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American Trade Hotel

Dit hotel ligt in de historische en in de laatste jaren gerenoveerde wijk Casco Viejo.

Vanaf € 177,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info


Over American Trade Hotel

Our favorite

In deze door UNESCO tot werelderfgoed verklaarde wijk zijn veel nieuwe hotels, restaurants en bars. Na een grondige restauratie van dit oude pakhuis is het eind 2013 opengegaan als American Trade Hotel. Het hotel beschikt over een restaurant, bar, een zwembad. De 50 kamers zijn uitgerust met airconditioning, televisie, kluisje, minibar, koffie- en theefaciliteiten en een balkon.

American Trade Hotel
Panama City
v.a. € 177 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Cuarto King
Airco, WiFi,  televisie, telefoon, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, kluisje, strijkijzer en -plank, föhn en volledig ingericht badkamer met bad en regendouche

Super Cuarto King
zelfde als de Cuarto King maar ruimer

Super Cuarto Twin
zelfde als de Super Cuarto King maar ruimer en met twee 2-persoonsbedden.

Aantal kamers



• Restaurant
• Jazz-Bar
• Buitenzwembad
• Fitnessruimte
• Wasserette
• Gratis WiFi
• Tuin
• Café

Panama City is hip en modern met goede restaurants, grote winkelcentra én een boulevard langs het Panamakanaal om over te slenteren.Het kanaal is natuurlijk het symbool van Panama en voert vanaf de Panamese hoofdstad door de ruige jungle naar de Atlantische oceaan.

"You will not get sleep in this hotel"

I wanted to take a moment to post my experience with this hotel online. After much research I decided on the American Trade Hotel. I read the reviews that mention the church bells and I requested a quiet room away from the church. So, you can imagine my surprise when the first night of my arrival I could hear music coming from the nightclubs until after 4 AM. I saw no mention on the hotel website of being in a lively or upbeat neighborhood. After speaking with the taxi drivers I understood that there are at least two nightclubs in the immediate area that stay open until 4 AM. I believe that the hotel is a historic property and the developers may not have been able to change out the windows. I just would have appreciated some guidance on the hotel website about what to expect. Once I arrived and was handed a pair of ear plugs I understood that this would be an issue. However, when I call down to the desk in the morning the staff including management really acted like they didn't know what I was talking about. Not only that but I booked a refundable reservation but the hotel charge my American Express in advance. I noticed the charge but didn't have an issue with it because I was certain that my plans would not be changing. The next morning after zero sleep I checked out of the hotel without assistance from management and shared with them that I would be following up with American Express. I was just so exhausted that I could not spend another moment on it. I ended up leaving and checking into another hotel and had an incredible experience in Panama! So, outside of that there were a couple of other things that I do want to share. The hotel itself is much smaller than it seemed like it was online. Online, it seem very grand and beautiful. At arrival it was very small, still beautiful but very small. The outdoor pool on site really can only accommodate up to 10 people or so. They have umbrellas for either three or four of those chairs. So, if you are not at the pool very early you will not have any shade at all. The hotel also did not seem to have many connections or relationships with vendors for opportunities for sightseeing. Once I got to the other hotel there were opportunities to have dinner at a restaurant by the Panama Canal, I went to a private beach by boat for the day. I also was a little bit nervous as I was traveling alone to explore the surrounding town. It may have been safe but I did not feel secure in exploring on my own. So, for all of the reasons above I thought it was important to share my feedback. I work a lot of hours and was really looking forward to a restful stay and that did not happen at the American Trade hotel.

"Magical Stay"

After 2 weeks in Central America exploring 4 countries as well as taking a National Geographic/Lindblad cruise through the Panama Canal, what a wonderful way to spend our last night. We were at the American Trade Hotel for New Years Eve and participated in their special New Years Dinner/Party. Just before midnight we gathered on the rooftop and celebrated the New Year with fireworks visible all over the city. A Magical night that we will never forget.

"Stunning Suite Stay"

Thoroughly enjoyed our time at ATH just prior to Christmas. The property is absolutely beautiful and our suite (room 305) had killer views with a shower that is an absolute dream. Staff were friendly and professional throughout our stay, from the front desk to restaurant personnel to housekeeping. There were some reviews suggesting that staff were not overly friendly – which is true – however, this is a place that exudes a sophisticated vibe vs. a Disneyesque enthusiasm. Now for the "must knows" about this place: yes, it can get very loud at night. Once I woke up in middle of night and thought it was only 10 or 11 pm after seeing that it was party central outside. Nope, it was around 2:30 am, and this was on a weekday morning. What I learned is that these rockers are not the locals but other Latin visitors and boy do they know how to have a good time! If you’re a light sleeper this may bother you, but I was able to get back to sleep without any issues. After reading about how noisy it gets at night, we purposely split up our stay so that we checked out on a Friday as I would imagine the partying is even more intensified during the weekends. In retrospect, while I don’t regret splitting up our hotels, I would not have minded staying at ATH even over the weekend as the hotel was so lovely and so was Casco Viejo. Would recommend getting a room with a view of Plaza Herrera. While it’ll likely be noisier, the views are really beautiful. I absolutely loved the architectural elements of our suite, especially the dramatic windows that included a balcony you could enjoy in both the living space and bedroom, along with the lovely bathroom. If I wanted to be really nit picky, I would say that the tiles appeared dusty in the bathroom during our stay but it could be that the tiles were just faded and gave the appearance of being dirty. The rooftop pool was refreshing (albeit it small) and my son enjoyed it immensely. They have a self-serve water dispenser to keep you hydrated and plenty of towels to help yourself with. In terms of local places to eat, the 2 places that we returned to repeatedly were Café Sucre and also Barrio Pizza. They are both super close to the hotel, and quite frankly, were so pleasantly surprised that the margarita pizza was so good in Panama! ATH’s restaurant was also very decent with beautiful presentation and attentive service, as was their coffee shop Café Unido. If you go to visit the local markets (I'm not referring to the the shopping malls or stores within Casco Viejo), do be careful of the change returned to you. One merchant tried to swipe us but thankfully, my husband was alert and is good at math! The fish market is well with walking distance, about 10-15 minutes. It looks a lot further away, however, if you cut through the streets, you can get there easily within that time. And do follow the worn grass when crossing the medians as they are clearly the most efficient paths to get there. Once you arrive, you will be rewarded with delicious ceviche...we all loved the corvina. Just a side note that initially, I wanted to stay at their sister property Las Clementinas which has larger rooms, since we were traveling as a family. So we took a visit there and found that despite being just a few streets down from ATH, that the location of ATH was far more appealing. But the property itself looked beautifully restored from the outside and its restaurant was quite good too. Although we enjoyed our stay, Panama is still not ready for “prime time”. But I’m glad we got to visit this gem during it’s transformation. Already looking forward to returning soon, and you bet that I’ll be looking to stay at ATH once again, and in room 305.

"Lovely hotel in Casco"

This is a great place to stay if you want to be in Casco Viejo. It's reasonable, has a good breakfast and lovely lobby area to sit and relax. The pool and library are also cool areas to hang out. The only drawback is the proximity to the church across the street as the bells ring constantly. It's a beautiful old church but it is very loud

"Not Nearly The 5 Star Experience We Were Expecting. Very Disappointing."

We are very seasoned travelers who usually stay in higher-end hotels. We travel the world extensively and know good from bad when it comes to hotels. So whomever reads this should do so knowing that we know what we are talking about. We were very exciting to try the American Trade Hotel but were very disappointed. The location is excellent and the hotel is very pretty and charming but the service level and attention to detail are atrocious and far below even a 3-star establishment. Some of the people do seem to try hard to please but I think the training and management are lacking insofar as providing a proper and expected higher-end experience. Here are a few examples of our experience over new year's 2016/2017 that are not at all typical of hotel claiming to be 5-star and charging rates in excess of US$400 per night in Panama City. 1. We arrived after 4pm and one of our rooms was not ready despite that checkin time is 3pm. OK, so not a big deal on it’s own but it did all go downhill from there. 2. We pre-booked a rollaway bed, many months in advance, and when we checked in we were told there was not one for us. After insisting and producing an email confirmation that we had one arranged we were finally delivered one some hours later. Albeit without a duvet or blanket which we had to request and wait several hours for when our children were waiting to go to sleep. 3. It takes hours to get anything done. Even the simplest task of asking for extra soap took an insane amount of time and we had to call 3 times to get them moving. Even calling the front desk is a task as often they don’t answer and you have to call again or go there. And there are only 50 rooms in this hotel spread over 4 floors so how hard is it really to deliver things? 4. Soap and shampoo were not replaced everyday even when they were clearly used up. I had to raid the supply closet a few times to get more shampoo, soap and towels because I knew it would take forever to get some brought to us. 5. One morning we finished a roll of toilet paper and replaced it with a spare roll that was found in the bathroom. The finished roll was put in the garbage can. Later in the day AFTER our room had been cleaned and the bed made, the used roll of toilet paper was still in the garbage can and the now in-use spare roll had not been replaced. As a result we ran out again that evening and another trip to the supply closet in the hallway was required by me. Not to mention the fact that the garbage can should have been emptied in any case, of course. 6. When we checked we found that one of the bedside lights had a burnt bulb. While this should have been caught earlier by a cleaner or a person inspecting the room pre our arrival, it was not and we had to show the guy when he came with the duvet mentioned above. It took forever for him to return with the new bulb to the extent that I had to go to the front desk at one point and inquire as to what was going on. Eventually two guys showed up to change the bulb, which begs the question, “how many Panamanians does it take to change a light bulb?” ;) 7. The rooms have wood floors so daily sweeping is necessary. Our first day we saw a cleaner sweeping in the hallway when we returned to our room after a day of sight-seeing. Our room had been cleaned and the bed made, however there was dirt and mud all over the floor clearing indicating that it had not been swept. We tracked down the woman we saw sweeping in the hallway earlier and asked her to sweep our room which she did. BUT, this should not have been necessary. It should have be done as part of the daily room cleaning process. 8. One day they ran out of towels. We asked for pool towels and were told the hotel had no clean towels. As a matter of fact, what actually happened was that we were on our way to the pool and asked a hotel person for some towels. She indicated that she’d bring them to us at the pool. Two hours later when we were ready to leave the pool we still did not have the towels. Guess she forgot about it. So when I asked again I was told that the hotel was completely out of clean towels. Shameful for any hotel, never mind one of this calibre. So rather than coming to us and telling is that our towel request could not be filled, the woman simply ignored the request and went about the rest of her work. Go Figure! As a result we had no towels for the pool nor any for showers or washing up that afternoon and evening. Now to put this into full context, it was New Years Day but in my opinion that is not an excuse. As a high-end establishment they must anticipate their needs and the needs of their guests and make sure they are prepared with enough towels or whatever it is whether it be a holiday or a Sunday or any other day. This kind of thing is not acceptable for a hotel of this level. So these are just a few of the things that we experienced that let us down. Arguably each on its own may not be significant, but together they paint a picture of a hotel that wants to be great and perhaps is trying but just can’t make it. We were all constantly laughing and shrugging our shoulders as each new “failure” occurred. It eventually became a joke of the trip. It’s the service, little things, and attention to detail that establish hotel class and this hotel falls far behind. As I understand it, this hotel used to be better and much more focused on the guest experience however a recent management change and refocus on the event side of business (weddings etc) has allowed the hotel part to degrade. At least that is what were were told by an insider there. So to summarize, I would not stay here again nor recommend it until they clean up their act.

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