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Cariblue Beach & Jungle Resort

Heerlijk vakantieadres; ideaal om te onthaasten midden in de natuur en 100 meter van het strand.

Vanaf € 67,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Cariblue Bungalows, Zwembad
Cariblue Bungalows, Zwembad


Cariblue Bungalows, Zwembad

Over Cariblue Beach & Jungle Resort

PLAYA COCLES. De kamers liggen in een tropische tuin, omgeven door de jungle. Om op het strand te komen steekt u de weg over, waarna een pad door de jungle leidt. Alle kamers zijn voorzien van een badkamer met warm water, plafondventilator en een terras met zitje of hangmat. De keuken is beslist culinair te noemen, een ‘fusion’ van Costaricaans en Caraïbisch. Hier komt u op adem door de natuur in haar beste doen, op te snuiven.


  • beachfront
Cariblue Beach & Jungle Resort
Puerto Viejo
v.a. € 67 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Plafondventilator, TV, telefoon, badkamer met douche, föhn, kluisje, terras met zitjes of hangmat.

Zoals Jungle, airconditioning, ruimer en meer privacy.


Gelegen aan de Caribische kust, bij het plaatsje Puerto Viejo. Het is zo'n 100 meter lopen naar Playa Cocles.

Aantal kamers



  • Gratis WiFi
  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Zwembad
  • Kinderbad
  • Spa
  • Jacuzzi
  • Souvenirwinkel
  • Laundry-service


  • Excursiebalie
  • Biljard
  • Fietsen
  • Tafeltennis

Puerto Viejo is een eenvoudig, klein plaatsje, maar dat maakt een bezoek aan Puerto Viejo tijdens uw rondreis Costa Rica alleen maar authentieker! Tussen Puerto Viejo en het nabijgelegen Manzanillo liggen de prachtigste stranden, zoals Playa Cocles en Punta Uva. Deze zijn ideaal voor een beetje ontspanning tijdens uw rondreis Costa Rica.

"Relaxing Stay"

we were a little apprehensive about this, our last hotel in Costa Rica having read some bad reviews. However, we have had a lovely stay here - our chalet was clean, comfortable and everything worked as it should. The staff were pleasant and helpful and even allowed us to keep our room well after the checkout time so that we could use it before our departure at 14.00h. We saw interesting wildlife from our balcony and in the gardens. The restaurant prices were a bit on the high side but there are alternative eating places locally. The beach is just across the road and is nice although the sea is quite rough here but good for surfers.

"Horrible Help"

My family checked into our hotel room around 9 pm. A young man walked us to our room and unlocked our door for us. We had many bags and struggled to carry them all, we were offered no help. We arrived in the dark and had no idea of our surrounds. They neglected to inform us that we were less than 10 feet away from the main road. There was a wall, but it was only maybe 6 feet and was very easy to jump. Most places in Costa Rica have barbwire fencing. This hotel did not. They also neglected to tell us about the back door. This door had to be locked in a specific and uncommon way, and we had no idea of this. We thought if we turned the handle downwards, it would be locked, but we were wrong. The biggest thing that they did not mention was construction. The night that we had arrived there was a hole in the wall keeping intruders out. When we first got to the room, my brother asked my dad to put the wifi password into his phone. We got settled in before leaving at 9:30 pm to go for a quick swim. We were back by 10:00 pm. Before leaving my brother left the phone in the room so that a text to his friend would send. Eagar to check his phone when he arrived back into the room, he couldn't find it. He had myself text him, but the text never went through. We tore the whole room apart looking for this brand new iPhone 7, although we doubted the possibilities of finding it due to the fact the texts did not go through. My dad had connected him to wifi, therefore he would've gotten the iMessage if the phone was in or near the room. We later talked to the manager and the on-duty security guard. There was a slight language barrier between the security guard and myself. I have taken 3 years of Spanish and with the help of my phone I figured out what he was saying. Basically, he told us natives break in looking for money from "rich white people" more often than not. He was very kind. The manager said the exact opposite as the security guard. He said things like this never happen. The manager was of no help. There were no cameras facing the road or our hotel room. He called the cops for us 5 days later knowing that they could do nothing. We sat in the lobby and wasted our time and the officers time. The manager showed no remorse or sorrow for us, he acted like he did not care. We felt very unsafe after all of this.

"Beautiful destination, let down by one member of staff!"

We arrived in Puerto Viejo after a 5 hour drive from Manuel Antonio, to check into the Cariblue Beach Hotel. On arrival we went straight to reception to check in, I gave them our Booking.com reservation details, they couldn’t find the booking. After further investigation they informed us that they had not received a request for a booking from Booking.com. As you can imagine we were very worried. I couldn’t understand this as I had received the booking confirmation from Booking.com as an instant booking! The concierge, who was called Edwin tried to phone Booking.com but failed to get through at first, I gave them the UK number and they got through then. After further discussion with Edwin, he said they could offer us a similar room to the one we had booked until the 26th, then we would have to check out and move into another room for one night and then the next day move back into the original room for our final night. He seemed nice and said they would look after us. We agreed that this was the best option as we didn’t want to move to another hotel. This all took 3 hours of stress in the hot hotel foyer and ate into our holiday time. Later on I received an email from Booking.com offering us an alternative hotel nearby, we had a look at this hotel and didn’t like it, it wasn’t where we wanted to spend our holiday, so we opted for the Cariblue Hotel solution. We arrived at our room which was a Standard and not a Superior as booked, it was fine as it had two double beds and a nice balcony area and view, and we checked in. On the morning of the 24th, I went to check something at reception and was asked to pay for our Christmas Eve dinner as booked @ $60 a head, I said we hadn’t booked a dinner, as a matter of fact we were eating in town, the lady went to check with Edwin and he told her that my husband had booked the dinner, I thought it was strange that he didn’t mention it so said I would check with him and get back to them. I found my husband and he said he had not booked a Christmas Eve dinner with the hotel, we both went to reception and asked to speak to Edwin, he completely changed the story and said he wanted to inform us of the Christmas Eve dinner option if we wanted to book. This was all very strange, we politely declined. On the morning of the 26th we packed our luggage, it was to be moved to our new room while we were out. We arrived back later that day, and discovered that the room we were moved to was smaller, for two people, and had a small single bed put in for our 13 year old son, as it was only for one night we put up with it as we were moving back to our original room the next day. Also Edwin offered us lunch on the hotel to make up for this. (We had the lunch on the 26th and had to order from the basic menu, which had very few options). Later on we were in the swimming pool and I ordered drinks from the bar, they asked us for our room number and on telling the bar man, he called reception and spoke to Edwin who told him we had to pay as we didn’t have credit. On hearing this I walked around to reception which was just around the corner and explained to the lady there what had happened, she went into the back room to get Edwin who refused to come out to speak to me, the lady on reception went to the bar and told them that they should serve us drinks as we were hotel guests and they had our details. The next morning we again packed our luggage to move back to our room, I took the key to reception and told the lady that we were packed, she said that the guests that were in our room had already checked out and we could be in there by 12, I said great, we were going to the beach and would be back later. We arrived back later to discover that we were not getting our original room but were informed by Edwin that the room was the same as our original one, we took the key and went to look at the room that our luggage had been moved to, on arrival we immediately noticed that there were two plastic chairs on our front porch and and the adjoining properties had luxury chairs with cushions. On opening the door to the room we were greeted by a single bed blocking half the entrance to the double doors, we were astounded. The room was a standard with a double bed and they have shoved in a small single bed for our 13 year old son, who is 5’9. The view was of the car park, and behind there was water being pumped out of pipes from where we don’t know! We immediately went to reception and asked for Edwin, he refused to come out of the back room, and sent messages through the lady on reception, we said we weren’t leaving until we spoke to him. He eventually came out looking sheepish and a little angry. My husband asked him what was going on, we were promised our original room and we didn’t get it, why? He said to my husband that hotel clients were booked in there, to which my husband replied ‘are we not hotel clients? He didn’t seem to know how to answer this and went on to say that he never said we would have our original room back, which he did, all the reception staff knew this to be the case! We argued back and forth to no avail, he said that nothing else was available and we could go somewhere else if we wanted to. We opted to stay but were very upset and disappointed. Also there was no WiFi signal! The whole time we were in Costa Rica, Edwin was the only person that we met that was unprofessional, deceitful and immature, because we didn’t have a real booking like 'proper hotel clients’ he treated us like second class citizens even though we paid the full price. I have to mention that the other reception staff and the bar and dining room staff were lovely and we made friends with some of them. I have since emailed the hotel asking them for the managers email address, I have yet to get a reply! Shame as its a nice place!

"Tropical Paradise"

We stayed for two weeks over Christmas and New Years and enjoyed it very much! The staff worked extremely hard decorating for the celebrations and did a fabulous job. We arrived very late in the evening so reception was closed ( our plane was an hour late leaving Toronto and rush hour traffic getting out of San Jose was as bad, or worse, than Toronto ). To make matters worse, we arrived in torrential rains! Our driver, Robert, was great; he called ahead and the security staff and grounds staff met us in the parking lot with smiles and umbrellas and got us to our perspective rooms quickly and told us we could check in in the morning. Hayley, at reception was awesome in doing all she could to make our stay the best from before we got there until we left. Muchas Gracias Hayley. Our room was Ocean Beach Front and was exactly as pictured on line. Here are the pros and cons. Pros: Wi-fi worked well. Wall sockets are regular two prong. Can hear the ocean waves. Second pool was right beneath our room and was like having our own "private" pool as it was unused most of the time. The air conditioning worked well. Lots of room. We had two rooms...when you first come in, you are in a small bedroom with two double beds, then you pass through a lockable door to enter a huge room with a king bed, TV, fridge, settee, large coffee table, balcony and a small bathroom. Hot water worked well except for two evenings. Easy access to the beach. Our house keeper, Miriam, looked after us well! Cons: Can hear the cars as they pass. The water pressure was inconsistent. The gate to go out to the beach was not unlocked early enough, making it a long walk around to get out. Just to give a heads up regarding most toilets in Costa Rica, toilet paper is NOT put in the toilets it is put in the bin beside. This is because the septic systems can't handle the paper. If you are a boater, you are used to this, if your are not, it's no big deal once you get use to it. The restaurant at the hotel has good food and the staff were wonderful! Nayla, Senada, Johnathon and Dinier, a big thank you!!! As others have said, food and drink prices all over Puerto Viejo have increased a fair bit over the last few years. The grounds of the hotel are amazing! We saw Tucans, Howler Monkeys, three colours of Poison Dart Frogs, a Harpe Eagle and we were lucky enough to see a mom with her baby sloth come down to the ground and climb up into another tree ( this was because one of the house keeping staff noticed her and radioed Ashley at the front desk who then told all the guests that were around) THANK YOU!!! It rained a lot during our stay and the waves were very high so a number of things that we had planned to do, ie. snorkeling, scuba diving and ocean kayaking were out but no one can control the weather. We rented bicycles and biked into town often during the day. We took a taxi when going in at night, the road is narrow and VERY dark. Cost was $4- $5 US. Lots of great little shops, restaurant and bars. If you like Italian, I would highly recommend Cafe Viejo for dinner. Don't miss the Jaguar Reserve and Cahuita National Park ( do spend the $25 to hire a guide, Timothy was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and had a great scope for us to look through when wildlife was a little too far away to see well ). We will return but next time it will be in the drier season and maybe we'll even try bogie boarding!

"Nice hotel in a nice place!"

We enjoyed our stay in this hotel! The room was clean and comfortable. The staff was very friendly at the reception! We had some problems with insects in our room (well of course, it is Costa Rica). But the staff was willing to help. The food in the restaurant is very tasty, but expensive. There are a lot of restaurants in the neighborhood, so enough restaurants to have dinner. And if you go to Puerto Viejo, please visit Cahuita for some snorkeling.

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