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Xugana Island Lodge

De lodge ligt op het gelijknamige privé-eilandje in het hart van de Okavango Delta. Afgelegen, in een van de laatste vrijwel ongerepte natuurgebieden op aarde.

Vanaf € 880,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Xugana Island Lodge, Okavango Delta
  • Xugana Island Lodge, Okavango Delta
  • Xugana Island Lodge, Okavango Delta
Xugana Island Lodge, Okavango Delta Xugana Island Lodge, Okavango Delta Xugana Island Lodge, Okavango Delta


Xugana Island Lodge, Okavango Delta

Xugana Island Lodge, Okavango Delta
Xugana Island Lodge, Okavango Delta

Over Xugana Island Lodge

De Xugana Island Lodge bestaat uit chalets, die met riet zijn bedekt. Naast een open lounge en een bar, beschikt de lodge ook over een klein zwembad in een mooie tuin midden op het eilandje, een prettige plek om te ontspannen. U kunt onder begeleiding van een ervaren ranger verschillende safari-activiteiten in de omgeving van de lodge ondernemen, zoals tochten per mokoro (traditionele kano) of motorboot. Omdat de lodge zo kleinschalig is worden de maaltijden meestal samen met de andere gasten gebruikt. Na het diner kunt u onder de Afrikaanse sterrenhemel uitkijken op de lagune en nagenieten van de belevenissen van de dag. Tijdens uw verblijf zijn alle maaltijden, twee safari-activiteiten per etmaal en alle lokale drankjes inbegrepen.


  • rust en natuur
Xugana Island Lodge
Okavango Delta
v.a. € 880 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Luxury Chalet
Plafondventilator, kluisje, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, badkamer met douche, privé-veranda met zicht op de lagune.


Gelegen in het noorden van Botswana, op Xugana Island, een privé-eilandje in de Okavango Delta.

Aantal kamers



  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Lounge
  • Zwembad
  • Souvenirwinkel


  • Boottochten
  • Wandelingen
  • Vistochten

De Okavango Delta is een absolute 'must see' tijdens uw reis door Botswana. In de delta leven enorm veel dieren. Okavango vormt zonder twijfel een van de laatste vrijwel ongerepte natuurgebieden ter wereld.

Van het Angolese hoogland stroomt de Okavango-rivier zuidwaarts, via het noorden van Namibië naar de vlakten van Noord-Botswana. Hier loopt het water uit over de Kalahariwoestijn en vormt het de grootste inlandige delta van de wereld: een labyrint van duizenden grote en kleine stromen en kreken, die kleine eilandjes omringen.

De Okavango Delta is 15.000 km² groot en bestaat uit uitgestrekte gebieden met papyrusriet, lage vlakke eilandjes bedekt met bomen, kristalheldere waterwegen en palmen.

"How to Feel at Home in the Delta"

This is the experience you dream about. From the flight in to the boat trips on the Delta and guided walks in the islands, we could not have enjoyed it more. The service is beyond friendly - it is family. Every single member of the staff makes you feel at home. Being out on the water is amazing seeing all the bird life and hippos and, if you are lucky, swimming elephants, but being back in camp is just as wonderful. We had great conversations with the staff learning about their lives. We were also there with great guests, so meals were always full of stories. The camp suggests you only stay two nights as there are a limited number of activities, but we stayed three and didn't regret it. We were able to sleep in one morning and take a later cruise as we were the only guests. Xugana was the once in a lifetime treat we expected.

"Fantastic Okavango Lodge"

Having got off the plane at Xugana Airstrip we had to wait for one of the guides as he was at the opposite end of the strip on a tractor keeping the elephants off the runway…. it’s not Heathrow! Situated in a private concession in the Okavango Delta and only accessible by water, Xugana Island Lodge consists of 8 reed and thatch chalets. We were in chalet number 4 which was close to the main area which we were pleased about. As with the other lodges there was no air con, wi fi and air horns in case of emergency. All meals were taken outside on a decked area although there was an inside dining area available if the weather is inclement. There are a variety of game activities available here: road game drive, boat drives, mokoro canoes and walking safaris. The first evening we ask if we can do the Mokoro Canoe trip. I had heard a lot about these traditional dugout canoes and as much as I was looking forward to doing it was dreading how I was going to manage getting in and out as a substantial amount of balance and dexterity is required and I envisaged a soaking! I needn’t have worried as the guides held the canoes still and made sure you were balanced before setting off…. must admit I did sit still though (there were crocs in the water and I didn’t fancy giving them a meal). The whole experience was fantastic and needless to say was finished off with sunset drinks. Yet another early start 0530 and we’re off for a walk. We are taken by boat to Palm Island by our guide Allen and a second guide for security. On arrival Allen proceeded to produce his rifle and load it….it was getting serious. We were given a safety briefing: stay behind the rifle, keep quiet, walk in single file and if we get confronted by a lion to stand our ground and stare it out…. yeah right!!!! Apparently when Allen was younger he was confronted by a lion when he was with his Grandad and they had to do just that…. for 20 minutes before the lion got bored and walked away. The walk was very hard work over uneven ground, in very hot temperatures with the added worry of potential animal encounters (we did have to make a quick retreat when a croc suddenly decided to enter the water when we were walking past in on the river bank and we hadn’t seen in before). It was however fantastic – even having to make several other diversions due to animals, so that we neither got in the eye line or that they got our scent. Getting back to the boat at the end of the walk was also interesting as a mother and baby elephant decided it was a good place to have breakfast. There was nothing to do between brunch and the afternoon activity other than taking a siesta. Initially I heard a lot of screaming and trumpeting – we learned later that an elephant had go in to camp and was being chased out by the guides. A short while later as we were sat on our verandah I heard rustling in the trees next to our chalet….it was 2 large buffalo who were having a bit of a to do and proceeded to crash their way through the bush between our chalet and the neighboring one. It made you realize the importance of having the guides escort you to dinner in the evening and then back, and not to venture out even in an emergency but to use your air horn. That afternoon we took a boat cruise along the very narrow channels of the Delta and had a very close call with a large bull elephant. Another 0530 start. We were asked the evening before what activity we would like to do the following day and although I really loved the walk the previous day I found it too much to do again. We were advised that the walk can be tailored to suit, so we opted to go. At the boat dock we saw that there were 2 other people taking the walk with us this morning – both elderly and French, so it was indeed a more leisurely walk. That evening we took another boat cruise along the channels and again we encountered elephants and also a pod of angry hippos. Last day on safari and we take an early morning (0530) boat cruise to the hippo pool before departing to the airstrip for our onward flight to Maun. Staying in the Okavango Delta is an unique experience and I cant think of a better place to stay than at Xugana Island Lodge.

"Relax and Enjoy the Delta"

From a Dreamliner to an Avro and finally a tiny aircraft all within a span of 24 hours. Landing in the middle of no where and then taking a 10-15 minute ride in a boat, led us to the Camp: to an affectionate welcome. The first evening we took the silent mokoro ride with Mr. Robert and were able to watch the elusive red sitatunga and the tiny painted reed frog in their respective natural habitat . Quite a number of birds that nest in the Okvango were also visible. Sundowner in the delta was a special occasion. Next morning with Mr. Ken as guide we did the walking safari of the Palm island: watched deer and elephants from quite close. Evening saw us under the able guidance of Mr. TH, who took us for the vehicle safari and we quite literally landed in the midst of a pride of lion and a herd of buffaloes. That evening we had the unforgettable experience of watching a reedbuck rush past us, being chased by a wild dog. We, with our respective sundowner in hand were standing nonplussed. I am sure the memory of the chase will remain etched in the memory of all those who had witnessed it. The last morning we spent again exploring a few channels of the Delta only to have a narrow channel blocked by the resident hippo – we had to retreat and take another one. We visited this lodge of Desert & Delta during the third week of November, 2016. We spent two nights in this Lodge.The Lodge should be on everyone’s itinerary who wants to see the unique ecosystem of Okavango Delta.

"Just relax at this wonderful Lodge"

A 10 minute Boat cruise from the Airstrip on the Okavango waters, you suddenly met with smiling faces and the friendly staff waving and dancing with cold welcome drinks and towels. All i can say about Xugana is WOW! the Deck has views all around of the Delta. You are surrounded by the Papyrus and reeds. All you can do here is just relax. No wifi is the best, you are with nature and you feel al peace. Our tasty lunch was served on the decks, cold drinks available at all times. Rooms are private and secluded which is perfect for couples and honeymoon travellers. remember here its all water based safaris so i would recommend a 2 night stay. This is a MUST if you are going to the Delta.

"A water adventure not to be missed"

In Botswana, we stayed at 3 safari Lodges – Savute, Xakanaxa and Xugana – owned by Desert & Delta (who have 8 lodges and are part of a larger Botswanan company Chobe Holdings – who also own Safari Air amongst other things). Booking three lodges with Desert & Delta made transit between the camps very straight forward and enable us to get a discount. All Desert & Delta lodges are run on the same operating model, the location, management, staff and facilities provide the differentiation between the Lodges. The final of three lodges visited on this trip, Xugana is situated on an island in the Okavango Delta. The location is remote and spectacular - this is the only lodge where we did not see other tourists. There are only 8 suites making it the smallest and most intimate and private of the lodges/camps we stayed at. The suites are beautifully decorated in African colonial style, the rooms are kept clean and comfortable by the great housekeeping staff. Each day you are welcomed back with artistic messages created on you bed from flowers, leaves and beads. Having started off our Botswana trip at the dry and arid Savute Lodge, the experience here could not have been more different, everything revolves around the water here. The main safari drives are by boat (and even canoes) providing a whole new way of looking at the wild life and surroundings. The diversity of animals and birds is amazing with the bird life and hippos being the highlight. We also went on two land based safaris – one on foot and one in 4-wheel drive (amongst a herd of buffalo). The walking safari was another new and unique experience – rather hot but very enjoyable. As with all the Desert and Delta lodges our guide, Allen, was excellent. His eye for spotting tiny frogs and birds was incredible. The highlight were the two trips (one morning and one evening) to the hippo pool – literally hundreds of hippos, split into families, some friendly and some not so friendly. The quality of the guides at the Desert and Delta lodges is remarkable and is what will attract us back to do another safari with them again in the future. The management and staff at the lodge were fantastic and bent over backwards to make our stay so interesting and pleasant. The main reception and bar area have great views of both sunrise and sunset. The food and service was very good. The only negative was that while the suites were very private, we could smell the cigarette smoke from the suite next door. It is about time resorts of this type banned smoking entirely. We stayed at Xugana for three nights, this felt just right and we would recommend three nights to everyone who visits. Note, this review is one of many from a trip to Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique undertaken in Sep/Oct 2016

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