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Faena Hotel

Faena is het meest trendy en flamboyante hotel van Zuid-Amerika. Ook als u er niet logeert, is het de moeite waard om er drankje te nemen aan de bar of op het terras.

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  • Faena Hotel
  • Faena Hotel
  • Faena Hotel
  • Faena Hotel
  • Faena Hotel
Faena Hotel Faena Hotel Faena Hotel Faena Hotel Faena Hotel


Faena Hotel
Faena Hotel
Faena Hotel
Faena Hotel
Faena Hotel

Over Faena Hotel

De luxueuze inrichting is ontworpen door Philip Starck. Het interieur, het meubilair, het servies, alles is speciaal ontworpen voor dit hotel. Klassieke stijlelementen zijn met een knipoog naar de sixties tot een speelse retrostijl omgevormd. Het hotel wordt zeer druk bezocht door de ‘young and bright’ van de stad voor een apéritief, voor het zwembadterras of voor een wervelende tangoshow. Het hotel is een voormalig pakhuis en ligt in de wijk Puerto Madero.

Faena Hotel
Buenos Aires
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: Luxe kamers voorzien van televisie met Dolby Surround Systeem, kluisje en internettoegang (tegen betaling). Badkamer met bad/douche. Stads- of rivierzicht.


Het Faena Hotel in de wijk Puerto Madero, een moderne en hippe wijk gelegen aan de prachtige haven promenade van de stad.

Aantal kamers



• 2 Restaurants
• Wijnkelder
• Bar
• Zwembad
• Spa
• Fitnesscentrum
• Theater
• Lounge met bibliotheek
• Gift shop

Buenos Aires is veelal het begin- en eindpunt van uw rondreis Argentinië: De stad is kosmopolitisch en bruisend en doet erg Europees aan met een latino ambiance van tango, elegantie en terrasjes.

"You're not cool enough to stay here"

This trendy hotel/night club is located in Buenos Aires's newly gentrified Puerto Madero. In terms of location, you couldn't do much better. It's about a 15 minute walk from Casa Rosada and the terminus of the Subté Line 1 subway. Many mid-range and upscale restaurants along the nearby canal (5 min walk) and lively sidewalk culture. Safe, comfortable neighborhood, especially compared to the seedy center around the obelisk. Amenities really are first rate, and if the breakfast is included in your rate, definitely partake! Fresh honeycomb, kiwi, deliciously strong black coffee served in personal filtration beakers. The beds are comfortable, and the staff very professional and attentive. If you're a "normal" traveler, however (and you probably are if you're reading this), the experience of staying here may feel a little over-the-top. After schlepping here from wherever you're coming from, you're greeted by an impeccably dressed "experience manager," who has your bags whisked away and proceeds to interview you about what you're hoping to accomplish on your visit. (They really do know the city, and can make reservations and tours happen easily, so don't be afraid to ask). While your room is being prepared, you may be invited to enjoy a signature cocktail by the pool. It's a great spot to relax and enjoy views of the brick façade of the historic building. I know other reviewers were upset that this wasn't a swimming pool, but it's pretty clearly meant to be decorative. For reasons passing understanding, there's an enormous crown mounted in the middle, and in case you're wondering if it turns into a fountain, the answer is yes, absolutely. Obviously a crown in the middle of a hotel wading pool periodically sprays water in its best effort at being majestic. I will never understand the glass-box bathrooms, though. The number of times I hit myself in the face with a wall or door in the middle of the night trying to find the toilet is higher than I care to admit in this forum. And while it is certainly sexy to shower *with* your companion, it's a little voyeuristic to simply *watch.* Also, watching someone pee is not enjoyable to anyone but the 45th president. The privacy curtains are fussy and the electronic sunshades took me a good 15 minutes to decode. Weekend evenings, the hotel bar turns into a proper club, which guests are welcome to enter. The music is as loud as you'd expect in a club, and drinks are very difficult to order. Lots of shoving and pushing. Better to raid the mini-bar in room. This all led me to the conclusion that, while this was a very memorable visit, I would probably not choose to stay here again. I'm just not cool enough ;)

"Stunning trendy, luxury hotel "

Luxe red, slick black & stark white envelope you at every turn at this modern hotel. There's no official lobby, but the gorgeous opulent bar takes its place & has brilliant cocktails, coffee and snacks. The pool is the centrepiece of the hotel & a Jewelled crown in the middle and red chairs set it off. Standard rooms are sexy - with mirrors in all the right places, tight but hot bathrooms and enough natural light to make rooms feel open. Suites are next level - spacious & beautifully decorated. Breakfast is a large buffet spread, with eggs & other a la carte items on a menu. Sundays there is a huge brunch with Argentinian meats, wines & vegetables. I could go on - but you need some surprises. This is a place for couples, rock stars & gay couples. Hot bodies are an asset here too!

"Sleeping on the floor, overcharged, pee pool, leftovers - packed on red velvet, Baccarat and rotten service"

Booked online at Faena’s website, the total amount for the December 29th to January, 1st at Faena Hotel Buenos Aires was USD 2,404.27. In the confirmation mail there was an extra compulsory rate for the NYE party to be paid before my arrival at the hotel – USD 575. When booked, the final amount did not include the compulsory rate for the party. So, I received an Authorization Form with the amount of USD 2,979.26 (room, taxes and NYE charges). December, 29th, 2016 12am. At check-in, I told an experience manager I was overcharged by the hotel. For some reason when I checked my AMEX CC, there was a debit of USD 3,258.35. The experience manager did not know how to explain that and I was told I should contact AMEX to solve the problem, as it was a personal issue. Meanwhile, I asked for some water and was given a plastic bottle of ambient temperature (not even fresh) – no cup. Was sent to an extremely hot room – the AC did not go less than 24°C. Was changed rooms 3 times – the person in charge offered me a “ventilador”– she said like this, moving her index finger in circles (she didn’t know how to say fan in English). That is the average service Faena gives their guests who pays USD 3K for a three-night stay. Had a Caesar Salad with shrimp at the Pool Bar - 1 hour later, started feeling sick of my stomach, fever and threw up until 2am – in a 23°C room. December, 31st, 2016 - NYE set up party: 32°C, pool was crowded. The 2 showers next to the pool bar were out of order because the party set up. I asked a maître if I could use another shower and he said there were no more showers, but I had a big pool to dive in. As I wanted to pee, I had to decide between going to my 23°C room, to the ladies’ room inside the hotel (with no shower) or, very likely most of the people who were around that hot day, pee in the pool. NYE party 2am no more food. At a USD 575 party for hotel guests and USD 665 for non-hotel guests. Since 9pm not even one guest was able to enter in their rooms – the key system went down. The guests of the 83 rooms had to wait until 4am when they started to unlock each and every single room. Since 2am the hotel guests were sleeping all over the lobby in the ground, in the couches, everywhere. There were old ladies, pregnant women, drunk people, no shoes, kids crying – CAOS. To the hotel guests who was in the lobby was offered one (1) EMPANADA tray and water – in plastic cups. The scene looked like a war camp. There were like 30 people in the lobby, and countless in the huge hall. Some people went to their floors waiting for the only one person who could open the whole hotel room’s doors - we were informed we had to be in front of our rooms waiting for him. This guy started doing it at 4am and each room could take up to 10 minutes to be opened. January, 1st, 2016 A regular day at the hotel. Not even a sorry note under the door. At check out they did not say Happy New Year, and did not say a word about that whole Dante scenario. After the manager presented me the bill I asked about the night before. And then, and only after I asked, he said the hotel were refunding the guests – that obviously made me think I would not get the refund if haven’t asked. Went for lunch at El Mercado (one of the hotel’s restaurant). That day, January, 1st, there were no à la carte menu, as usually. It was a buffet and barbecue – ok. At the buffet, I noticed that most of the options were exactly the very same we had at the NYE party. That coincidence made me think they might be using the leftovers from the night before.

"Living life like a superstar"

My husband and I started off a trip to Buenos Aires with three days in a Porteno suite here. It was amazing. We are typically fairly low-key travelers, but I must say that I could get used to living a life of luxury at the Faena. Our room was amazing--really comfortable bed, lots of space (it was a suite with a sitting room), very quiet, and an amazing bath tub in addition to the shower. Breakfast was included with our rate, and we enjoyed the luxe buffet every morning. The staff was incredibly helpful and pleasant. Finally, this is a relatively quiet part of town--not like Palermo Soho, for example--but it was nice to get up every morning and go for a long walk in the ecological park, which is nearby. The quiet was a nice change of pace in the city.

"Pretty facade, rotten service. Have not felt less welcome in many years. "

For starters, I had been there before. In deed an upscale designer hotel with a perfect location, good rooms and a variety of hospitality offerings. But here's the point: all this is worthless when you feel treated as if you were garbage...and you are cheated in the end. Wondering what happened? Imagine for example you entered the Library Lounge bar, let us say on an early Sunday afternoon, shortly after lunch, when the place is basically empty, and upon entry you were told the place was sold out, with virtually no places available, and you were pointed to a seat at the bar. And if finally, upon insisting, you were allowed to occupy one of the very many vacant couches, you would be advised that if needed you would be required to share that very couch with other guests... how awkward would that feel? So, know that you are wondering what's all the fuss with am empty place pretending that it's a crowded one, the fun really starts... Let's imagine you order drinks, easy ones, nothing impossible to handle for a junior bar tender and waitress: fancy a Habana 7 and Coke? Great. Now, would you be surprised if the waitress placed a glass with ice cubes halfway filled with (hopefully) rum on the table and left a bottle of Coke next to it leaving you to job share with her and pour your own Coke into the glass ? Might you nit think this may ok in road-side trucker and biker joint, yet not at all acceptable in a wannabe upscale joint on Puerto Madero? Yes, in deed I would most certainly agree with you. But what can you do? So you pour your own drink and enjoy it while then crowded place continues its Sunday afternoon idleness. Next, say you wanted to settle the account and leave, just on time before the crowds may takeover the place. So you would wave the waitress who in a moment would produce the bill for you and drop it off on your table (next to where the place the Coke bottle a little while ago). 25 USD in local currency for two soft drinks and a bit of rum isn't too bad and you would happily place your credit card and waive the waitress. Let's ignore the very part where she displays her full repertoire of unpoliteness and jump straight to the moment when an even less friendly supervisor would claim your credit was rejected (note this was a Amex platinum card, usually difficult reject anything)... and so it goes with the second, the third and the fourth credit card you would produce, until finally, only after alerting the supervisor that if the next card did do the job either, he might want to start considering changing the terminal or calling the police, the last credit card is good enough to cover 25 USD. Now imagine you left the place just to receive the usual Amex text message confirming just a 25 USD charge our unfriendly supervisor had told me to be rejected. How would call that? Theft? Of course I did ring the house to complain about the double charge and the truly unacceptable attitude and behavior of their staff and supervisor in the bar. In fairness, The fine young man who took call was polite and courteous, yet his promise that someone would call be back straightaway was left unfulfilled to date... Shameful, disappointing, unacceptable. Period. There are plenty of places to go and stay in Buenos Aires. I for my part will certainly continue to prefer the Four Seasons or Hyatt's Duhau Palace for example. But never ever get lost in the Faena. And I recommend you consider your choices, too.

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