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Wildman Wilderness Lodge

Kleinschalige lodge te midden van de Mary River Wetlands.

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  • Habitat
  • Safari Tent
Habitat Safari Tent


Safari Tent

Over Wildman Wilderness Lodge

In April 2011 heeft deze tropische lodge haar deuren geopend. Deze kleinschalige lodge ligt temidden van de Mary River Wetlands. Hier wordt u getrakteerd op een echte 'wetlands'- ervaring. Ga zoutwaterkrokodillen ('salties') spotten tijdens een boottocht over de Mary River of maak excursies naar het prachtige Kakadu National Park. Hier ervaart u de tropische omgeving van Top End als geen ander. Aan het einde van de middag geniet u van een heerlijke maaltijd onder het genot van een Australisch wijntje. Zó hoort vakantie te zijn!

Wildman Wilderness Lodge
Kakadu National Park
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Safari Tent
: Luxe 50m2 tent met fan, en suite badkamer.

Habitat Cottage
Kamers zijn voorzien van airco en compleet ingerichte badkamer.


Temidden van de Mary River Wetlands, halverwege tussen Darwin en Kakadu National Park.

Aantal kamers



• Restaurant
• Bar
• Zwembad
• Businesscentrum

Kakadu wordt in de volksmond ook wel 'Kaka Do' genoemd. Dit geeft al aan dat dit nationale park eigenlijk niet mag ontbreken op een reis door het Northern Territory van Australië.

Kakadu National Park is even groot als Denemarken of Ierland en is het grootste National Park van Australië.

"Fabulous wilderness experience"

My wife and I stayed at this lodge for 3 nights as part of a tour which included Adelaide and the Ghan. We chose to stay in the safari tents and shared our first night with a tree frog in the tent. My wife was a little perturbed by the myriads of insects around the tent and also within, but we only got 1 mosquito bite between us. The safari tent was very comfortable with plenty of space. We enjoyed the noises at night made by the tree frogs and had no difficulty sleeping. During our stay one afternoon was oppressively hot in the tent, but the bar in the lodge has air conditioning. The food on offer in the restaurant was excellent and we enjoyed tucking into our evening meals after a hard day enjoying ourselves in the bush. We went on a day trip to Kakadu, a morning billabong boat ride and a sunset trip on the Mary River flood plain. We saw a lot of wildlife and our guides were very informative. The staff were always very friendly and very helpful. This was one of the highlights of our tour round Australia and I thoroughly recommend that anyone who has an interest in wildlife should go there.

""The experience that you will never get again""

At this lodge you get so many things that you can't do at home. For example, you get to go on tours watching nature and amazing animals (CROCS! WALLABIES!) The restaurant is amazing at the hotel. They serve you delicious food that you (probably) can't make. ^ - ^ Yes, it is that amazing. My favorite is the steak sandwich. (Must eat) The staffs are very kind too. They help you anytime. They make your day at Australia so fun. They smile all the time and make you want to smile yourself. The room is very nice too. You see wild nature right in front of you. It is amazing. You get a nice breeze outside. And the wallabies are jumping outide and looking at you. They are really cute. And at night you can see the moon and the stars from your room and it is beautiful. The guide is also amazing. I will promise you that you will learn something after the tour. They are very kind and very helpful in various ways. I recommend you to come here.

"Very Good - with some qualifying remarks"

You are probably wondering how a place can be just very good, it's because WWL is between good and very good. It could be superb, and there are good reasons why you should choose to stay but a few things that are questionable and lets WWL down. We stayed in the habitat lodges - which seem to be newer than the glamping tents - and of course you should expect to pay extra. They are only suitable for 2. They are modern and very open, and when I mean very open, I mean if you like your privacy you may not like the floor to ceiling glass design or full length window in the shower. See my pix. This wasn't a huge issue for us, except when an elderly couple who drove in to take a look at the resort decided to walk around the habitat lodges, including the woman who walked around on our balcony to look inside - and quickly took off when she realised it was occupied, ran away, jumped into her 4WD ute with partner and drove off. I also mention this because you can only lock your habitat lodge if you are inside, meaning that if you are out - anybody can gain access to your room (ie. snoopers). This situation probably occurred because our lodge was the closest to the main resort dining room/bar/pool area. This lodge (no. 10) is also wheelchair/mobility friendly but is the only lodge that is (one of the glamping tents is also wheelchair friendly). This meant that our walk to the restaurant was approx. 50 metres. If you were in no. 1 your walk would be more like 250-300 m and uncovered so if it was raining, quite a dash. The lodge itself is luxury standard - but why have a mini bar fridge that is empty, when consuming your own alcohol on site is banned? (Or perhaps my points above about being unable to lock your room has something to do with it?) The evening meal - part of our package - was very good. We recommend you try the buffalo/crocodile/kangaroo tasting plate and the champagne sorbet dessert was perfect end to a 3 course meal. Drinks are extra, wine was about $12 glass, generally what you would expect to pay at a remote luxury resort, and they were decent wines too. Breakfast was a bit of a come down after the experience of the dinner. And the set for the hot food was clumsy with not enough room to take the lids off the bain-marie. Cappuccinos are extra. We would also recommend the morning home billabong tour. It is only a small billabong - when compared to Corroboree or Yellow River, but has its own attractions - it was the only place we saw very small freshwater crocodiles - about 30 cms, and 1 year old according to our guide. The sunset tour to Leichhardt Heads is also recommended - champagne/beer/cheese platter was very civilised! WWL is remote, quiet and more suitable for adults. However, a couple of things where they could improve - when we checked in and checked out, no one asked if we needed any help with our bags. We look able bodied, and probably have declined the help, but when you pay a premium, you expect these sort of things. The other thing was the disclaimer we had to sign at check in (??!!). Whereby we agreed we would not, "walk outside during thunder storms", "consume our own alcohol", "acknowledged that we were in a wilderness area with lots of dangerous creatures around us" - I have never before been asked to sign such a disclaimer to stay in a hotel. Maybe they have had some problems in the place, could it be a requirement of their insurance cover?.. I don't know. It just reeked of all care but no responsibility - and creates a vibe where, unlike some the best resorts we have stayed in, you really don't feel like you are at home.

"A bit of Luxury for the non camper"

I don't camp ! I Loved the Wildman Wilderness Lodge. Over the years I have stayed in a variety of accommodation places in and around Kakadu. Some have been bad and others have been really bad. I stayed in 2 Habitat rooms with Air Conditioning - way too hot in Late September to go without ( 36degrees c). The rooms were very clean and tidy with a to-die-for shower. I did not go to Wildman for peace and quiet, so I was not bothered by the helicopters landing and taking off, and my children enjoyed watching the light aircraft on the runway.If you are expected to peace, go elsewhere. The early morning billabong cruise was a big plus. The cruise on the billabong got us up close to the stunning beauty of the Mary River flood plains. Again, I have done other Kakadu water cruises, but this was small, personal, quiet and throughly enjoyable. The food was EXCELLENT. The menu kept my children happy, my husband happy and I am a Coeliac, so the Gluten Free options were perfect. The Chef deserves praise. Most of the staff were not locals, but were friendly and helpful.

"Fantastic place"

We stayed in the camping room and they were amazing, it was 5star with a tent 👍👍 there was a shower and and a veranda. Rooms were very comfortable and clean. Breakfast and dinner was included and well worth it. Will be back one day

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