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Een avondje uit zonder de deur uit te hoeven: in het ‘huis’ theater worden prachtige shows opgevoerd.

Mercure Playa de Oro

Gelegen in de befaamde badplaats Varadero, aan een fantastisch Caraïbisch strand, 8 km van het centrum en 35 minuten van de luchthaven. Het Hotel Mercure Playa de Oro is modern ingericht en biedt een all-inclusive accommodatie met verschillende restaurants & bars, sportieve activiteiten en nachtelijk entertainment.
Vanaf € 104,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info

Over Mercure Playa de Oro

Dit hotel ligt aan de kust op slechts 8 km van het centrum van Varadero en naast het Dolfinarium. Het heeft twee aparte gebouwen, die aangelegd zijn rondom twee met elkaar verbonden zwembaden. Het is een modern concept en de weelderige tuinen zorgen voor een tropische sfeer. Het All-inclusive arrangement is de perfecte manier om te genieten van ultiem comfort en gemak tijdens uw vakantie. Het omvat alle maaltijden, frisdranken, plaatselijke en geïmporteerde alcoholische dranken. Verder zijn er dagelijks leuke activiteiten zoals aquagym, water-volleybal, happy hour en 's avonds live entertainment. Gebruik van niet-gemotoriseerde watersporten is inclusief, evenals een introductie tot scubaduiken plus een gratis introductieduik.


  • all inclusive
  • kindvriendelijk
  • beachfront

Insiders tip

Een avondje uit zonder de deur uit te hoeven: in het ‘huis’ theater worden prachtige shows opgevoerd.

Mercure Playa de Oro
v.a. € 104 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Ruime kamers voorzien van airco, televisie, telefoon, (huur)kluisje, koelkastje, volledig uitgeruste badkamer met föhn en balkon of terras.

All Inclusive

Geselecteerde alcoholische en non-alcoholische drankjes, alle maaltijden, snacks, roomservice (van 11.00 tot 19.00 uur), gebruik van de niet-gemotoriseerde watersportfaciliteiten en deelname aan de georganiseerde (sport)activiteiten.


Aan de noordkust op 8 km van het centrum van Varadero gelegen.

Aantal kamers



  • 3 Restaurants
  • 3 Bars
  • 2 Zwembaden
  • Sauna
  • Fitnesscentrum
  • Tennisbanen
  • Disco/Nachtclub


  • Entertainment
  • Tennis
  • Volleybal
  • Voetbal
  • Watersportmogelijkheden zoals: kajakvaren, waterfietsen, windsurfen en snorkelen

Het schiereiland Varadero is de belangrijkste strandbestemming van Cuba. Het heeft een langgerekt, fijn wit zandstrand van ruim 20 kilometer aan een doorzichtige, blauwgroene zee. Voor de kust ligt een koraalrif met tientallen duikplekken, u kunt hier legio (water)sporten beoefenen. Strandliefhebbers kunnen rustig wegdromen op het prachtige strand. Het vertier is voornamelijk aanwezig bij de diverse resorts van Varadero. Maar ook in Varadero zelf zijn er diverse uitstekende restaurants en is er een royale keuze aan winkeltjes. Varadero is hoe dan ook een perfecte strandbestemming in aansluiting op een reis door Cuba of als strandbestemming op zich.

"Very Average"

I like to keep my reviews simple and highlight the pros and cons about the resort, much of which is an echo from most of the other reviews. Pros - Food didn't make me sick for the first time (been to Cuba 4 times) - Beach was beautiful - Resort was smaller and not overcrowded - Scooter rentals are located at the main entrance - Nightly entertainment - Italian a la carte was delicious! Cons - Rooms have lots of problems. First room didn't have a door on the safe. Second room had water leak and moldy fridge. Most of our friends at the resort had problems with their room as well such as door key not working or bad smell in room. - Animation staff is not very energetic or friendly - No blenders for slushy drinks - Have to go to disco after 11pm if you want a drink - Pool was often dirty - WiFi has poor connection Overall very average but a good enough place to stay if you can book it for under $800

"Very disappointed with Muthu"

Where to I start. I have been going to this hotel for the past 14 years, the last 4 years we would go twice. I was there is February and again in April. It`s amazing the down-slide in 2 months. This resort used to be a happening place for people of all ages. I`m in my late 50`s and my son who accompanied me both times is in his early 30`s. We were very disappointed with the lobby bar closing at 11 p.m. , so obviously this is not a 24 hour bar as stated. There was a very poor bar selection as the shelves were mostly bare unless you wanted to pay extra. If you wanted a drink after 11 pm you had to go to the disco bar in another building with blaring music. No way to have a quiet drink and conversation. Also in February there was dancing every night with the band as there was always someone from the animation team leading those who took dance lessons during the day to practice their skills. No such thing in April. Animator only showed up around 8:45 to introduce the band for the remaining 15 minutes. The lobby bar is the main bar and it was practically deserted every night. I myself as a single traveler was bored to tears and went to my room even before the music ended. My son has indicated to me that maybe it`s time to try another place. Staff here are great. They have always made us feel that this is our home when in Cuba. The staff are hard working, friendly and kind. In February I thought that being bought by the MUTHU chain was going to be a good thing. I`m not sure anymore. A group of people from different parts of Canada and the UK are thinking of meeting again in February, but we are not sure anymore. We will keep watching the reviews. Especially the review of people who are regulars (return customers) at this hotel as they have been noticing the changes and those I spoke with are not happy. Even the lunch grill was sad. It was very monotonous but what was offered was still delicious. This was the first time that I craved a tuna sandwich from the pool bar over grilled chicken and fish for lunch. The hotel can do all the cosmetic renovations to the rooms but it wont bring back the Cuban vibe that its lost. It`s a shame. By the end of the week you met most of the people at the bar, all ages. Single travelers never felt excluded, but now its so dull. Change is usually good. This hotel does need a face lift for sure but it also needs character. Don`t cut down on the service you already have, instead improve them. You have a wonderful staff, make them feel that they are part of a team.

"My son was told to shùt up by entertainment staff."

First of all most staff are great. Cleaning is borderline, and you have to ask for bottled water in your room. Make sure to put everything in your safe, I made friends that did not and things went missing. Pool is nice and beach is wonderful.The resort is small which make it easy to meet people and we did. People were in love with my 7 year old son, hé was à good sport in all the games.......when they had. One day, our last day, my son wanted to play beach volleyball with his new 19 year old friend(we played every morning at 10h30 which is resort schedule) a guy refused to let him play, he wanted to play hard, I had to go and explain that my son was going to play. The guy served and throw very hard at us, it was no surprise to me, we moved à bit ran for the ball, high 5 everyone or almost. We figure that the animaçon staff that was in our team was friend of then Guy and was just hitting the ball to send it out to finish the game as fast as possible. Since staff are using the expressions "wake up" and "bybye Mickey Mouse" m'y son told him to wake up, he told my son to.......SHUT UP.......(btw he is the one with a third of a golden tooth). Another lady in our group had problem with the entertainment too and complain. Kids club is always close and believe it or not the sign inside the club say "don't come inside children without parents".....Yep. Oh and stay away from the bellroom, they just want you to take à taxi and if you refuse they make it long and ask you to read the non responsable board at the door. We were also not impress by the Delphinario, unfortunately it was apparently better before. My son was desapointed, 73pesos, to swim(15minutes) and 35pesos for DVD, professional photos were crappy. I went to other resorts, not only in Cuba, but I have to say that I was desapointed and not sure I will go back. I also understand that the hurricane hit them hard but it is not à reason to lose all work ethic. Management informed us that a new company just bought the place and things will get better and .......(violon soundtrack), I don't know how they could manage that even with injecting a 6M$ upgrade without à big staff turnover this will stay the way it is. I sent an email to Muthu 3 days ago and still no answer. People will not stop to go but eventually the rooms may have to go down in price, the pride is nonobstant regarless of all guess the entertainment staff should be available to people to entertain not to be entertained themselves.

"Beach or pool"

Well, I don't know at this point what I think of this resort. This was our 8th time here. The resort was recently bought by a consortium from India. Changes have already been implemented, such as, bar hours have been reduced, no smoking at all in the lobby or bar area. The food has become very repetitive....amazing how many different ways they can serve a hot dog. I must admit the grilled food is excellent. My wife loves the omelet for breakfast. Our room was great, our view was great and Teresa kept our room spotless. However, in our building, one elevator was not operating during our stay and 2 elevators in the neighbouring building were not working. The beach is fantastic and the pool was the same. My only negative comment is that someone would go to the pool area and reserve 4 chairs, yet they would spend all day at the beach...rude. Most of the palapa around the pool are still missing after the hurricane so not much shade is available. They have put up cheap umbrellas that provide little to no shade. Overall this place is in dire need of an update but we are concerned that they will work on it but the price will certainly go way up. Some persons we spoke to know of new owners and don't trust them and feel they will turn it into 5 star. If in fact this occurs we will not be back. The feel of community is already gone by the way new management is running it. Lastly, it is the staff that kept us coming back year after year and we hope this does not change

"Difficult review to write"

I start with 'difficult review to write' because I wanted so much to be able to write all positive comments. This is my third year going to this resort and as of last year, this was going to be my go to resort each and every year but now....I'm sorry to say, it all depends on reviews next year. First the good, and there is a lot of good. I love the quaintness of this resort. Because it's on the small size, it is so easy to speak to almost everyone there. I met so many fabulous people, on the beach, by the pool, main dance area, the bar ect....friendships that will last with plans on meeting sometime during the year. The staff are truly wonderful....from the front desk and our maid Yuyie (room was cleaned so well, fresh towels, sand was swept each day and linen change). Her replacement on Yuyie day off was terrible (even took something that didn't belong to her) which made me appreciate I had her throughout the week. I read another review about the pool side being dirty and I was shocked because I spent every afternoon at the pool and never saw cups in the pools or debris laying around. On the contrary, I found the grounds were so well kept. The pool was so warm because of the beautiful weather and there was someone around sweeping or picking up around. Beach....best on the strip and we happened to be so fortunate that everyday the water was calm with just enough gentle waves. Rooms are nothing to write home about but who cares when you can spend your day on the beach :) The resort does indeed need upgrading and I am pleased to say that they are planning on putting in 6 million to do just that...can't wait to see the improvements IF I go back. Hurricane Irma did major damage to the resort and I am amazed how much needed fixing to get the place back up and running. Now for my rant. A little recap (you can read my other reviews on this resort if you wish). I go to Cuba for two reasons...beach for me and entertainment for my son who has Down syndrome. People with special needs have it rough in everyday living especially when it comes to providing social support so my son looks forward to being somewhere where he is accepted for just who he is. In the past at this resort, he was loved and accepted by all who met him and even those who didn't have personal interaction with him. This was done mostly because of the entertainment staff. Last year and the year before, the moderator (who unfortunately left) went out of his way to make my boy feel like he was special and because of that, the rest of the entertainment team followed his example. He was sought out to be invited to play volleyball and games in the pool. The team would stop and talk to him, spend time with him. It was so heartwarming to see my son shine. This year...not so much. The moderator is arrogant, lazy and needs more training in inclusion and sensitivity courses. In the evening during the live band in the main lobby, his job is to encourage the guests to dance and have a great time. He was just not interested. The staff danced with two women only throughout the week, both great dancers. No one on staff were interested teaching the guests steps, it was all about THEIR enjoyment...dancing with those who already knew how to dance. In previous years they had a woman dancer who would get up and everyone would follow her steps, this year there was one woman who was there only occasionally and she danced maybe one song at best and always with another staff member, not the guests then sat. My son asked her to dance and she refused...too busy talking with the moderator. The band started at 8:00...sometimes at 8:15 and ALWAYS stopped at 8:45 at which time the moderator introduced all the band member...every night the same things and that took 15 minutes. There is a whole hour before the outside show starts at 10:00. IF there was a game between 9 and 10, it was one and only one game. There was just no interest in providing fun in the evenings. Now about the entertainment during the day....non existent. On the beach they have a volleyball game from 10-10:30, again it was all about the staff having fun and not the guests. One day a small boy was excited about playing and was told by the staff he was too young, when the boy started to complain he was told to shut up...yes you read right, incredibly inappropriate. My girlfriend heard on another occasion the staff saying how THEY were looking forward to a gread volleyball game which equates to anyone who knew how to play and everyone else was not welcome. But the kicker for me was one afternoon there was actually a game in the pool where you can to straddle an empty keg of beer and try to stay on for 30 seconds. My son did this last year and the moderator was so kind realizing there was no way he could accomplish this task but that didn't matter, my son was encouraged to try and they gave him 2 or 3 tries and even helped him all while getting the guests to cheer him on. This year my son was so excited to try again (his little girlfriend was also with us and she too was bold enough to try). Everyone was given two tries...my son went up and after slipping off the first second he was on...was told that was it...no second chances...same went for his girlfriend who had a lot of guts to get up there in front of everyone. Clearly two tries for everyone but only one for 'special needs kids'. I was floored as were other guests who witnessed this. There were also very rude comments when someone was struggling with getting up...his comments were "sometime today would be good" and " come on...today would be good" one guest yelled out "we are in Cuba, in Cuban time". I did speak to someone in authority about this guy and how he sets the mood for the rest of the staff and I was reassured the staff would be spoken to and more training will be in their future..I will watch and see through other reviews if this indeed changes. If not, we will not be back which is a real shame because I am looking for a home away from home. I am not a complainer. I don't really care if I have hot water in my room or if there is visible mold. The food is food and there is always something to eat but when it comes to common decency, I expect better. If you are paid to entertain, then entertain and include EVERYONE. I am including a photo of the moderator doing what he does best, sit on the sidelines with his face in his phone. Other than that, this really is a wonderful resort.

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