s, an iguana and humming birds but the beauty is overshadowed by a poorly run, overpriced, under maintained resort that lacks the basic infrastructure to move freely around. It could be beautiful.

"A perfect week in paradise!"

Red Frog Resort has been on our list of places to vacation for the past few years and it did not disappoint. It is the perfect combination of luxury and adventure. Our villa was beautiful with incredible views. We had a sloth visit as well of a group of monkeys that ate a banana right in front of us. Amazing! The villa was well equipped and had everything our family needed. We enjoyed coffee every morning on the veranda and cocktails every afternoon by our private pool. The beach club was a perfect place to spend the day. The pool, food, drinks, waterfall, and stunning ocean views made for a perfect day. Our family also enjoys adventure and there were plenty of opportunities for adventure at Red Frog Resort. We hiked to North Beach (probably the most beautiful beach we have ever seen), zip lined through the jungle, surfed on Red Frog Beach, and had an unbelievable cave tour. We spent 1 day at Zapatillas Island and had lunch and snorkeled at Crawl Cay. An unbelievable experience! We also spent a day in Bocas and enjoyed exploring the town. Red Frog Resort has done an amazing job of preserving and protecting the rainforest while providing a wonderful place to vacation. The property is beautiful. The marina is first class. The market had everything we needed for our week at the resort. The restaurants are great and the staff is ready to help with anything that is needed. Our family loved Red Frog Resort and will definitely be back! Thank you


Truly terrible. We have travelled all over the World and haven’t experienced service as poor, miserable and downright stagnant as at this truly depressing “resort”. It’s amazing that they seem to have collected so many bad reviews in such a short period of time, and from people like me who typically leave positive objective postings. The atmosphere is generally depressing and the staff have “go away” written across their unsmiling faces. It seemed that everything was too much trouble for the staff. Food was bad, very very bad. I am sure there are better canteens in some prisons that serve nicer fare. Certainly I am sure prisons typically have seasoning. One breakfast we were given an omelette with broccoli in it, but devoid of any other flavour $30 for 2. A fish finger and red cabbage in folded flour bread was their version of a “taco”. As you are driven over a rutted pot hole filled mud track- having bones jarred- you pass forlorn signs advertising “plots” for development. We wondered if the complex is one where the building is funded by future sales, which perhaps have dried up and the place is running out of money. It seemed largely empty of guests. The only building work seemed to be right outside our apartment with a digger laying some road paving. At the pace they were going I would expect completion some time next century. Location is amazing and with some effort it could be great. We complained about the building noise to the young guy who was acting as manager and got moved to a different villa. One that had a nominal and unneeded extra 3rd room but no sea view which was the main positive thing the first one had going. We were also given a free zip line trip but didn’t use as was raining heavily for the last 2 days. To get off the “resort” we took a taxi boat to Bocas in the evenings which cost $34 round trip (2x7, 2x $10 return as more after dark) - Bocas is a collection of so/so restaurants, though Azul was very good. They have grocery shops that sell better options than the resort shop (I think most places do) even if we did see a rat run out of the grocery shop we just got supplies from. Bocas also has no shortage of men on bikes who cycle up and enquire if drugs are required. We wouldn’t rush back. Back to the Red Frog Island Resort. It was ridiculously bad value for the considerable money charged and a dismal affair. We can’t wait to check out tomorrow.

"Slice of Paradise"

This place is like Jurasic Park without the dinosaurs. We stayed in Villa #19 at the top of the hill near the zip line with a view of the ocean. We were greeted by a furry sloth friend in the tree above our personal private pool who slowly moved and munched leaves all day long. The Beach Club was our favorite. We enjoyed sitting beside the infinity pool ordering yummy meals anytime of day and were only steps away from the white sand beach which we enjoyed walking up and down. Parts of the resort are currently under construction (roads, condos, etc.) but we look forward to returning again once all the additional improvements have been made. Red Frog Beach made us fall in love with Panama. If you're looking for somewhere remote, quiet, and off the beaten path, this is your kind of place.

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