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Het is heerlijk wandelen in het Park Josone; ook zijn er restaurants en terrasjes te vinden. Leuk voor de afwisseling!

Mercure Cuatro Palmas

Een van de beste dingen van het Mercure Cuatro Palmas: de ligging. Aan het fijnkorrelige, witte zandstrand van Varadero, aan de uitnodigende blauwe zee en vlakbij het centrum.

Vanaf € 62,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Mercure Cuatro Palmas
  • Mercure Cuatro Palmas
Mercure Cuatro Palmas Mercure Cuatro Palmas


Mercure Cuatro Palmas
Mercure Cuatro Palmas

Over Mercure Cuatro Palmas

Op zoek naar zon, zee, strand en vertier? Dit logeeradresje mag misschien wat minder luxe zijn, maar de ligging is van topklasse: bij het ‘centrum’ van Varadero. Tussen aanhalingstekens want hiermee wordt een zekere dorpskern aangeduid waar winkeltjes en straattentjes zijn te vinden. Het museum van Varadero, aan zee gelegen, is zeker ook een bezoek waard. Maar een echte aanrader is het nabijgelegen Park Josone, het groene hart van Varadero. Dit hotel samengevat: eenvoudig, All In, goed geprijsd, toplocatie.


  • all inclusive
  • beachfront

Insiders tip

Het is heerlijk wandelen in het Park Josone; ook zijn er restaurants en terrasjes te vinden. Leuk voor de afwisseling!

Mercure Cuatro Palmas
v.a. € 62 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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airco, telefoon, koelkastje, kluisje, badkamer en een  terras of balkon. In en bij het hoofdgebouw, vlakbij het strand.

All Inclusive

Geselecteerde alcoholische en non-alcoholische drankjes, 3 maaltijden per dag in het buffet- of in een van de specialiteitenrestaurants, snacks, gebruik van de niet-gemotoriseerde watersportfaciliteiten en deelname aan de georganiseerde (sport)activiteiten.


Aan het strand, halverwege het schiereiland Varadero; een zone die ook wel wordt aangeduid als het ‘centrum’ van Varadero. Hiermee wordt een zekere dorpskern aangeduid waar winkeltjes en straattentjes zijn te vinden, alsook het Park Josone, het groene hart van Varadero.

Aantal kamers



• 3 Restaurants waarvan 1 buffet- en 2 à la carte restaurants
• 3 Bars
• Zwembad
• Souvenirwinkel


• Fitnessruimte

• Massage

• Sauna

Het schiereiland Varadero is de belangrijkste strandbestemming van Cuba. Het heeft een langgerekt, fijn wit zandstrand van ruim 20 kilometer aan een doorzichtige, blauwgroene zee. Voor de kust ligt een koraalrif met tientallen duikplekken, u kunt hier legio (water)sporten beoefenen. Strandliefhebbers kunnen rustig wegdromen op het prachtige strand. Het vertier is voornamelijk aanwezig bij de diverse resorts van Varadero. Maar ook in Varadero zelf zijn er diverse uitstekende restaurants en is er een royale keuze aan winkeltjes. Varadero is hoe dan ook een perfecte strandbestemming in aansluiting op een reis door Cuba of als strandbestemming op zich.

"Mixed feelings...but overall good."

Stayed December 31st to January 7. Had a week of absolutely beautiful weather. Beach was as excepted...stunning! No issues with chairs or palapas! Bonus! Food was decent and not many lines up for the pasta or meat or egg stations. Most staff (shout out to Abel and Marion in the buffet, José the gentle and kind bellboy) the staff at the lobby bar. The centralized location is, in my opinion what attracts people to this resort. It is wonderful for culinary experiences, bars and shops and walking after eating! People from everywhere in the world stay here; quite the international flavour. What made the stay a little unpleasant is our room. I have been to Cuba over 10 times and stayed at various resorts. I have no issues with thin towel, mosquitoes a few stains on the walls and rusty lamps...but no one should stay in rooms where every time they clean, you are left with a sewage smell. I have seen a few reviews mentioning these particular rooms. We stayed in the Colonial section and yes, the rooms have been updated but my goodness, the smell lingers and you have to deal with it every day. Rooms you should avoid are 5101 and 5102. My daughters stayed in 5103 and they were fine. Overall a nice experience. Would I go back...maybe

"Almost 2 years overdue"

This is a late review. I stayed here with a friend in early June 2015. It was only $10 more expensive than Acuzul/Varazul (!!! Anyone who frequents Varadero will understand). I had always wanted to stay here, due to it's location (still in town but at the edge. Near Havana Club, La Comparcita, Caille 62 and (shudder) Beatles Bar) and it's reputation for food. Pros: -The food was amazing. Apparantly it is an Italian company, and in ths off season there were plenty of Italians, and the food reflected that. Prosciutto, queso fresco, spinach, a pasta bar where they knew what they were doing, and a general manager that patrolled every section. There was also a really nice guy named Remi in one of the cook stations. - The lobby bar is 24 hours, and they make amazing, proper cocktails. Also frequently have Campari, Cinzano and whiskey. They even had Fernet. The pool/beach bar is also good, with lots of Cinzano. - It is Hacienda style, which is very attractive. - secret cocktail lounge with fancier old school drinks. - The Customer relations Lady (whose name i have forgotten) is a beautiful, wonderful and polite woman. I also had no gripes with the front desk personel either. -Cuban day is amazing. They recreate a guateque, and roast whole pigs, beans and rice etc. Everyone dresses in traditional countryside attire, live music, some social dancing and a man making Saocos (fresh coconuts topped up with rum). -Have blue eyes, will be fawned over by older waitresses. -the dancers (Dina stands out as cute. She asked me to dance and I was to shy. She didn't look happy. If she asks, say yes). Cons: - The daytime entertainment was a bit boring for me. Also, I felt invisible to them at times. - Late night snack bar is very meh and very slow as well. - Most of the bartenders were very polite and fun with me, but a couple were not so cool. One said "vete" at me. I wasn't in ths mood to respond back. Obviously the pros outweigh the cons. I would go back in a heartbeat if my group this year wasn't going to Palma Real (in one month!).

"Hit and Miss - First timer"

This, like someone said below, is a tough review to write. I am going to keep it to the hotel and not my first ever overall experience in Cuba. I do not have anything else in Cuba to compare it to although I have been to Mexico, all over and most other Caribbean Islands countless times. There seems to be a lot of things that people let go by saying "Well it's Cuba" that would not be acceptable elsewhere and as a polite Canadian, I let most things slide. This will be a long review as I try to answer many things I wondered and tried to research before I left. First off, we had a decent experience. 3 as rated, maybe 3.5. I'll start with the room. This is not a hotel issue but more of a Sunwing Issue. We booked at the Starfish Cuatro Palmas in the Las Palmas section. This is misleading and has been mentioned in other reports. This room is in another hotel across the street called Starfish Las Palmas where it is a breakfast only hotel. But by booking the Cuatro Palmas Las Palmas room, you stay at the Las Palmas Hotel and get the All inclusive privileges of the Cuatro AND the breakfast at either location. I think Sunwing should offer the Las Palmas hotel with the All inclusive upgrade as an option as opposed to the Cuatro with the supersaver Las Palmas alternative. For a first timer, when you book the Cuatro and see all the pics, you think this is your place. And when you find out you are across the street, even though you can use all the Cuatro amenities, it can be unsettling. We were disappointed when we found this out. I can assure you though, the walk is very very minimal. From the lobby to your room across the street is maybe a 200 meter walk or less at most. It was no big deal to us after getting there and seeing the set up. In fact other than the view, it was probably a blessing. This too is where it can become hit and miss. We were put in building two. Probably closer to the lobby than a regular room of a large resort. It was completely renovated and other than our view, probably the best rooms in the whole place. Everything was new, or at least painted over, and while you could nit pick, it was pretty comparable to many of the "average" places I have stayed in the past. Having windows on the bathroom doors was strange and maybe a problem for a private person or a family. Not a problem for me. Flat screen tv on wall, great safe, hot water, fridge, somewhat comfortable bed and maid service all good. We had three rooms and two of the patio doors did not and could not lock. This seemed to be an issue for others we talked to. The answer - they keep a 24 hour security guard on hand watching the doors. And yes he does not leave. We had no problems at all. Some people will be uncomfortable with this. On our final day, we were delayed and had to spend one more night. This put us in building 3 of the Las Palmas. The room was still Ok but the noise from the surrounding clubs/bars was much much more intrusive. I can sleep through anything but this would be a problem I feel for most. That's why I say hit and miss. We met many people in the main building (I talk to everyone) and some thought their rooms were great, others disgusted. So in the end, we were happy with where we were and what we got. The hotel area itself: Always kept clean and visually appealing. Loud in the busy lobby. Wi-Fi was hit and miss, sometimes fine and sometimes did not work. You need to buy a card from the desk (1.50) and they usually had them, but not always. The pool was well kept but cool. There were a few bars to choose from at different times of the day, the lobby bar open 24 hours. The food was average which I hear for Cuba is good. The only problem is there seemed to be a few gaps in the day when nothing was open for food, although these gaps were small. By extending breakfast by a half hour and extending the lunch snack bar by an hour on each side, these gaps could be closed. Nobody went hungry, the a la cartes were decent and the service good. Try them both. Reserve at the breakfast buffet entrance. The hot stations at the buffet area were fairly slow and the room a little loud but I feel the norm for most vacation spots. Birds get into the closed buffet area - doesn't bother us but may bother others. Dogs and cats (a few, not tons) roam the pool area and outdoor areas looking for treats. Again, no bother to us, may bother others. Beach was beautiful. But you do need to play the chair game which I hate. People reserving chairs with anything they can put on them early in the day and then you never see them there. This bugs me, but again, the norm for many resorts I've been too. Staff, also hit and miss. Mario at the pool was awesome, cordial, talked to you and seemed to care when asking you questions. Abel, in the small bar near the beach, which is only open at night, was a wonderful person. He tried his best to answer questions and was consistent and nice. Most servers at the restaurants and buffet, smiley and happy.Others could be downright rude. One example, after serving us for a few days while coming up from the beach, the bartender suddenly said he couldn't because our feet were sandy. When asking where we wash them, someone from the Animation team said "your room" Then moments later he served people who had sand all over their feet. What did we do? Let it slide, right? It's Cuba. There are other examples of these types of things and many didn't seem to know what was going on. Ask where to get lunch? They send you to the closed snack bar. Front desk says we can keep our towels on late checkout day and maid is literally fighting with you saying you can't. BTW - you only get your two towels for the whole week and they appear to treat them like they a gold. Try to make an a la carte reservation? It's full that day - yet when you walk by later it is empty. Things like that. But all the toilets had seats and there was usually TP. I hear that is not the case elsewhere and when leaving the resort quite normal. This is a smaller resort, you'll get to know others if you are friendly and if you want to be near things like the clubs and flea markets, it is a great location. I can really see how some people love it and why others don't. Seems to really depend on the room you get (all price ranges seem to be hit and miss) and the staff you encounter. There was a real mix of Canadians and Europeans from around the world. And not just one area, all over the world. Nobody moves with any urgency and speaking good Spanish could really help. I'm pretty sure some staff answered my questions yet had no idea what I had asked. I would stay here again, but it wasn't blow me away great that I wouldn't explore somewhere else first. But from talking to others that stayed elsewhere, this is a good value for your buck as long as you can let some things slide. I can and never get too frustrated when on holidays. I am pretty easy going but a couple of things pushed me further than normal this time. Cuba in general or the resort, I'm not sure, because I had similar experiences when leaving the resort as well. And I like the 5* experience as much as a small clean hotel where they treat you well. As far as the booze overall, as many travel with drinks being a big part of it? The same drink never really tasted the same twice, sometimes they had stuff, sometimes they didn't, blended drinks maybe but not always and Cuban liquor is strong in my mind. Not in a good way. It will get you feeling happy but was sometimes tough to find something you enjoyed. Bring along a big cup though if you can. They will happily fill it anywhere. If not, you need to use their small cups. Enjoy and I hope this novel of a review aids you in some way when making your Varadero hotel choice. We explored plenty and I may have my Cuba fix. While I wouldn't rush back, there is good value for your dollar and if you want to hang out on a beach for a week and that's about it, this would be tough to beat for the price. I could go on and on but this is long enough. Send me a note if you want to know more.

"Short stay for a bit of all inclusive"

We had a great stay. If you can overlook the (very) dated decor in the rooms I'd recommend. The staff/ service was great, good selection of food both buffet style and a la carte in the restaurants. The beach really did make this, clean sand and clear waters! The entertainment was fun too, great band in the bar each evening and a different show outside each night.

"Never again"

We booked for 2 nights superior but got a room with cucarachas oposite a disco, which is not even standard. After moving it was a little better far far from superior. You don't get what you pay for!!!!

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