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Hawksmoor House

Op een wijngaard overnachten, wie wil dat nu niet. In deze accommodatie verblijft u bij de 'boer', maar dan wel in de stijl die bij Stellenbosch past: charmant en karakteristiek.
Vanaf € 68,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Hawksmoor House, Stellenbosch
  • Hawksmoor House, Double Room
  • Hawksmoor House, Stellenbosch
  • Hawksmoor House, Double Room
  • Hawksmoor House, Lounge
Hawksmoor House, Stellenbosch Hawksmoor House, Double Room Hawksmoor House, Stellenbosch Hawksmoor House, Double Room Hawksmoor House, Lounge


Hawksmoor House, Stellenbosch
Hawksmoor House, Double Room
Hawksmoor House, Stellenbosch
Hawksmoor House, Double Room
Hawksmoor House, Lounge

Over Hawksmoor House

Een zogenaamde 'Cape Dutch Country Retreat' dat zich bevindt tussen enerzijds de wijnranken van Matjieskuil en anderzijds het boerenleven, want ze houden op deze boerderij ook koeien, paarden en honden. Met 15 kamers is dit kleinschalige gastenverblijf dus zeker geschikt voor dierenliefhebbers of een ieder die geïnteresseerd is in wijnen. Met name de Chenin-Blanc wijn en de Pinotage die hier worden geproduceerd genieten bekendheid. Het retreat is met antieke meubels ingericht maar dan wel veel gecombineerd met hedendaagse moderne accessoires wat een verrassend mooie entourage met veel sfeer oplevert. U kunt hier ook dineren bij kaarslicht en genieten van de heerlijke wijnen en uw bed... is gelukkig dichtbij!


  • wifi
Hawksmoor House
v.a. € 68 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Luxury Double
WiFi, kluisje, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, badkamer met douche en/of bad, uitzicht op de tuin of de Tafelberg, sommige kamers beschikken over een privé-terras.


Gelegen in de wijngaard Matjieskuil, in de buurt van Stellenbosch en op 25 minuten rijden van Kaapstad.

Aantal kamers



  • Dinermogelijkheden
  • Bar
  • Laundry-service
  • WiFi
  • Zwembad


  • Wandelen
  • Fietsen
  • Wijnproeverij
  • Golfen (in nabije omgeving)

Stellenbosch werd in 1679 gesticht en is na Kaapstad Zuid-Afrika's oudste gemeente. Aan weerszijden van de straten staan zeer oude eiken en Hollandse huizen uit de koloniale tijd. Andere bezienswaardigheden zijn het Stellenbosch Museum, het wijnmuseum Stellenrijck, het cognacmuseum Oude Meester en het snuisterijenwinkeltje Ome Samie se Winkel.

"Old Charm"

This Guest House is situated on its own wine farm. The room was decorated very nicely but unfortunately our room had no air conditioning as it was summer an AC would have been nice. The breakfast was good with one of the best views each morning. Taste their own wine it is very nice quality wine.

"Simply charming"

Six years ago we visited Hawlsmoor House. We were here again and it's still the most gorgeous place one could find. Quaint, rustic, charming, romantic, colonial (the nice bit), beautiful all describe Hawksmoor house nicely. A must do is to enjoy the cheese & meat platter at 7:30pm just in time to watch the sun set over the back of Table Mountain. The resident German pointers (2) are also a delight. Our own English pointers would have loved to have met them (and would have been shamed by how well behaved they were) We were located in the White room which meant we picked up a little of the sporadic wifi connection that centred in the living room. Hawksmoor ought to invest in connectivity a little - after all you just want to share how lucky you are staying at the house. Our room was spacious with large ensuite, walk through wardrobe and a spare (single) bedroom. The fan still delivers ample air flow (in lieu of air conditioning) Hawksmoor makes its own wine including a lovely pinotage which you can enjoy via the amply stocked honesty bar So what's new since we were last here. Well very little has changed regarding the house and grounds that we could see. The owners/managers were a little standoffish compared to last time (the staff were still wonderful) The biggest change was Uber !! And wow this certainly transforms the way in which you could customise a wine tour or visit a restaurant/wine bar (or two). Just google where you want to go and then press the uber app. 3-15 minutes later your car awaits to take you to the next awesome wine estate ! Looking forward to our next visit to Hawksmoor House

"Like staying in a farm in the early 1900"

It's a beautiful farm, with nice Cape Dutch architecture. The hosts and staff are also very warm and welcoming. Inside, the decor is rustic for the most part. However, the pictures on the website make this property much more luxurious than reality. Keep in mind that this is a farm. At the time of our stay, the Cape region was having a drought. The borehole at this farm was not at its fullest, as explained by the management. Tap water in our room was between slow or dripping. The colour of the water was constantly brown and smelt a bit like rust, but we were told by management that it was safe for use. Plentiful bottled water was provided for drinking and brushing teeth. There is no air-conditioning in our room. A fan was provided, even though it wasn't hot indoor at any point during our stay. Furniture ranges from very old, rustic, to modern. Friend's room had a mosquito infestation one night. The host took care of that with a mosquito coil, but it's still not a fun thing to be covered by mosquito bites for days after. Apparently this happens every so often because of the room location. You never know when, so good luck. I can imagine that some people, like those who love camping, would find staying this property a wonderful experience. But for those who are expecting a luxury hotel, this certainly is not it.

"For people who love a nurtured rusticity"

Our group of 19 were most of the guests in this charming place, and the owner/manager had her hands full with us. We ended up seeing most of the rooms in the place. You will notice that opinion on TA is divided. I believe there are two reasons why: 1. Some people love, and others don't care, for its rustic, faded-glory look. Some people want the swank of a big five-star city hotel and just don't get the fiddly antiques and well-water; the library with books; the honesty bar, all the elements of what makes the place comfortable and charming to others. 2. Generally people don't take up 12+ rooms at the same time, and don't realise how different they are. There are phenomenal rooms--big, airy, charming. There are also rooms next to swampy ground in other buildings. One of the guests woke up with the whole swamp's colony of mosquitoes in his room; when he woke up to swat them, he also found a frog on the floor. It was a charming little one, eating as many mosquitoes as the poor dear could, but the mosquitoes were equally busy eating my friend. It's the circle of life after all, and Hawksmoor House clearly accomplishes being back-to-nature in some of its rooms. Another friend felt he could hear mice in the ceiling. He never saw one, or a dropping, but he's a light sleeper and felt the mice kept him up at night. I heard (in his room) what he'd heard, but thought it was the wind--it would not have kept me up. There are comments about the lack of privacy at breakfast because of the communal nature of the tables, one outside, one in. These comments come from a lack of understanding about the communal tables. They allow one to both sit apart from other guests (rarely are there so many that one has to squeeze in), but also to sit closer and attempt to socialise--the same in the library. If you're from Canada and you get your breakfast and sit down at one of these tables, and some Aussies sit close to you and engage you in conversation for a few minutes, this is not the worst thing that ever happened--it's what some people come to these kinds of places for. As long as the Aussies don't get too wild with the Marmite, of course. :) Same with the wifi. There's a good reason for wifi in the main house and not in the room: come to the main house and sit with others on your computer, and then occasionally you can talk to others, but don't have to. Amazing experiences come from meeting others while you travel. Um, I have pictures of table mountain taken from the back porch of Hawksmoor. We were able to see it every one of the 3 evenings when we were there. You won't see it when it's cloudy or in the dark of the night. One of our 3 mornings, there was only a trickle of brown water from the shower. Not enough for a shower, so I let it drip into the bath and washed that way. This may have been unacceptable to some people. No one in our group of 19 complained about that. The other 2 mornings, and rest of the time, the water pressure was OK but not great. THe water to wash in always had a tinge of brown. No one stayed brown as a result (except the two Indian guys in our group but they'd come that way.) When complaints did arise, the owners/managers dealt with them promptly and effectively, but one has to wonder whether the mosquitoes only arrived in that room for the first time, or whether some preventive actuion could have been taken. Also, the drinking water was brought in glass and plastic bottles. The plastic ones were thrown out. Guests who like rusticity like glass. Using plastic makes some people think you don't really care about the environment, and it creates brand dissonance. When so much of the value you provide is brand, you can't afford that. One night, they made dinner for the 19 of us at the communal table. It was a nice farm dinner, nicely served, and delicious, if a bit unsophisticated. One day I left all my dirty clothes in the bathtub. There's no info re laundry in the room, and I did not ask. I figured the worst that could happen is either they could wash and charge, or they could not wash. But instead, they washed, folded, left them on the bed, and did not charge. There's a lot to like at Hawksmoor House! Yet this is not a five-star experience. If you buy into the owners' philosophy --of rustic charm and the big-city sacrifices that have to be made to accomplish it--then you will be forgiving of the small blemishes and think it's a four. If you think you are getting a luxury resort like Majeka house with pools and lots of comfort, then you will be disappointed big time and think it's a 1 or 2 star. The cheapest thing the owners could do to avoid bad reviews would be a more concerted management of expectations by potential guests--more truthful promotion, basically, to turn some of the things that people find wanting, into attractions. Stop with the plastic water bottles. And of course, if they can fix the washing water, even the rusticity lovers will appreciate that.

"In need of a lot of TLC."

Hawksmoor Manor is a beautiful old cape dutch style manor with gardens and adjoining buildings. It has been furnished with antiques, well made curtains and marble flooring in the bathrooms. A lot of thought and effort has created elegant rooms. Some years have passed since the renovation and Hawksmoor has not been kept to the standards it once had. In the self catering unit the toilet did not flush properly. The kitchen did not have plates or glasses exept for champagne glasses. The lining of the curtains in the kitchen area had holes from mice and staines from mildue. There where stains on the sofa cover. The shower and owen needed a good clean. In the luxury room at the farmers wing the water from the shower floated out to the enterance and there was drain odor on the patio. I would not recomend a visit to Hawksmoor. It is a shame because if the place had been well keept well it would be wounderful.

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