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Deze accommodatie is ook te boeken op basis van halfpension, neemt u voor meer informatie contact met ons op!

Dolomite Camp

Dolomite Camp is gelegen in het uiterste westen van het Etosha National Park, welk gedeelte tot 2011 gesloten was voor alle verkeer en bezoekers. Sinds de opening van het gebied is het mooiste stukje van Etosha nu bereikbaar voor iedereen. De ligging van het Dolomite Camp maakt het een unieke ervaring voor een ieder die deze accommodatie bezoekt.

Vanaf € 125,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Bush Chalet, Dolomite Camp
  • Dolomite Camp, Etosha National Park
  • Chalet, Dolomite Camp
  • Slaapkamer, Dolomite Camp, Etosha National Park
  • Dolomite Camp
Bush Chalet, Dolomite Camp Dolomite Camp, Etosha National Park Chalet, Dolomite Camp Slaapkamer, Dolomite Camp, Etosha National Park Dolomite Camp


Bush Chalet, Dolomite Camp
Dolomite Camp, Etosha National Park
Chalet, Dolomite Camp
Slaapkamer, Dolomite Camp, Etosha National Park
Dolomite Camp

Over Dolomite Camp

Our favorite

Het Dolomite Camp ligt in het westelijke deel van het Etosha National Park en biedt een ervaring aan uitzicht. Deze accommodatie biedt 20 challets van hout, gelegen aan de buitenrand van de Dolomiten ridge. Met een restaurant, bar en zwembad die uitzicht biedt over de omgeving is dit een ideale locatie om volledig tot rust te komen.


  • rust en natuur

Insiders tip

Deze accommodatie is ook te boeken op basis van halfpension, neemt u voor meer informatie contact met ons op!

Dolomite Camp
Etosha National Park
v.a. € 125 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Upgrade your stay

Tegen een kleine meerprijs kunt u verblijven in één van de drie luxe chalets, met privé plunge-pool.


Bush Chalet
: Kluisje, klamboe, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, volledig ingerichte badkamer, lounge. Uitzicht op western Ethosha hills.

Deluxe Chalet
: Zoals Bush Chalet, ruimer met een eigen zwembad en veranda.


In het zuidwestelijke deel van het Etosha National Park, 17 km van de ingang.

Aantal kamers



• Restaurant
• Bar
• Zwembad
• Laundry-service
• Parkeergelegenheid
• Souvenirwinkel


• Gamedrives
• Wandelingen
• Vogels spotten

Het Etosha National Game Park is het grootste beschermde natuurgebied van Namibië. Het gebied beslaat een oppervlakte van 22.912 km2. De naam Etosha betekent "Grote Witte Vlakte van Droog Water". Deze naam slaat op de enorme vlakte (4731 km2) die alleen na hevige regenval tijdelijk onder water staat.
In dat geval - en dat doet zich voor ergens gedurende de periode van december tot februari - is het doorgaans (kurk) droge Etosha een weelderige groene vlakte. De bronnen in het park voorzien het wild het hele jaar door van water.
Veel van de Afrikaanse diersoorten kunt u in Etosha aantreffen. Er zijn vier rest camps in Etosha: Okaukeujo in het zuidwesten, Halali in het centrum, Namutoni en Onkoshi in het oosten.

"Serious safety and comfort flaws, largely due to staff and equipment shortages"

This camp could be really good, but it suffers from 2 major problems, combined with a few more minor ones. First, the drive from the main part of Etosha over to Dolomite has serious road issues. Whilst most of the 200+km is in very good condition, there are about 3 stretches towards the end, but not in the home straight, which total about 25km and are diabolical. You are limited (in a 4x4) to speeds of less than 20km/h on these stretches and are just left praying that your car doesn’t break down so bad is the rutting. By the time you get through it, everything hurts and you will find yourself in a foul mood. Whilst this problem is obviously not the fault of Dolomite camp, it is nonetheless an important consideration for anyone considering staying here. Note that there is an alternative approach of coming in through the nearer gate, from which the roads are not great, but not seriously problematic in the same way. Hence, accessing Dolomite in isolation is doable, but combining it with the central part of Etosha is problematic. Second, and obviously exacerbated by the mood you are in after coming over the horrendous road from Okaukuejo, was the system for checking-in (which was part of a wider problem of being short-staffed). Picture the scene, you arrive after being in the car all day at 17:00, looking forward to a quick and friendly check-in at this relatively small (20 room) camp, in good time to use the amazing cliff-top infinity pool and enjoy a beer before the sun sets at 18:50. You arrive in the car park at the bottom of the hill, from which you can see the camp on top. Next to the bins, which are over-flowing with rubbish (great start) there is a sign that says something to the effect of “We are aware of your arrival and will be with you within 10 minutes. Should no-one arrive within 10 minutes, please beep your horn twice and someone will be with you within 5 minutes”. Well, needless to say that 10 minutes came and went with no sign of activity. As instructed I beeped the horn, and waited 10 more minutes. Nothing. I beeped again. Nothing. After 5 more minutes, I beeped again. Still nothing. Eventually, after 40 minutes in the car park, with no acknowledgement from anyone and having beeped the horn on 6 occasions, we were forced to give up and walk up the hill. This was not a decision taken lightly because a) you’re in the middle of the game reserve and have no idea whether any dangerous animals lie between you and the top; and b) it was 39 degrees and a walk up a steep hill is not a good idea. In relation to a) I note that we were later told that had seen lions by the waterhole at another point on the base of the hill every day that week. Upon reaching reception at the top, they sort of apologised, whilst making it clear that it wasn’t their fault because they hadn’t heard the horn and phone through to the “buggy guy” to find out what was happening. It turns out that the buggy had earlier broken down and he was aware we were waiting but trying to fix it. I guess our experience of a (I suppose rare) buggy breakdown was unfortunate. However, the problems that it caused and lack of appropriate response is a systemic failure. 1) Having a single point of failure (the buggy, but more importantly the guy driving it) is asking for trouble 2) The whole concept of people waiting in a car park with no affirmation that the staff are actually aware of their presence is not clever. More thought needed on an appropriate system I’m afraid 3) Where there is a known problem with the buggy (known to the driver at least), once he is aware guests are waiting, surely the first action should be to inform reception, who might be able to come up with a contingency plan. Guests having our experience only to walk up the hill and find 3 receptionists sitting there doing nothing, listening to music and unable to hear the beeping horns is patently ridiculous. Sadly the check-in experience was still far from over. Maybe I wasn’t very polite in my appraisal of the situation, but the total lack of appreciation of the problem was infuriating. After the buggy guy had been called he drove around to just below reception in 4x4 to go down and pick up our bags. However, rather than waiting for us he drove down to the car park himself as we walked down to meet him from reception. I shouted back up to reception and their reaction was simply that we must walk back down to the car park again – still 39 degrees guys! After collecting bags and driving as far as we could go in the 4x4 it was a full 12 minute walk up and down steep cobbled pathways to our tent. I appreciate that with the buggy in action guests are normally driven virtually to the doorstep, but in 39 degrees this experience was horrendous. The buggy guy helped by taking the largest bag, but we still had 1 large bad and 3 small ones between us to lug along (whilst of course suffering from a bad back from the roads). After finally getting into the tent, I will gladly acknowledge that it was spectacular. An amazing view and really nicely laid out. After a quick change of clothes we took on the 10+ minute mountaineering exercise to get back to the reception / restaurant / bar area in order to use the pool, with about 20 minutes left until sunset. I do have to say that it was amazing. Although I had firmly decided that a only a 1 star review would be fitting for this place before we got to the room, the quality of the rooms and pool area does mean that I’m willing to partially ignore some of the very serious problems I’ve mentioned and give a, probably quite generous, 2 stars. It’s such a pity that we had the experience we had checking in, because this place could be great. It certainly has the raw ingredients.

"Better than I expected!"

This place had a real mixed bag of reviews so I had low expectations. When we arrived the receptionist dropped my expectations to new lows. She was the typical Namibian indifferent that we've grown to expect. After that, though, it all picked up. The room was comfy and well appointed. The view from the bed out the window let you lie in bed and watch the sunrise on one side of the ridge or sunset on the other. It was truly beautiful. We had a room with a splash pool and that was a nice plus. The staff were friendly and engaging. Some of the nicest we've experienced in Namibia - with a very special shout out to Welles who went above and beyond to make our stay memorable. The food was good, the bar fun, and the prices reasonable. Do be warned that if you're arriving here from Eastern or Southern Etosha there is NO gas at this gate as there is at the others. The nearest fuel is Kalmanjab - 63km south of Galton Gate or Opuwo - 180km North of the gate. This lodge does have some very serious up and down walking terrain and is NOT suitable for people with mobility issues.

"Stunning but Terrible"

The road from Okaukeujo to Dolomite is horrendous, 150km's takes 4 hours easily & once there its a precipitous hike to reception. Staff there should not be in hospitality - barely friendly, a record player description of where things are.... There is a buggy that can take you & luggage up the hill but it only fits 4 people max. The barman is & buggy driver are the only friendly people. The views are good but there are better with less fuss to get to. Namibia Wildlife Resorts - the owers of this lodge - are very poorly managed & all their properties are in disarray. I really would not waste my time or money going there again.

"Stunning, eco-friendly, intimate safari camp"

Dolomite camp was the biggest and best surprise of our trip to Kenya and Namibia. We got it by default when we were too late for the more well-established, larger camps within Etosha. We visited all the other camps on our trip which reinforced that Dolomite was the most beautiful, stunning scenery and camp. It is beautifully designed to fit perfectly into the environment and be eco-friendly (run on solar power). Strung along a rocky hill overlooking the vast plains, this camp is 23 chalets (really luxury safari tent/cabins) plus two dining "tents", a lounge/bar tent, and a great inifinity plunge pool area. From all spots you get amazing views of the vast plains with animals wandering over them (from afar). The watering hole next to the camp seemed very abundant compared to the all the other major ones we visited in Etohsa, AND there were more animals around wandering the plains than in the central part of the park. Our safari tent was large, airy, again beautifully brilliantly designed with canvas, lovely wood, a very high peaked ceiling with wood and thatch. Big deal: each one has a balcony with comfy safari chairs where you can watch sunsets over the plains and again the animals (same views from everywhere in camp). Food was fine and plentiful (food is not Namibia's strong point, except for NICE in Windhoeck). That said, I would not recommend this camp for families with young children or for anyone who has difficulty with sstairs and inclines because you do have to get up the walkway to the hill and down it, and along the walkways that connect the common areas to your tent.

"AVOID this so-called "luxury lodge""

It is not in my habit of complaining, but I actually had a very very VERY BAD experience at the Dolomite Lodge. I stayed there on night in the begining of septembre.I will list all the inconveniences (and the word is weak) that I had, which is scary when you see the price that you are paying for this : -I arrived at 5pm after 10h of dusty road. The water did not work in the room so I could not have a shower or even drink water at the tap (and no bottle of water was provided in the room). The water did not work out in the rest of the evening. We only had water in the morning, at 7am, just before leaving, and there was no hot water, nor even enough water for two people. -Then, that same evening, I went to the bar to order a glass of Chenin Blanc on the menu, the wine was no longer available. Then, I asked for a liter of mineral water, there was none.. - To top it all off, the shuttle did not work, so we walked back from dinner to our room, having already done a lot of back and forth (reception to fix water problems, bar) ... - And the wifi did not work either. I am a student, and I did a 2week road trip in Namibia. We were only sleeping in campsites, except for the night at the Dolomite, which has a great price in a "luxury" lodge. This was my WORST night in Namibia, because even the campsites were offering better service (ie a shower!!! ). The high standard that I paid for was totally missing..... In addition, the customer service did not do any commercial gesture, it has barely answered my emails.. I wanted to inform you of the big discomfort, the disappointment that I had in this lodge. For the moment, I really have a horrible memory of my visit to the Dolomite..

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