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Vanuit de lodge kunt u 'hikes' door de jungle maken, begeleid door natuurgidsen. Ook kunt u onder meer een trekking door het Corcovado National Park maken.

La Leona Eco Lodge

Bijzonder tentenkamp bij het Corcovado National Park. Uw bagage wordt met paard en wagen naar de lodge vervoerd. 

Vanaf € 124,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Uitzicht vanaf het terras
  • Binnen in de tent
  • Accommodatie
  • Toekan
Uitzicht vanaf het terras Binnen in de tent Accommodatie Toekan


Uitzicht vanaf het terras

Binnen in de tent

Over La Leona Eco Lodge


U rijdt met de auto naar Carate in het zuidoosten van het schiereiland. De auto blijft bewaakt achter, u wandelt over het strand in een uurtje naar het kamp, bagage volgt.

Het tentenkamp ligt ver weg van de bewoonde wereld, naast de ingang van het nationale park. Alle 20 tenten staan op een houten vlonder vrij van de grond. In ons arrangement bieden wij 2 soorten tenten aan: Oceanview- en de Monkey’s Camp Tent. Ze beschikken beide over privé voorzieningen maar zonder elektriciteit. De Monkey’s Camp tenten liggen achter de Oceanview Tent waardoor ze iets dieper in het bos liggen.


  • beachfront
  • rust en natuur
  • stijl en design

Insiders tip

Vanuit de lodge kunt u 'hikes' door de jungle maken, begeleid door natuurgidsen. Ook kunt u onder meer een trekking door het Corcovado National Park maken.

La Leona Eco Lodge
Corcovado National Park
v.a. € 124 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Monkey's Camp Tent
: Houten bedden, douche (koud water) en regulier toilet in een beschut tuintje achter uw tent. Géén electriciteit. Privé-terras voorzien van stoelen. 

Oceanview Tent
: Zoals de Monkey's Camp Tent maar met uitzicht op de Stille Oceaan.


Bij Carate, aan de Stille Oceaan, bij de ingang tot het Corcovado National Park, midden in de wildernis.
Vanaf San José is het ca. 7-8 uur rijden. Het is bij voorkeur aan te raden om met een 4-WD naar Carate te rijden. In Carate laat u uw huurauto achter (ca. USD5,- per dag) bij het La Leona Base Camp en van hieruit is het nog ca. 4 km lopen naar de lodge. Uw bagage wordt per paard en wagen naar de lodge vervoerd.

Aantal kamers



  • Restaurant
  • Bar


Vanuit de lodge worden tegen betaling verschillende hikes en excursies aangeboden.

Corcovado National Park beslaat ongeveer de helft van het schiereiland Osa. Het park is prachtig: u loopt hier door ruige jungle, en hoort de woeste golven tegen het verderop gelegen strand slaan. De vele bontgekleurde ara-papegaaien spreken tot de verbeelding. Een prachtige wandeling door het Corcovado National Park is een gedenkwaardig onderdeel van uw Costa Rica rondreis. Daarnaast zijn er nog veel meer mogelijkheden; neem hiervoor contact met ons op.

"Nice location, friendly people, but some improvements needed"

We wanted to go for an experience without crowds of tourists and for that an isolated area, difficult to reach, was our plan ! The best Costa Rica experience to look forward too. In some way it has been accomplished in some way also not. The drive was long but with an average suv easy to do, we were in rain season (end of July). At Carate it is a bit confusing. Their base camp, you pass easily, because it is not at the beach. At the beach is an other parking place and not from La Leona. So driving back to base camp, finding out it is an hut with a friendly old man and the horse was there. He did not speak English, but he is very helpful. He took our luggage. And we drove to the other parking lot again, 1km more close to the beach. After 2,5km walk on the beach we arrived. Nice tent was appointed to us. We had nr 1, best view the manager Joel said. He was right. About the tours. Turtles we saw on the beach without any tour. People warn each other. There are no other tourists, so you have a peaceful encounter without crowds. The rainforest you can do yourself. It is on their territory, we did see some frogs and birds. The Corcovado tour, meaning into primary rainforest can only done by official guides. This tour is not so exciting as we hoped it would be. You just walk on a path for 4km one way and the same way back. Loops are taken by the guides to spot animals. Many people passing by from and to the middle station Sirena. Did not give that outdoor experience we hoped for. So your guide need to make the difference! We planned 1 tour, but had no good experience with the guide Filip. He was first slow and we walked in front. Looking at his mobile phone and on the way back he was running, so we missed the tip of the other group seeing a puma. Also no animals spotted, were others had nice stories to tell, from the same trail and time. So we planned the next day another tour. With another guide, Elias. He was great, very passionate about his job and did everything to find wildlife, even lucky to see the Puma. At that time we were alone, but in the morning more than 50 tourists scared the animal away. (people were warned by facebook and twitter) We also did a night tour with Milton. He also is a great guide. The tour it self is very exciting, at night through the river, made it even more tough. But he finds you the frogs, snakes, spiders and all nightlife around, with great stories to tell. The camp. Friendly people. Also involved about their business. Manager Joel took our guide complaint serious and asked the agency to talk with Filip about his attitude. Before dinner candles are putted around the path and tents. There is limited power, but manageable. Also no wifi and mobile can be used. Besides a weak signal on the beach. Were you find some mobile addicted people. If you need to give a sign of life. The breakfast is good, we took 1 time lunch, it was good too, but dinner was expensive for what you get. The portions are for us too small. 1 smal chicken leg with some rice and lettuce after a day walking could be more. Even at that meal were not many people in the camp. Meat was 1 time so hard you could not cut it. But we had all the time the feeling they try to do their best. On other locations also far away from stores like in San Gerardo, we have had better dinners for the same 25$ On the website was written children eat for half price. We mentioned this because we saw that our daughter of 6 had to pay full price. It has been corrected on the website now to full price for children. We did not get half price correction yet.

"Unwind with spectacular views"

We were a bit off season, at the time of our stay there were only two other couples present. THis made it very peacefully and relax for us to stay here. The staff is excellent and does an incredible job to make us feel like a real guest. BEcause there is only limited electricity, no hot water and no mobile phone connection you feel completely shut off by the rest of the world and can really relax. We did one night walk and saw a foot print of a tapir. Also the monkeys, coati and tamandua are not really scared of people which made it really nice to watch them. At the end of our 3 day stay we really felt like home and did not want to go back.

"Brilliant eco lodge next to Corcovado park"

Now let's start with expectations. You are visiting an eco lodge , right on the Pacific nestling at the base of primary rainforest and planning to glamp in carefully positioned tents set on platforms near the beach or woods. There is no electricity or wifi. You are off grid. You are probably going to hike in the biodiverse part of the world. The only way to get there is by hiking the last 2 km and all supplies and luggage is delivered on a horse and cart! This is not your normal hotel/ lodge experience so the old adage " enjoy the day and don't compare" springs to mind. The food is average but who cares. They employ local people so they are short of Michelin 3 star chefs in Carate! The company is great. A brilliant mix of ages and nationalities with a common goal to explore the Corcovado region. All meals are bench style with great stories to be shared . Logisitics. You arrive at La Leona base camp which in essence is a house where the horse and cart are based. At the end of a very bumpy road from Puerto Jimenez. The taxi ($80) or collectivo ($9) drops you there. You dump your luggage there and then either hike up the beach - (sunnier and harder) or take the sheltered trail parallel to the beach. Top tip don't do what we did. Walk the beach route at 2 pm without enough water, overdressed only to arrive looking like a pair from some dreadful reality show victims. Totally heat stressed and dehydrated. 32 degrees 100% humidity doesn't make for great beach walking. You can hitch a ride on the cart if you pay the guy or take the trail in the woods! The cart and horse can only arrive at lowish tide so you may not be reunited with luggage for some hours. So bring spare tee shirt and if it looks like rain a poncho for the walk. We stayed in the Monkey camp which had comfortable bed, quirky outdoor shower and bathroom which was fab. Right up the hill in the forest. Loved it. Woken to sound of howlers and had great fun watching spider monkeys near the tent. Capuchins on the trail back to the main lodge resulted in hilarious stand off. Not for faint hearted though 187 steps. Wouldn't recommend it for those who are not prepared for the walk up and down and bring decent torches- LED lensers are great. At night you are surrounded by rustling of land crabs and all sorts of wildlife so if that is not your thing stay nearer the main lodge. We went on all 4 tours with excellent guide Milton. All of them were very memorable. Saw a king vulture and 26 other species of birds in 2 hours on tour to Carate creek. Corcovado day tour delivers 60% of the benefit of full hike to Sirena without the pain and time invasion. Saw tapir , 3 snakes and all manner of birds with easy coastal trail . Primary rainforest at rear of lodges is harder walking but fantastic trees and ubiquitous monkeys. Night tour delivers bats, frogs, snakes, scorpions and a walk up the creek. So if you up for the full wildlife experience , happy to support a genuine Costa Rica ecolodges with superb staff and mix with other similar minded travellers then go for it. Top tip. Bring binoculars. If you are a camera person 70-300 lens is all you need. If you aren't then use iPhone and use guides telescope which works brilliantly. Margaritas are to die for. Stop at one..... Won't forget my time there at La Leone.

"Very worthy of the effort"

We were attracted by the description of this place when planning our trip around Costa Rica and were not disappointed. We actually loved that the journey to get to it was inclusive of a hike through forest and along the beach, as it really gave it a feel of adventure and remoteness, although we did find it disconcerting to just leave our luggage at a hut to be brought later by horse and cart! This is glamping, central american style and we had a wonderful 3 night stay, just a 5 minute beach walk away from Corcovado National Park. The tent we had was on the beach front and was very comfortable. The outdoor bathroom was a delight and even the cold shower was nice (once you got over the initial shock) as the weather is so hot & humid. The 3 meals a day are plentiful and delicious (eaten outside with dinner in candlelight) and the staff are all so friendly and helpful. They do have electricity at night with a generator so camera batteries can be charged up no issue. The tours with a guide are expensive but this is something we found alot in Costa Rica this time and is not particular to the Lodge - It was worth the guide in the NP to see alot of things we wouldn't have spotted on our own but you can also walk the trails up the hill that La Leona have created and we saw lots there too - spent ages watching a troop of spider monkeys playing in the trees. And the beach is a stunning place to sit with a sundowner and watch the sunset in the sea spray!

"Great location , stunning National park , basic lodging"

Have stayed here a few times in the past 10 years or so. Unfortunately the price has increased a fair bit since first travelling here! 3 meals a day are included and this basic camp is located shortly before La Leona ranger station at the south end of Corcovado National Park - accessed from Puerto Jimenez. If you dont visit in high season and turn up on spec, you can often get far more reasonable prices if you sleep in the more basic tents reserved for tour guides (if available). However you have shared bathroom and shower facilities if staying in the guide tents. Corcovado is still probably my favourite national park in Costa Rica and Latin America for observing mammals , stunning unspoilt views and jungle paths. If you are reasonably fit and have at least 4 or 5 days I would highly recommend getting the National Park flight into Sirena (National Park HQ) from San Jose. Spend a couple of nights in a tent or dorm room at the Sirena ranger station to see wild tapirs at night / in the early hours, then do the long hike 2 or 3 days later, to La Leona and check times of high and low tides before you leave. You must travel with not a lot of baggage... both places are good in their own right. Los Patos and Drake Bay entry points/Ranger station are nowhere as good in my experience. Then exit on the road via Puerto Jimenez. Remember this is a very tropical and wet part of the world so be prepared for heavy rain regardless of time of year. Also aim for around the full moon for maximum chance of great wildlife viewings

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