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Melía Jardines del Rey

Ontworpen in de stijl van een suikerrietplantage ligt dit all inclusive resort aan het mooie witte strand van Playa Flamenco op Cayo Coco.
Vanaf € 86,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info


Over Melía Jardines del Rey

Tenzing Travel Best Deal


De uitgestrekte zwembaden bieden de gasten heerlijke plekjes om te ontspannen met een koel drankje in de hand. De kamers zijn licht en ruim, allen met een balkon of terras en voorzien van alle gemakken. Voor kinderen worden vele activiteiten georganiseerd bij de baby- en miniclub. Maar ook voor de volwassenen zijn er sportieve mogelijkheden; de niet-gemotoriseerde sporten zijn inclusief, zoals snorkelen en kajakvaren. Er zijn tennisbanen en een fitnessruimte. En na het sporten of zonnebaden kunt u voor de maaltijden een keuze maken uit negen restaurants met à la carte, snacks of buffet opties. Misschien wilt u nog een lekker ijsje als dessert of een zoetige traktatie gedurende de dag? Dat kan bij de "Sweet Corner".


  • all inclusive
  • kindvriendelijk
  • beachfront
Melía Jardines del Rey
v.a. € 86 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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All Inclusive

Geselecteerde alcoholische en non-alcoholische drankjes, alle maaltijden, snacks, gebruik van de niet-gemotoriseerde watersportfaciliteiten en deelname aan de georganiseerde (sport)activiteiten.


Aan het strand van Playa Flamenco op Cayo Coco.

Aantal kamers



  • 9 Restaurants
  • 6 Bars
  • Theater
  • 3 Zwembaden
  • Kinderbad
  • Zonneterras met ligbedden en parasols
  • Geldwisselbalie
  • Autoverhuur
  • Fitnessruimte
  • Laundry-service
  • Parkeergelegenheid 


  • Watersportmogelijkheden (niet-gemotoriseerd)
  • Sporten als beach volleybal, tafeltennis, Jeux de boules,
  • Duiken
  • Baby Club en Mini Club
  • 2 Tennisbanen
  • Uitgebreid entertainment & activiteiten programma

Wilt u uw vakantie in Cuba afsluiten met een strandvakantie in een exclusieve en wonderschone omgeving? Kies dan voor een vakantie op één van de Cayos: Cayo Ensenachos, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Largo of Cayo Coco.
De Cayos zijn wit met groen omsierde eilandjes en liggen als wilde parels in een blauwe zee. Het strand is spierwit en het water mooi helder.
Wilt écht iets bijzonders en iets unieks tijdens uw vakantie op Cuba? Kies dan voor een van deze eilandjes en laat u verwennen.

"Great beach but the hotel is very undermanaged"

We stayed here for 2 weeks with my girlfriend. We have mixed feelings regarding the resort. Pros -The beach is the best and cleanest comparing to all the other resorts next to Melia, with a lot of shade! -The all inclusive bar offerings are the best I have ever seen -The buffet has always something decent to eat -Bar and waiting staff were amazing -Great atmosphere and versatility in entertainment Cons -We had to ask for basic things constantly. After the rooms were cleaned which wasn't done properly until we gave the chambermaid a tip. (I always do this on the end of our stay but here they expect it during, almost on a daily basis...) -We were constantly left without towels and toilet paper which we had to go and beg staff for on a daily basis with not much success. -Lack of care from reception and customer service (Some lovely guest in a room above us chucked out their balcony a bin full of used dipers which landed almost next to our ground floor terrace which was there for 2 days even though I called reception multiple times, talked to customer service showed them the picture of the issue. The answer was I will report it and no one ever showed any interest in removing them!) It is a bit of a disappointment to have no care for a serious issue like this! -The door cards are a nightmare as we had to get them swapped and re-programed on a daily basis causing a 10 minute walk back and forth to reception,even though we made sure that the cards are no where near a mobile phone as they can mess with the magnets in them. -The pools were so dirty that I didn't even go for one swim in them -Their a la carte restaurants are a joke and best to be avoided the only exception is the seafood one which was "ok" we rather ate in the buffet as food and offering was much better. Overall we had a good time as we tried not to get wound up by the issues you have to put up with on a daily basis.

"Disappointing Holiday"

We arranged to stay at the resort with 2 other couples travel agent said it was a excellent resort. Should have known from the start our stay was arranged through Airtransat they botched the trip from the begining with delayed flight and loss of a day in travel originally suppose to leave from Hamilton and having to be bused to Toronto for departure. Upon arrival at Melia our trave package said that we would be greeted with a cold drink and wash towel we were told to go to a building which was set up with chairs no one was there to offer us a drink or towel and no one seemed to have our information ready regarding our rooms and wrist bands. Finally received info and pointed in the direction of our building. We got to the room everything seemed ok Went to dinner at the buffet and was disappointed at the selection and the fact that much of the food was not hot. We headed out afterwards my wife went to the main washroom and was please to see how clean they were and how well the attendants looked after them. Went to the bar and asked for a Canadian Rye and coke at which the bartender responded that they do not have rye whisky just stotch. I was a little disappointed since we purchased the package upgrade which included premium liquor we settled into our room for the first night would like to have another pillow contacted guest services next day and requested 2 more pillows fes sir not a problem. went to pick up beach towels and were told to come back the next day they were all out. did this for 2 more days finally went to the towel depot at just after lunch and got 2 2 night we had arranged dinner at the Seafood Resturant I had the lobster tail it was burnt and could have used a crowbar to get it out of the shell it was like rubber tough and tasteless we are Canadian and used to having lobster everyone knows that you don't over cook lobster the staff needs to be trained as how not the cook lobster. Portions were also small still hungry after dinner. My nephew had the salmon and it to was over cooked and dry. The Beach was wonderful and the weather great My wife was not interested in seafood so I though i would pick her us something at the snack bar at which time I was told that plates were not allowed to go back to the rooms the bar attendent transfer the sandwich and fries to a flimsy plastic plate and I was not allow to take a knife and fork and they had no plastic ones. Breakfast was ok egg station made good omlets and sunny side up eggs as you liked hash browns of and bacon. Lunch at the beach not bad better than main buffet everything was hot Ran into some other Canadians and they told me about the other snack bar which had awsome chicken wings and fries best meal there. The next evening we had reservations at the Italian resturant we went over the menu and my wife noticed gnocchi on the menu we order is when the server brought our dinner we didn't get gnocchi but small pasta shells in tomato sauce. During that dinner my wife went to use the bathroom of which she had to exit our resturant and enter another to get access to the door which let to washrooms outside my wife ws discussed with how dirty they were and that they had over an inch of water on the floor. I went to the mens room to find much the same conditions. We went to the main lounge for after dinner coffee I was disappointed that as far as evening entertainment consisted of little children running around the main stage and a young women dancing with them were was the floor shows promoted in the travel book. The next day my wife became ill and was be riddin until our departure on Mar 3 I don't know if it was the food but for some strange reason I suspect the cleanliness of the washrooms from the evennig before. I stayed close to the room checking on my wife she used all the pills we were advised to bring in case we caught something. The day of our departure I called and extended our room checkout for 2 extra hours since my wife was so ill. I called for the shuttle to pick us up since my wife could not walk far. The shuttle driver noticed how ill she was and advised us to go see the doctor. The Doctor was great looked after my wife right away she was taken in and hooked up to intervenus 2 bags over an hour since she was dehyratedand an injection to help with the vommitting. everything had a charge to it telephone internet and one very disappointing thing was that with my wife being sick and not being able to go to the dinning room I was not allowed to take food back to the room not even Hot water for a cut of tea. I would not reccomend this resort they seem to be to busy to really take time to look after their guests from the pillows we did not receive I had to ask the maid to the disregard regarding food for a sick guest and most of all the filthy washroom conditions at the resturants. I feel that after taking to other Canadains that stayed at Sol Cayo Coco we would have been better of there what was to be a great vaction end up being the vacation from hell. Out of six guest i feel that none of us would stay with you again

"Very nice resort"

Very clean and nice rooms. Probably the best shower in any hotel or resort we have ever stayed at - even Canada, US, Mexico and Caribbean. Always hot and lots of pressure. Staff was wonderful. Drinks served on the beach. Beach was BREATHTAKING. Absolutely gorgeous. Only downside, I've had better food, but was by far not the worst I've had in my travels. And if you're a snacker, bring your own. There isn't much to be found. Otherwise, definitely worth the it.

"Enjoyed Our Stay"

Staying in building 26, we had a very relaxing and enjoyable time. Overall we were very pleased with our room, amenities, and service. Although we were to have our mini bar restocked daily, it happened about 3-4 days out of the 7 we were there. We found the resort to be clean, the service above average, and the nightly entertainment exceptional. We didn't have any issues regarding the beach towels, except for the day we wanted to return them, it was 5 pm and he directed us to take them back to the front desk. Three complaints; 1. The replenishment of the food in the buffets was lacking. The food was constantly depleted and very, very slow to be replenished. 2. The buffet at the beach was very sub par, as it was understaffed and could not accommodate the amount of guests. 3. The two BBQ's on the beach were not used to their potential. Only having one going at a time and an enormous line up. At one time the BBQ had a line up but there wasn't anymore food being cooked. Once the food was gone he left. Didn't give me a great impression and in my opinion that is definitely an area that requires improvement.

"An amazing resort! My family will be back. The beach, food, entertainment and staff were fantastic"

My family and I stayed at the Melia Jardines Del Ray in Caya Coco, Cuba from the 8th to the 19th of March 2017. It was our first time vacationing in Cuba and from some of the reviews we read online I must admit we were at first, apprehensive. I was wrong. There have been about 50 years of economic sanctions on this tiny island which have burden the ordinary people tremendously but at the same time, have made Cubans very resilient, resourceful and proud in every aspect of their lives. This overall positive, happy attitude is woven into the very fabric of their culture. It is something I admire and respect greatly. There are 2 Cuban currencies. The Convertible Cuban Peso (CUC, which tourists use) and the Cuban Peso (which only Cubans can use). When a waiter/waitress earns say for example 1 CUC the government will receive a percentage on this CUC when it’s exchanged into Cuban Peso’s. I’ve broken down my comments, thoughts and observations into 7 main categories:- 1) Staff 2) Food 3) Lobby/Checking in and out 4) Entertainment 5) Rooms 6) Grounds/facilities 7) Suggestions for improvement and things to bring 1) Staff I can’t give enough praise to the staff members at this resort. If you take the time to speak to them and get to know them, even on a superficial level, you will find out that they work for approximately12 hours daily at a stretch. They deal with a variety of different and sometimes difficult people with different expectations, languages and cultures. For all intent and purposes the staff work for nothing and rely solely on tips. I suggest asking anyone of these fine people how much they get paid. You will be shocked at just how meagre their salaries are. To top it all they do not insist on tips and will serve you exactly the same way whether you tip them or not. The standard of service of all the staff was very good in my opinion however there were staff members who definitely stood out from the rest for their work ethic, approachability, friendliness, people skills and always being there when things got busy. The staff are mentioned in no particular order and these people made our stay very memorable. THEY are the reason we will be returning to this resort. They are:- - Bombino (from entertainment) - Livi (from entertainment) - Chino (beach entertainment) - Yeni (main buffet) - Pollo (main buffet) - Nisbel (main buffet) - Yendry (from entertainment) - Oreni (Aqua Restaurant head waiter. This was my favourite restaurant) - Lisandra (Aqua Restaurant) - Ernesto (resort shuttle driver, ride that nice bicycle hard mi amigo) - Dagne (Lobby waitress) - Ersy (Lobby waitress) - Claudio (gardener at the beach area) - Reisei (gardener at the beach area) - Humberto (buffet manager) - Yadira (lobby waitress) - Raul (Spanish coffee maker. Man those coffees were good in the evening) - Geidy (lobby waitress) - Brandy (main lobby barman) If you go to this resort I urge you to take the extra time to speak to the staff, find out where they come from and show some interest in their lives. They are really wanting to serve you well if given the chance to do so. The above mentioned people made our stay in this resort so, so, so much better and more fulfilling. Thank you. 2) Food Before we attended this resort I read some bad stories about the food. We attended during the Canadian March break and there were approximately 1600 – 1800 (possibly more) on the resort at the time. We found the food was well prepared and varied enough to suit most fussy palates. Yes there was ketch up and mustard. We chose the Aqua, French, Italian and Japanese restaurants. The Aqua was my favourite because I like seafood. The French restaurant was also very good. Book your restaurants when you get there! I found the burgers that were BBQ’ed on the beach were delicious as well. If you are wanting to eat off the resort make enquiries about a 5 star restaurant on the beach approximately 2 kms from the resort. It’s call Lenny’s Bar and Grill. I never went there myself but I heard good reviews from people who did go there. 3) Lobby / Check in and out This resort has probably got the nicest lobby in Cayo Coco. It’s spacious and clean with plenty sitting areas. In the evenings there are at least 4 bars within the lobby area and about 10 to 15 waitresses taking drink orders. The lobby is very festive especially in the evenings. The cappuccino’s and Spanish coffee’s (in the evening) are really good. 4) Entertainment I’ve been to a few all-inclusive resorts and by far, the entertainment I saw here has been the best and most organised. There are various shows that are performed in the lobby and on the entertainment stage. Earlier in the evening the kids get a show as well which they seem to enjoy. All the dance routines and performers have worked really hard to put on some amazing shows. The acrobatic dance routine really stands out. All loud music and entertainment ends at 11:00PM and only the disco will continue after 11PM until about 2AM. There is a solo artist/singer, his name was JAIME He has an amazing voice. WOW is all I can say! We would wait every night just to hear him sing. It was nice to listen to old classic “Western style songs” which I grew up with and also a nice change from the constant drum of Latin inspired music which we heard all day. Please don’t get me wrong, I love Latin/Cuban music it was just nice to have a little bit of a change in the evenings. Jaime if you ever consider going on tour in Canada, please let me know! We went to Pilar Beach which is a 5 CUC round trip. This beach was absolutely amazing and well worth the trip. On our way back we stopped at the 5 Star Melia Caya Coco Guillermo Resort for lunch. The food was very, very good. Make these arrangements with the reception at Melia Jardines Del Rey prior to going there. 5) Rooms Please bear in mind that I don’t attach much importance to a room at an all-inclusive resort. As long as it’s quiet, clean, with a functioning toilet and shower I’m happy. I don’t spend much time in the bedroom while on vacation and so added decorations does not add value to my stay. The rooms were clean and comfortable. If you consider that there is an embargo on Cuba then these rooms are great! The beds were firm/hard and the pillows where kind of flat. Luckily I had bought 2 of my own pillows from home so I was set. The air conditioner, shower and toilet all worked fine. When we arrived toilet needed fixing. We called and within the hour the problem was rectified. The safe is free and easy to use. If you can, prior to arriving, ask for the 2nd or 3rd floor rooms. There are fewer mosquitos or black flies at that level. The fridge was always stocked with beer, soft drinks and water. There is a TV with Spanish, French and American channels. On a side note, I don’t know why anybody would want to stay inside to watch TV though. That is just my personal opinion. 6) Beach, Grounds and Facilities This is a big resort. There are 2 main pool areas. If you are looking/facing the beach the large pool area on your right is the “busy/party” pool. There is a swim up bar and these awesome cabana’s. The cabana’s can be used on a first come first get basis. The large pool on your left is the quieter pool area with cabanas as well. Unless you want the cabanas there are more than enough pool deck chairs and shady areas for everybody. When you arrive you will get tokens for your towels. We never had a problem getting towels and actually bought our own towels based on other reports we had read. We hardly used them. The pool was a clean as it could be considering the amount of people at the resort. There was small amounts of algae in some spots but it never bothered me. In fact the pool water was not heavily chlorinated which I preferred more. The ocean and beach are beautiful. There is a beach bar which gets really busy. There are lots of beach cabanas for shade and chairs for everybody! If you are facing the ocean, a short 20 minute walk to your right brings you to a nice rock out crop. This is a nice snorkeling spot on calm days. The hotel provides fins and masks on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays. They will take you out to this snorkeling spot for free. Whole families would go and it’s not far to walk to (bring your water shoes for the rocks!) I’ve been told there are catamaran excursions which take you out to even better reefs. The ice cream place is an awesome idea and the ice cream was good. 7) Suggestions for improvement and things to bring. To management:- - Fix the public toilets that are clogged! Especially in the lobby and at the pools. - I like privacy when I’m going #2. Why are your toilet stall doors so low? - Spray for mosquitoes and black flies more regularly when most of your clients are asleep. The entertainment stage in the evening was bad for mosquitoes/black flies. Having said that completely I understand that we are in a tropical climate and mosquitos are going to be hard to control. - Please provide your hard working staff with a microphone and loud speakers for announcing activities where ever they may be. I found the check in idea was a very clever and efficient however the poor staff could not call out names loud enough for us all to hear. Microphones and loud speakers are must for these activities. - Why are the main buffet doors from the main lobby closed? - I’m not sure why there is a cover charge for the afterhours disco. - Is it not possible to have complimentary internet service based on the length of stay? - It is possible to have a method of exchanging larger denominations of CUC for tipping? - Name your food dishes accurately in the buffet please. I found this frustrating. - To Hola Sun. I found Eddy, your representative at this resort, to be extremely unhelpful, lazy and rude. If you would like to know more, please contact me (this was my only bad service experience at this resort) Things to consider and things you may want to bring:- - Water shoes - Rope to hang wet bathing suits. - Mask and fins. There is scuba diving at this resort - Hammock. There are trees at the beach ideal for hammocks. I will be bringing one next time. - Large beach chair clips. - Lots of sun screen - Bubba mugs (fewer trips to the bar which can get very busy) - Your own bed pillows. - Ear plugs if you have a room near the lobby and want to go to sleep early. We were in building 25 which is located between the disco and the lobby and I had no issues with the noise levels. Management is very strict with entertainment shut down times. - If you are going to tip staff consider tipping the less obvious staff members, like the gardeners (this is entirely a personal preference and only my personal thoughts) In conclusion, my family and I will be going back to this resort next year. The beach, pools and service were awesome. There are some aspects of this resort (like the staff, food and location) which make this resort a 5 star in my opinion and other aspects which make it a 4 star. The pros of this resort far outweigh the cons.

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