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Park Inn

Het hotel is gunstig gelegen, dichtbij het centrum van San José, en beschikt over moderne, gezellig kamers.

Vanaf € 53,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info


Over Park Inn

Het Park Inn ligt maar een paar blokken verwijdert van de Paseo Colón, de belangrijkste straat in de stad. U kunt nationale en internationale gerechten proeven in het Grill restaurant, genieten van een duik in het buitenzwembad of na een lange reis ontspannen op uw comfortabele kamer. 's Morgens kunt u genieten van het uitgebreide ontbijt buffet.

Park Inn
San José
v.a. € 53 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Tel: 020 - 398 93 98 | E-mail ons | Bezoek ons


: Airco, WiFi, telefoon, televisie, minibar, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten en kluisje. Volledig ingerichte badkamer met föhn.

: Zoals Superior, ruimer.

: Zoals Deluxe, met een zitgedeelte en de slaapkamer apart


Vlakbij de Paseo Colon gelegen. Op 30 minuten van de internationale luchthaven.

Aantal kamers



  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Zwembad
  • Fitnessruimte
  • Gratis ondergrondse parking
  • Excursiebalie
  • Geldwisselbalie

De hoofdstad van Costa Rica is gelegen op 1150 meter hoogte en ademt een moderne, Europees aandoende sfeer. San José is ruim opgezet, met veel groen in de stadsparken. In de vele winkelcentra kunt u alles vinden wat u wenst. Verder kent San José veel verschillende musea. Hoogtepunten wat dat betreft zijn het Nationaal Museum, het Jade museum en het Precolombiaans Goud museum. Wanneer u de vele musea bezoekt, krijgt u een goed beeld van de geschiedenis van zowel San José en omgeving, als die van het land Costa Rica.

"Great hotel in San Jose!"

This is my 4th time (at least) staying here. I think it is fair to keep reviewing because each time you have a different experience. I'll say that in the few years the hotel has been open they've done a great job keeping the hotel facilities up and keeping the standards high also. In Costa Rica I'd fully expect over time that both of these would deteriorate a little. I haven't noticed that they have at all. I re-read my last review and I mentioned Victor. He was the one who checked me in this time also and was helpful. I would say the wait staff is friendlier than the front desk staff but the front desk answered all questions and helped with anything as much as they could. Breakfast still good and I just love the location. NOTE: There is a AM/PM store about 1 block away so if you need anything more than their little shop has, just take a quick walk over there. It would be a safe walk even in the middle of the night since it is so close.

"The Stay from Hell"

Let's see.. No air-conditioning and an almost laughable approach to dealing with it, trying to ask me to check if it works in a new room. Front Desk literally lying about a law preventing them selling medicine in their store (when at my new hotel.. a few miles away, they strangely sell painkillers openly!) About double the price it should be even if things actually worked, and the staff had empathy, and really cared about solving your problem. I left two days into a ten day stay.. I'm so glad I did, and the new hotel is great! If you stay here.. just 'Good Luck!!!'

"3.5 Stars"

Best thing about this hotel is Location. 10 min walk to heart of downtown or a 10 min walk to La Sabana or other nice areas. Near some nice restaurants like Tierra Gaucha, Gran Oro,The Corner Pizza or Machu Pichu. Fairly quiet from city noise. Rooms are decent size and everything seemed to function ok as you would expect from a fairly new 12 story hotel. Breakfast was ok. Would have given 4 or maybe 5 stars, but front desk seemed cold and uncaring. In summary, if you're looking for a newer hotel with a good and fairly quiet location in the city, this may be ok for you.

"Overpriced.. Poor Service.. Useless Airconditioning!!!"

In fairness I don't often write reviews, and it takes something bad, for me to really want to alert other people! But this experience has met that requirement so here goes: When I first arrived, I had a migraine. The front desk informed me that it 'is against the law' for a hotel in Costa Rica to sell any kind of medicine, so there was no help here. They did provide directions to a grocery store, about 10 minutes walk from the hotel, where I obtained some (normally a closer grocery store would have been open but this was Sunday night). The walk was a little scary and difficult when you feel sick, but I did it, and solved that issue. The next issue was the airconditioning.. it just didn't work. Setting it to the lowest level was useless.. It was really just a fan, and since the windows did not open, it just recirculated warm air. It was almost funny that it was colder outside than in the room.. I don't like complaining.. problems happen, even to the best of establishments, and just tried to deal with it for one night. It was not pleasant even sleeping without any covers, but I survived, and had a refreshing shower (which did work well). In the morning, I realized with horror that I forgot my hairbrush. Did the hotel sell them or have one available, or even a comb? No.. not this hotel. So I had to deal with my hair less than ideal visiting an office. In the evening when I returned, I tried to get a replacement at the two grocery stores, but neither sold one. Since the hotel could not help, I still had this problem, and now had to deal with a second day, where I would have to find time to get a 'brush'.. as if nobody else has ever forgotten one at this hotel? Anyway.. even that was created by my own mistake, so other than being intensely irritating, I could not complain. But the airconditioning.. this time, I not only needed to sleep but needed to write a presentation in the evening. Trying to work in a stifling warm atmosphere is/was very frustrating. I tried twice to get the Hotel to fix it. Someone came (quickly admittedly) both times, but it would work for a few minutes before going back to just blowing room temperature air. I did not have the patience to try again for a third time, so this time in desperation turned directly to the Front desk. Were they helpful? No.. Since they stated the other rooms would be the same, although I could apparently 'check for myself' (because Hey, I have time to take from writing my presentation to test their air-conditioning!!) . So either the airconditioning just doesn't work to any significant degree, or it might do, but it isn't up to the hotel management to confirm it is different!?!? I specifically chose this hotel because it was not cheap, and things like airconditioning, and good service, are important to me, particularly on an important business trip in a foreign country. It just isn't worth it.. I cannot in fairness give this a one rating, because some things do work. It is clean etc and there are even worse hotels than truly deserve the one rating. But definitely a two, as things just didn't work, even after three attempts to 'make it right' and the general attitude of management was very underwhelming. My advice.. just avoid this hotel as there are bound to be better, more reliable options at this price range.

"Best hotel close to down town"

Good and with good rate. Close to all kind of Restaurants and fast food franchise. All restaurants at a walking distance from 15 to 20 minutes maximum. Close to all type of transportation. Close to down town.

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