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Breng een bezoek aan de Yhi Spa voor een heerlijk relax-momentje voor uzelf.

Meliá Buenavista

In dit stijlvolle all inclusive resort geniet u van een geweldige service. Doordat het resort op de punt van Cayo Santa Maria ligt, heeft u de beschikking over meerdere heerlijke stranden.

Vanaf € 152,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info


Over Meliá Buenavista

Het hotel is omringd door stranden, maar heeft ook twee heerlijke zwembaden. Verder biedt het resort drie restaurants en drie bars; tevens zijn er watersportactiviteiten, zoals surfen, kajakken, snorkelen en duiken. Alle "The Level" Junior Suites zijn inclusief butler service, andere attenties en exclusieve diensten zodat u kunt genieten van alle luxe. Een absolute aanrader voor een romantische reis! 


  • all inclusive
  • romantiek
  • adults only
  • beachfront

Insiders tip

Breng een bezoek aan de Yhi Spa voor een heerlijk relax-momentje voor uzelf.

Meliá Buenavista
v.a. € 152 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Junior Suite The Level
airconditioning, ventilator, telefoon, kingsize bed, TV, kluisje, koffiezetapparaat, strijkfaciliteiten, badkamer met bad met hydromassage en een buitendouche.

Junior Suite The Level Oceanview
: zelfde als Junior Suite, maar met zeezicht

All Inclusive

Geselecteerde alcoholische en non-alcoholische drankjes, alle maaltijden, 24-uurs roomservice, snacks, gebruik van de niet-gemotoriseerde watersportfaciliteiten en deelname aan de georganiseerde (sport)activiteiten.


Gelegen in Punta Madruguilla, ten westen van Cayo Santa Maria. Bereikbaar vanuit het vasteland via een speciale verbindingsweg naar de eilanden van de Cayos.

Aantal kamers



  • 3 restaurants
  • 3 bars
  • 2 zwembaden
  • Fitnessruimte
  • Spa
  • Schoonheidssalon
  • Internetfaciliteiten
  • Verlichte tennisbaan


  • Pilates en Yoga
  • Tennis
  • Zeilen vanaf Meliá Cayo Santa Maria op ca. 4km
  • Duiken en vissen vanaf Marina Cayo Las Brujas

Wilt u uw vakantie in Cuba afsluiten met een strandvakantie in een exclusieve en wonderschone omgeving? Kies dan voor een vakantie op één van de Cayos: Cayo Ensenachos, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Largo of Cayo Coco.
De Cayos zijn wit met groen omsierde eilandjes en liggen als wilde parels in een blauwe zee. Het strand is spierwit en het water mooi helder.
Wilt écht iets bijzonders en iets unieks tijdens uw vakantie op Cuba? Kies dan voor een van deze eilandjes en laat u verwennen.

"Only Place for us in Cuba"

3rd Time to paradise and all we can say It never disappoints! Our review will be to thank all the hard working wonderful staff from front desk to our maid. A few really stand out for us that we would like to mention. Pedros who takes you to your beach chair, what a wonderful man. Andres his first week at the mbv and his service was awesome! Alexander the el major chef who would make our special lunches! Laily she will be truly missed, this young lady has so much to offer the mbv. Armando who was not our butler. However we need to say this man with his heart of gold could be utilized more within this company. He see's where things need to be done and he takes charge and helps out where needed! All staff we thank you for our wonderful stay! Do not hesitate booking the MBV. Relaxation, awesome service and smiles await you!

"Nice place but..."

Just came back from this beautiful resort 2 days ago and in all it was a nice trip the resort itself is very nice and the location is great with 3 beaches and excellent snorkling.Rooms are clean and very nice bathroom and exterior showers are also very nice, a nice place to rest and escape. The staff is just great and the service they offer is above and behond the butler we had was amazing (Armando)and also Pedroso he did everything to accomadate us. Barman Lester is second to none a real genteman and someone worth knowing. Alexander at the coffee bar is excellent and makes great coffee as well as Miguel who offers you a refill with a smile on great capuccino. The food is well Cuba food so breakfast is ok except for the coffee which is just amazing. lunch you best go at main pool and enjoy the pizza and maybe tip those guys because they work under very harsh conditions with a wood burning oven under 34 degrees so think of them. at night i really enjoyed the lobster and the great service provided by Alien who is just a really nice guy expecting his first baby. the down sides are the 2 hour trip to get to the hotel it is brutal! bread and pastries are terrible i mean stale bread every morning to have breakfast and also for some reason no dessert card at the restaurants they offer you flan or ice cream that are overly sweet and no real cuban flavor like mango ice cream or coconut or Guanabana it would nice to invest in a pastry chef and really bring the resort meal to 5 stars standard if they want to go that diresctions. Its a nice place but not a real 5 stars they are missing on some details. Last this message is for management who could learn from the kindness from their staff and workers it's always a good idea to say hello to your guess and for the front desk who makes you feel like you are always disturbing and they just want to get rid of you as fast as possible you always feel like you're disturbing them. Nice place great people perfect place to relax and escape.

"Great People"

We recently returned from our second stay at the Melia Buenavista in two years. The place was just as we remembered it: clean, well-appointed, sunny, and pleasant. This is our third such sun vacation in Cuba over the past thirteen years, so it is not something we do with great frequency or variation (we've seen two properties in this time). Still, we offer these reflections in case our fellow travellers might find them useful and, because we know Melia Buenavista managers regularly - and wisely - review visitor feedback. We have a few thoughts for them here as well. To begin, this resort is an excellent place to unwind, and it seems to have been designed for this purpose above all. It is relatively small and quiet, with several different nooks and niches for visitors to recline and relax in: notably two pool areas and three distinct beach environments. There is also a small but attractive spa with dry and steam saunas, a Jacuzzi, gym, with a variety of services available. If you are looking for the nightlife and a party scene, good for you, but you won't find it here. The entertainment program, which includes frequent live music, is great, but things tend to wind down early here, which is just fine. In sum, this is a great place to do some reading, lay in the sun, perhaps take a splash and do a little snorkeling, or hang out with friends and/or family. Spend that quality time with a loved one; get away from it all. That's it. Simple. The Melia Buenavista is a relatively new resort, and it is in general very well maintained. One gets the impression that this isn't always an easy thing to do in Cuba given the challenges imposed by geography and economics, but, speaking personally, seeing how the Cubans create beauty from the most basic ingredients is one of the charms and delights of the place. The whole property is clean and well cared for, and we noticed a distinct improvement in the grounds since our previous visit as the gardens have matured, filled in, and been augmented. All of this takes effort and it contributes in no small way to a sense of serenity, particularly in the late afternoon when the breeze stills, the light softens, and your attention turns to supper. Speaking of which, to the extent that visitors are critical of their stay at the Melia Buenavista, it usually relates to the food. And while Gordon Ramsay and his kind bear some responsibility for encouraging the hoards of fork-wielding aficionados, it is nonetheless true that all is not as it could or should be at the Melia Buenavista's restaurants. There are three restaurants, each of which is a potential supper destination, and one of which is fitted-out for breakfast. We can't say much about the latter, as we generally ordered breakfast in our room, which always worked perfectly well (thanks, Alexander!). Next to the pool bar, the celebrated pizza oven is operated by its frenetic and good-humoured attendants, who work like devils at the lunch hour but never seem to mind. The oven's output makes you wish you were born with a second stomach, while the charcoal grill off to the side offers hamburgers, hotdogs, and the like as well. I'm not sure if all the bars have them, but at least the playa bar is kitted out with a panini grill and can churn out a very respectable ham and cheese. All of this is worth checking out, but the restaurants can be a little inconsistent and in some respects poorly organized. The wine menus, for instance, give little indication of what you might expect beyond red or white, and the wait staff, in our experience, generally do not appear to have been trained in this regard. We ordered a random bottle of red from the red section of the wine list one night for supper and were promptly delivered a bottle of port (I felt for a moment like Jack Aubrey). This sort of thing would be very easy to fix if anyone wished to take the time. The food in the formal restaurants can range from delicious, to good, to very middling and somewhat bland. It can be really hit-or-miss, and we have yet to determine why this should be the case. In one of the restaurants where we ate last time around, the somewhat limited menu did not seem to change for the better part of a week. In fairness to the chefs, there may be serious challenges associated with provisioning a relatively remote property with a sufficient variety of high-quality ingredients. We know something of this reality from friends in the hospitality industry in rural Nova Scotia, but passionate and enterprising chefs and owners are increasingly finding innovative ways to source (or even grow) some of the ingredients that have proved difficult to access through traditional channels. It would be interesting to learn more about the supply chains leading to these kitchens, but I can't shake the suspicion (perhaps reinforced by the opaque wine list) that the owners feel no particularly sharp pressure to mend their ways, possibly because their otherwise very satisfied guests seem content with the status quo. If so, fair enough, but this is a missed opportunity (hence 4/5 stars in our review). Which brings us to the final point: the staff. You sometimes hear it said or implied that resorts offer a poor or debased form of access to a country's people and culture, or that - every circle of friends has one of these pseudo-anthropologists - "the best way to truly experience the culture" is by yodelling from the mountaintops, participating in a chicken drive, or pursuing some other supposedly authentic and untainted pursuit. No doubt, resorts are in many ways highly artificial environments, and they should by no means be exempted from scrutiny and critique at a variety of levels, but the people who work here work hard and, by all accounts, with considerable pride and care. They are in fact real people, and it is no exaggeration to say they are the real treasure that makes the Melia Buenavista sparkle. A short conversation with a fellow guest during the last day or so of our trip helped to clarify my feelings on this subject. "What I notice," she said, "is the dignified way the staff treat one another." And yes, that is a big part of it, and it is actually very telling. It is one thing to be friendly and attentive to the guest who is paying to be there - something the staff here do without a hint of obsequiousness, and with an ease born of a culture that values sociability - but it is both more instructive and somehow a source of comfort and reassurance to see the same courtesy extended to all. The quality of these unguarded moments have their own air of authenticity, and superficial though they may seem, one detects beneath them a deep well of decency. So, go on down and unwind. Belly up to the playa bar and ask Andrès, the excellent new guy, for a grilled cheese. Consult capable veterans Lester and Orestes about a cocktail. So what if it's still the morning - you're on vacation. Laily is graduating soon, so she may not still be around, but the managers would be wise to keep her if they can. She's a star. At midday, go see Pedro about that pizza you've heard so much about. The sun brings out the flavour. Don't feel guilty. Navy will help you work it off with an exercise session at the pool. That's what all the splashing is about over there. While you're there, please give Nierlys our best. Tell Armando thanks for the flowers, and we hope to see him next year.

"Holiday of the year"

Fantastic resort from great people who want to serve you well whilst you holiday and relax Great beach and pool bars, thanks to Lester and Andreas Fantastic butler service from Pedroso and wonderful a la cart service from Oliander Superb holiday

"A Real Gem"

As frequent travelers to, and reviewers of, the Melia Buenavista, we will attempt not to repeat what other reviewers of the hotel have commented on. What we feel we should note in this review is the fact that since last October, there are clear improvements in what the MBV offers clients. The most noticeable upgrade in our opinion, has been in the hotels food offerings. The quality of the food and an increased variety of such, only enhances the client experience. From speaking with management, it is clear that this movement to improve the dining will continue. A new foreign (Argentina) executive chef arrived while we were at the MBV: within days, his impact was noticeable. It would be wrong to believe however, that a new foreign chef alone will make the difference: our experience has always been that the Cuban chefs are quite capable of providing outstanding meals … the question is: will they have the quality of food necessary to do so. (the concept of procurement in Cuba is a story in itself … but it is part of daily life in Cuba.) Clearly, they do now … and it showed in the wonderful meals we enjoyed.) We were surprised and pleased to see that the liquor options in the bars had returned to the way they were when we first visited the MBV three and a half years ago. A greater variety of “top shelf” liquors were on offer. Considering that one of the goals of the MBV is to be “the best” in Cuba, the availability of such liquor will certainly impress visitors who are looking for “the best” Cuba has to offer. One thing we have always valued about the MBV is that for a variety of reasons, it attracts people from all over the world. Its small size encourages the development of new friendships. This trip we met truly wonderful people from Switzerland, France, Argentina, England, Germany and more. The opportunity to meet and talk with people of varied and different cultures is invaluable: regardless of ones nationality, religion, culture, status or colour, we quickly realize that we have our humanity in common … a quality which binds us together no matter where we are from. I cannot write a review of the MBV without mentioning what is probably the most critical factor which has brought us to the hotel 24 weeks in the past three and a half years: the service of the employees and management. The service we have consistently received, even though there have been many changes in staffing over the months, has been outstanding. Clearly, management and staff work together to try to ensure that visitors needs are met. Even when challenged by what most might perceive to be obnoxious clients, staff maintain their professionalism and courteously attempt to resolve the clients issues. The service at the MBV is, in our opinion, the best we have received in our extensive travels. It does make the hotel into a 5 star property. The MBV is not for everyone … no resort could ever meet the needs of everyone. For those who “get” what the MBV is about, it becomes their “segunda casa.” For us, it is also a place which has “capturado nuestros corazones.”

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