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Vanuit de lodge kunt u 'hikes' door de jungle maken, begeleid door natuurgidsen. Ook kunt u onder meer een trekking door het Corcovado National Park maken.

La Leona Eco Lodge

Bijzonder tentenkamp bij het Corcovado National Park. Uw bagage wordt met paard en wagen naar de lodge vervoerd. 

Vanaf € 119,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Uitzicht vanaf het terras
  • Binnen in de tent
  • Accommodatie
  • Toekan
Uitzicht vanaf het terras Binnen in de tent Accommodatie Toekan


Uitzicht vanaf het terras

Binnen in de tent

Over La Leona Eco Lodge


U rijdt met de auto naar Carate in het zuidoosten van het schiereiland. De auto blijft bewaakt achter, u wandelt over het strand in een uurtje naar het kamp, bagage volgt.

Het tentenkamp ligt ver weg van de bewoonde wereld, naast de ingang van het nationale park. Alle 20 tenten staan op een houten vlonder vrij van de grond. In ons arrangement bieden wij 2 soorten tenten aan: Oceanview- en de Monkey’s Camp Tent. Ze beschikken beide over privé voorzieningen maar zonder elektriciteit. De Monkey’s Camp tenten liggen achter de Oceanview Tent waardoor ze iets dieper in het bos liggen.


  • beachfront
  • rust en natuur
  • stijl en design

Insiders tip

Vanuit de lodge kunt u 'hikes' door de jungle maken, begeleid door natuurgidsen. Ook kunt u onder meer een trekking door het Corcovado National Park maken.

La Leona Eco Lodge
Corcovado National Park
v.a. € 119 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Monkey's Camp Tent
: Houten bedden, douche (koud water) en regulier toilet in een beschut tuintje achter uw tent. Géén electriciteit. Privé-terras voorzien van stoelen. 

Oceanview Tent
: Zoals de Monkey's Camp Tent maar met uitzicht op de Stille Oceaan.


Bij Carate, aan de Stille Oceaan, bij de ingang tot het Corcovado National Park, midden in de wildernis.
Vanaf San José is het ca. 7-8 uur rijden. Het is bij voorkeur aan te raden om met een 4-WD naar Carate te rijden. In Carate laat u uw huurauto achter (ca. USD5,- per dag) bij het La Leona Base Camp en van hieruit is het nog ca. 4 km lopen naar de lodge. Uw bagage wordt per paard en wagen naar de lodge vervoerd.

Aantal kamers



  • Restaurant
  • Bar


Vanuit de lodge worden tegen betaling verschillende hikes en excursies aangeboden.

Corcovado National Park beslaat ongeveer de helft van het schiereiland Osa. Het park is prachtig: u loopt hier door ruige jungle, en hoort de woeste golven tegen het verderop gelegen strand slaan. De vele bontgekleurde ara-papegaaien spreken tot de verbeelding. Een prachtige wandeling door het Corcovado National Park is een gedenkwaardig onderdeel van uw Costa Rica rondreis. Daarnaast zijn er nog veel meer mogelijkheden; neem hiervoor contact met ons op.

"Back to basics and nature in Corcovado "

La Leona Eco Lodge is located between Playa Carate and one of the main entrances to Corcovado National Park. The name La Leona - meaning Lioness or female lion - is derived from the ancient assumption by locals that the Puma, which is widely found in the area, was a female lion. La Leona is owned by Walter and Salma a Costa Rican couple from Santa Teresa who started the place in 2000. There are 19 cabins, one open dinning and bar area overlooking the sea and a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cabins are organized in three levels - seafront cabins (1 to 10) shared cabins (14 to 18) and mountain range cabins (19 to 24). Seafront and mountain range cabins feature their own toilets and shower, while shared cabins (14 - 18) have access to a shared shower area and toilets. We stayed in cabin 19 and had to walk for about 8 minutes up the hill to arrive to our cabin. The benefit of ensuring the climb back and forth is the closeness to the primary forest. Upon arriving to Carate we stopped at Leona Base Camp which is 3.9k to the lodge. We drove past the airport to the starting point of Rio Carate (which serves as the end of the road for motorized vehicles). From that points onwards we had to complete a 2.5K trek through a jungle trial - thirty minute walk at a normal pace - to get the La Leona. Las Leona trial is one of the three entrances to Corcovado National Park - the other two being Los Patos and El Pedrito. Depending on the amount bags, the prospect of a 2.5K trek can be daunting. La Leona Eco Lodge can provide bag transport services for those requiring assistance. Upon arriving we were greeted by Joel, a friendly manager who showed the configuration of the place including the general safety and house guidelines. These guidelines include: no Wi-Fi access across the property, no power in the cabins / lodges (power plugs are available in main reception ares), no food to be stored in the cabins / lodges, electricity available only between 9AM - 1PM to 5.30PM - 9.00PM. Furthermore, breakfast (which is included in the room price) is served between 6.30AM and 8.30AM, lunch between 12PM and 1.30PM and dinner 6.30PM to 8.00PM. The food is basic but tasty. Be aware that the food portions are relatively small. Water and ice tea is provided free of charge all day long - which is nice after an active day. The guidelines might be considered strict at first, but it become the norm once we spent 24 hours in the surroundings and realize the remoteness of the place. For those needing Wi-Fi access the closest point is Lookout Point Hotel opposite to the public beach before the airport. If is a good 45 minute walk each way. Once we climbed the path we arrived to cabin 19 which was nestled in the middle of the jungle and featured a small balcony overlooking the jungle. The cabin was made of a wooden frame as a thick zippable plastic laced mosquito netting that served as the doors and windows of the cabn. The flooring is covered in plastic and the ceiling as well. The room featured three wodeen single beds and a simple wooden unit for clothes. The beds featured a single sheet which was enough during summer given the humidity and heat in the air. Upon opening the back zipper, a large area marked by a fence made of mosquito netting was revealed. The area featured a man made shower and basin made out of rocks; as well as a toilet and sink. The water from the shower is sourced from a local river and it is cold - a very welcome feature given the heat during most of the year. It is an amazing feature that brings home the fact that you are sleeping and showing amongst wildlife in the Costa Rican jungle. The The overall vibe of La Leona Eco is very relaxed and friendly. The hammocks by the sea and large bar overlooking the sea serve as gathering points and relaxation points. La Leona Eco Lodge offers walking guided tours into Corcovado National Park as well as a self-guided trial accessible only by guests providing a glimpse of the permanent forest in Corcovado. The guided walking tour covering the La Leona trial has a cost of 45 USD, extends for six kilometers each way and lasts close to four hours. I would highly recommend Milton, a very friendly, knowledge and bilingual tour guide that taught us not only about Corcovado but Costa Rica. La Leona is highly recommended to travelers looking for an authentic relaxed back to basics experience in Corcovado. If you are after luxury and being pampered stay at Luna Hotel instead.

"Beautiful location. Incredible staff!"

I stayed 2 nights in the Monkey Camp (was originally booked for 3 nights, but my flight from the US was canceled - long story). My tent had a beautiful view of the jungle and the Pacific, could see the waves breaking through the trees! It was amazing to be woken up before dawn by birds and howler monkeys (!!!), sit outside on the porch and watch the sun rise. I took photos of toucans, scarlet macaws, hummingbirds and howler monkeys from my porch. At night, I sat on the porch with only a candle for illumination and listened to the sounds of the jungle. Perfect! But you have to make an effort to get there - Monkey Camp is up a steep and very muddy trail, a good 10 min hike up the hill, which can be treacherous when it rains. The best part of La Leona is the staff. Everyone is friendly, but I need to mention Kervin and Felipe. Kervin saw that I was a bit nervous about hiking up to Monkey Camp after dinner in the dark (there are snakes in the jungle), and he offered to walk with me! It is a steep hike up, so I really appreciated the effort he made. And on my departure, Felipe gave me a ride on his ATV back to Carate, so I didn't have to walk 45 mins on the beach in the mid-day heat and high tide. Thanks Felipe, that was an awesome ride! The only negative is the food. The food quality is average and portions are small, but prices are very high (compared to other resorts in Costa Rica). After such amazing hospitality, you feel let down by the meals at La Leona. I would love to return to La Leona for a longer stay. Monkey Camp was perfect for me (despite the hike up to get to it), the hammocks on the lawn are very inviting, the views are beautiful and the staff make you feel at home. Just improve the food!

"Over-rated and poor value"

This "eco lodge" has all the promise to be a memorable experience. Unfortunately, we had a bad one. To access the lodge, you have to hike in about 4K along the beach. The views are spectacular and you have no idea what to expect. Once you get to the lodge, there are tents with shared bathrooms. We had one of those. The tents are clean and ok, but are a disappointment for $120 per night. (Also, if you are icked out by creatures in the night, this isn't the place for you. Need to be mindful of scorpions in tent.) There is nothing close by, so you have to opt in for all meals. Lunch is $20 and dinner is $25, beers are $4. For these prices, we were expecting good grub, not something that you'd get at a conference. Our biggest disappointment was the customer service offered by the manager in charge. You are told to leave your backpacks at basecamp and then they will be delivered later. We followed all the instructions and got there early. We got wet during the walk, so were completely soaked by the time we arrived. We were then told that our stuff would be brought the next day. When we nudged, the bartender offered to go get our stuff on a 4x4. His supervisor nixed that and said that there was no communication with the person who brought the luggage. Later she changed her story and said there was a mix-up. Hmmm. Original plan from bartender was followed and he cheerfully brought us our luggage 30 minutes later. What was a 6 hour problem was solved in a fraction of the time. Person in charge needs to take cues from staff. Kervyn and other staff were very courteous and approachable. Bottom line--there is a big disconnect between price and quality of accommodations and food. The drive to get to basecamp is fabulous and would highly recommend. Would suggest checking out other places to stay that are a better value and where you have options.

"Perfect Nature Lodge right near Corcovado. We loved it!"

We stayed at La Leona for about 6 nights over the 2016 Christmas holiday and had a WONDERFUL time! A few things to know: --Traveling there: we flew from the USA to San Jose, took a connecting Sansa flight to Puerto Jimenez, and then a cab to Carate. From the Carate beach, it's about a 45 minute walk (either on the beach or on a trail) to La Leona. It's really easy to find from Carate, and everyone knows where it is. We were planning on taking el colectivo (the public cattle cart) instead of a taxi from Puerto Jimenez, but it only comes 2x a day, so we opted for a cab ($90USD). --Rooms: they are zipped-up tents/cabins with mattresses and that's about it! La Leona staff comes in and re-arranges your sheet with beautiful hibiscus flowers each day :) --Bathroom/shower: depends on whether your tent/cabin has one attached, or you use the communal one. We did the latter, and were very pleased! It's a coconut shower which was added cute factor. --Meals: breakfast is included, you pay $20 per person for lunch and dinner. We enjoyed every meal we had there! There's no menu - you eat what is served, and it's always delicious! I believe there are vegetarian options, also. Drinks are available, and we had about 100 smoothies and beers apiece :) --Tours: Obviously, do the Corcovado tour... that's why you're there! We did a half-day and another full-day as a private tour since we enjoyed the first one so much. We saw the puma, anteaters, coati, and more! It was amazing. Our guides, Milton and Jim, were fantastic. We also did the night tour, which was very cool, and horseback riding, as our way to "hike" back to Carate at the end of our vacation. --Everyone on the La Leona staff is incredibly warm, friendly, and helpful. --Other recommendations: do the rainforest hike in the back of La Leona's property! It's an easy self-guided hike and wonderful. The hike on "el sendero" is also amazing. We saw about 12 capuchin monkeys, a scarlett mackaw, and other animals there. Overall, this was a truly lovely place. We had an amazing time and felt at home at La Leona! Thank you to the entire staff for everything!

"Mixed feelings about this place "

The staff are really helpful and there is great hospitality. The setting is also perfect and tranquil with nature all around you. However we do have some reservations. The food is, in our view, grossly overpriced and you can't go anywhere else without a 3km walk, which you can't do at night anyway. Lunch is now $20 and dinner $25. That's for a main course only and with dinner for a small dessert or fruit as well. The size of the meat and fish served with the meals was around 1/3rd in the rest of CR and many nights we were still hungry. Most of the plates were potato and bread, with just a tiny amount of protein. One night it was literally 80 per cent potato and bread and just 20 per cent fish and vegetable. We felt the meals were a joke to be honest at this price. The quality was also poor. Also, the mountain view rooms are just too far away to be reasonable. They are a good 10 min hike uphill away from the Lodge. In the heat you are drenched with sweat when you get to the top. God forbid you come down and forget something - enjoy the 20 min round trip walk! We loved the outdoor bathrooms but did think the tents were small for the price charged for the accommodation. Overall we liked the place but we won't return as we feel it is not good value for money, both for accommodation costs and the cost charged for food. But the hospitality was great.

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