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De 'Luxury Included' formule houdt bij de Sandals en Beaches hotels tevens in dat duiken (voor gecertificeerde duikers) is inbegrepen.

Beaches Negril Resort & Spa

Eeen fraai complex met vele faciliteiten voor zowel kinderen als volwassenen. Dit complex is direct gelegen aan 'Seven Mile Beach.
Vanaf € 470,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Beaches Negril Resort & Spa, Deluxe Negril
  • Beaches Negril Resort & Spa
Beaches Negril Resort & Spa, Deluxe Negril Beaches Negril Resort & Spa


Beaches Negril Resort & Spa, Deluxe Negril
Beaches Negril Resort & Spa

Over Beaches Negril Resort & Spa

Het verblijf hier is op All Inclusive basis met een 'Luxury Included' formule. Er zijn verschillende bars en restaurants, zowel buffet- als à la carte. In het ‘Teppanyaki’ restaurant worden Japanse specialiteiten aan tafel voorbereid. Het resort heeft een Kids Camp, twee zwembaden, een peuterbad en een eigen waterpark. Een uitgebreid activiteitenprogramma voor de kids zorgt ervoor dat de hele familie geniet van een verblijf in dit  resort. De comfortabele kamers zijn voorzien van airco en een balkon of terras. Kijk op onze site voor de zusterhotels van Beaches en Sandals resorts.


  • all inclusive
  • kindvriendelijk
  • wifi
  • beachfront
  • luxury

Insiders tip

De 'Luxury Included' formule houdt bij de Sandals en Beaches hotels tevens in dat duiken (voor gecertificeerde duikers) is inbegrepen.


In bepaalde perioden ontvangt u 25 of 35% vroegboekkorting. Vraag ons naar de mogelijkheden.
Beaches Negril Resort & Spa
v.a. € 470 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Tel: 020 - 398 93 98 | E-mail ons | Bezoek ons


Deluxe Negril
: Koloniale 'Plantage-Stijl' inrichting, airco, plafondventilator, televisie, telefoon, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, strijkijzer en -plank, kluisje, badkamer en terras.

Premium Negril
Zoals Deluxe Negril, terras/balkon.

Luxury Sea Side
Zoals Deluxe Negril, zeezicht.

All Inclusive

  • Alle maaltijden
  • Snacks gedurende de dag
  • Alle alcoholische en niet-alcoholische dranken
  • Gebruik van niet-gemotoriseerde watersportfaciliteiten
  • Deelname aan de georganiseerde (sport)activiteiten.'
  • Minibar op kamer gevuld met niet alcoholische dranken.


Gelegen aan Seven Mile Beach.

Aantal kamers



  • 7 Restaurants
  • 2 Bars
  • Koffieshop
  • IJssalon
  • Nachtclub
  • Pirates Island Waterpark
  • 2 Zwembaden & 1 kinderba
  • 3 Whirlpools
  • Spa
  • Fitnesscentrum
  • Tennisbaan
  • Caribbean Adventure met Sesamstraat
  • Xbox 360 Game room


  • Kids Club
  • Tafeltennis
  • Tennis
  • Midget- golf
  • Bordspellen
  • Watersportmogelijkheden zoals: kajakken, windsurfen en water-ski
  • Bananenboot

De badplaats Negril ligt ten zuidwesten van Montego Bay, op de westpunt van Jamaica. In Negril heerst een zorgeloze sfeer en vindt u een 11 kilometer lang zacht wit zandstrand. Gedurende de dag serveren funky eethuisjes u ijskoude drankjes terwijl deze u 's nachts heerlijke Reggae muziek ten gehore brengen.

"Over advertised/under delivered and not good for your health"

I am copying and pasting the letter I sent to my travel agent upon my arrival home from Beaches Negril. I can honestly say I have never anticipated more/received less than during my stay at Beaches Negril. The response from the resort to the below posted letter was an offer of Sandals membership points or a one night stay in their resort. I would not stay in another Sandal/Beaches resort if the entire trip was free, and expressed that sentiment to the person who made the ridiculous offer while I was at the resort. My family's health and safety mean more to me. Since my return home I have endured testing for Zika and Dengue and am still waiting to hear the outcome of the testing. I have been home for more than 2 weeks and also have not personally heard from any of the resort staff or guest relations personnel. I would like to start by saying the property is beautiful and for the most part the staff was very friendly and helpful. The rooms were spacious and the housekeeping staff made great efforts to keep the place tidy. The bath amenities were great and smelled so good. The ocean was wonderful and very calm and fun to swim in. My vacation, however, was not at all as expected. I feel like the Beaches brand and Negril location specifically was over advertised and under delivered. -Upon check in we noted that the bathtub drain in room 508, the kids room, was non functional because it was broken and pulled out of the drain hole. The mini fridge in room 508 was also never properly cool. These items were looked over because it was an easy fix for anyone wanting a bath to use the tub in room 509 and the bars around the property were readily available for chilled soft drinks or chilled water, which is all that was in the room anyway. -On the first full day of our stay, we tried to ride the banana boat and were told that there was a "problem with the vessel" and it would not be running on Thursday afternoon, to come back the next day. We tried every single day until Sunday to ski, kneeboard or ride banana boat and were given the exact same excuse every single day. The last 2 days of our stay, Sunday and Monday, a boat was brought from Sandals for around 45 mins each day. On Sunday we were not quick enough to get on the list to ski or kneeboard and on Monday we had basically given up and did not even try to sign in. If you will notice, on the Beaches Negril website, the MOTORIZED water sports are highly advertised. Each page of the resorts activities tab includes at least one picture of someone water skiing. As I stated to Daniella on Sunday, there were many possible solutions to the problem of a non working motor boat. A boat rental would have been an option, borrowing a boat and announcing that the activities would be held at different times of the day to give ample time for all guests to enjoy the much advertised and anticipated water sports would have been an option, after day 3 of knowing the boat couldn't be repaired buying another boat should have been an option. The prospect of MOTORIZED water sports, specifically skiing, kneeboarding and tubing, was the deciding factor for us in choosing Beaches Negril. This deciding factor was not an option for us with the exception of a short 45 min time frame on Monday, after complaining, out of a 6 day stay. -The nightly entertainment was pitiful at best. The same 8 dancers danced the same dances, in the same torn and tattered costumes on 4 of the 5 nights. The other nights were Talent Show night, where the same dancers were also dancing and doing other activities and the white/chocolate party night. The white night was our favorite simply because it was different. Same dancers, different costumes and different location. The beach party night was cancelled and held inside which made it exactly like the other nights, with the same staff. The entertainment crew was also on staff during the day doing various other jobs around the property. I have seen better produced, higher budget shows at our local high school. I was not impressed, people were bored senseless and leaving every single night. The entertainment was, again, over advertised and under delivered. -The promised wifi was spotty at best. It is advertised as free wifi in room, it worked in the common areas most of the time but not in the rooms. During our 6 day stay the wifi was out for 2 solid days, one time for more than 35 hours straight. I have traveled to many places and used many different types of wifi service and can honestly say that my ability to communicate via wifi was more reliable in a hunt camp in Komga, South Africa, in a lodge that never even promised wifi than it was at Beaches Negril who promises wifi in the room on their website. -And, the big one.... Mosquito control. My family is absolutely covered in mosquito bites. I personally ended up with 52 bites, my daughter 44, my son refused to count his and from site appears to have more than either of us. The bites are on our hands, arms, legs, feet, even on my face and my husband's face. I requested on Sunday that our rooms be sprayed and again on Monday that they be sprayed twice per day. Even after spraying we were waking up with multiple bites every morning, the dead mosquitoes in bed beside us. The mosquito problem seems to be more of a maintenance issue than a cleanliness or housekeeping issue. Jamaica is a region in the zone for heightened Zika virus infections. I have requested with my physician to be tested for Zika and to have my children both tested. We are absolutely miserable and all have big red hot bites all over our bodies. I have already exhibited symptoms of Zika, but there is no treatment and my doctor is not sure I am eligible for a test because the CDC recommends only pregnant women and their partners be tested. I am still waiting to see what happens with my request for testing. I have obtained a prescription for 2.5% cortizone and am seeing an allergy doctor today about the spots and relief from possible scarring. -Other items to note: Some of the staff, particularly in the restaurants were surly and very obviously did not want to be there. The housekeeping staff in particular had torn and tattered uniforms. The housekeeping staff was probably the nicest staff on the property and the least taken care of by the resort. The bathrooms do not have proper ventilation and the drains are sour and smell disgusting in both tubs in rooms 508 and 509. The open air venting in each shower is a perfect place for mosquito entry and ineffective for properly venting a bathroom. And finally, on Sunday afternoon we witnessed a loud angry fight between some of the beach security persons (pinkish shirts/black slacks). This verbal altercation took place in front of the watersports sign in area, in view and hearing of many guests of all ages including my husband and myself. The argument was in a language I did not understand, but it was evident from their tone and body language that the people were very unhappy with one another.

"Not a 5 star resort"

Food is above average. Service good except the rime they cleaned my roo varied from 10 am to 6pm. The main pool jacuzzi is an embarrassment. No light. Three of 10 jets working...just barely. Murky looking water. Crepes shop has been our of orange liqueur for 3 days. De ent stay but probably not coming back.

"5 Star Jamaican Run a Round"

I want to give an accurate review as I relied heavily on tripadvisor reviews when deciding where to take my family (with two boys ages 13 and 11). I booked direct with Beaches website and the scheduling and air port transfers went smoothly. The drive is about an hour and a half but on the way down of course you stop at a local whole in the wall to get some jerk chicken. My youngest was getting carsick and we opted to stay in the van which I don't think they cared for. Get out and spend that money! Arrival at the resort was fine. When we were finally able to get into our room - the room type is not what we booked. I was told that we would have to make do as all of the rooms in our category were sold out and they could move us the next night. That was just not going to work for us. I did not spend this kind of money on a vacation to be given a run around. We were told that our "new" room was being cleaned and it would be ready around 12:30. They made the mistake of giving us that room #. Our party got separated and about 2pm my youngest thought maybe our new room was ready and that's where the others were. The door was slightly ajar (like you do in a hotel when you flip the security bar so the door doesn't shut all the way). My son opened the door and someone else was still occupying the room. Sooo, back to the front desk I went. They tried to move me to the great room, away from the new arrivals so they wouldn't see my distaste, but I wasn't budging until I had a new room that was of the type that I ordered. Rooms are OK. I agree with some of the others that they could stand to be updated. There was a raunchy smell coming from our bathroom for 2 days that we could not explain and it was nauseating. One of our boys has a food allergy and the resort was top-notch in accommodating and helping him. A HUGE hats off to CONREY at the buffet. He was the best part of our trip. The beach is beautiful - also another highlight of the trip. No complaints there. We did see plenty of jellyfish and one of our group was stung. Lots of panhandlers on the beach - but they didn't bother us much. We just ignored them. It is annoying though when you are trying to enjoy some quiet time and the beach and you have someone yelling "RING RING!" or PAR-A-SAILING, PAR-A-SAILING! We did the Catamaran cruise to Margaritaville. That was a good time although Negril's version of Margaritaville is nothing compared to MoBays. We were not able to rent a cabana - as I tried to for my son's bday while we were there. All booked up. Pools were dirty. I tried not to let it bother me but my son had goggles and he kept mentioning how cloudy the water was. Especially by the water slide pool. Water slides were a hit. Towels - this is a joke. There are no way near enough towels for the people at this resort. I ended up half bribing one of the workers on the beach to bring us some. We ended up keeping the ones we finally got and drying them on our balcony. Which was good until it stormed a couple of times. Speaking of storms - a really big one hit our first full day there. The power went out (as did the wifi, tv programming, xbox etc). Not much to do with the teens during a storm. Back up generator did kick on which was great - except it was right outside our room and was very loud. Sewer Smell - in general there are several areas around the resort that always have a bad smell to them. This is not unique to this resort but something to mention, especially when one of the areas is right by the buffet restaurant. Kimonos was our favorite restaurant. We ate there twice. The Venetian is horrible. I cant believe this is their fanciest white glove restaurant. The guy came around later and later each night to stock our minifridge. My husband and I both thought this was odd. Our last night there (we had to get up at 3am for flight out) he knocked on the door at 9:30pm. The grounds were well maintained and someone was always painting or pruning or sprucing something up. I enjoyed a massage at the spa while there which I would recommend, but it was interrupted with the sound of chain saws buzzing for the last 45 minutes. Not very relaxing but that wasn't the spa's fault. Swim up bars - I couldn't believe that the bars were not more crowded. No real line to get a drink. Met some great people there. One of the days we were there was Emancipation day. That was fun to be a part of but the loud bass thumping music went well into midnight. I had earplugs in and a pillow over my head and I could still hear it. Here it is in a nut shell - this was our 6th time returning to Jamaica (all Sandals resorts). Love the people and the beaches. This resort fell flat to our expectations. I felt we paid a premium price (even at the "discounted" rate) but didn't get premium service or anything special for that matter. Don't waste your money here. There are better options - especially with family.

"Great family vacation for our first time in Jamaica"

After staying at Beaches Turks and Caicos, We researched Negril beaches and ocho rios and chose Negril for the bigger resort and famous beach. Ill be as specific as I can. Upon landing, we were whisked to a Beaches room with free drinks, chairs and air condition. From there we were escorted to a bus for our 1 hour journey to the resort. Not a bad ride. Sad to see so much poverty on the island through the towns. We were greeted the Beaches way, with drinks and cool towels. Check in was a bit rocky. I have to be honest we called twice before our arrival to make sure our 3 rooms were near each other. Each time we were reassured they were. Upon arrival, the rooms were not in the same building. Disappointing to say the least. So we split up, not the end of the world. We booked all our dinners and excursions. We went to our room and waited over an hour for our luggage. When luggage finally came it was only half of our bags. Room was large, clean and beautiful. Fit 2 adults, 2 teens and a 12 year old with so much room. After we were settled, the trip changed and were amazing. Pools were beautiful, entertainment staff was amazing and food was good. Buffet theme changed every day. Pizza poolside was excellent. Mexican place was amazing. Hibachi place was great. So much food and entertaining cook. Water slides and lazy river pool were fun for the kids and adults. Main pool had a DJ every day and games and competitions. Activity leader- ODANE was the highlight of our trip. He was amazing. I don't think he ever left the resort, always working and keeping guests, especially kids entertained. Bartender at main pool bar Adrian was the best. You never had to wait and he was always trying to please the guests. Even when bar crowded, he never hesitated to serve and with a smile. All the staff would cater to the guests. No attitudes and asking for tips. In fact if you tried to tip they would not take it. "RESPECT MON', " is what they all abided by. Nicest staff and they all seemed to love their jobs. One waitress-AKELIA was amazing. worked hard with a smile and when we told her it was a family members birthday, she sang and had the most amazing voice. We did not like the Italian restaurant. Slow service and food was not good. I would skip it if I went back. Each night had a theme. Look before you go because one night is white night/chocolate night, Caribbean theme beach party night etc. There are photographers all over and take pictures the entire trip if you want. There a little pricey for a package but we took a beach sunset family shoot and it was worth it. The excursions were fun. Banana boat, snorkeling, glass bottom boat, paddleboards etc. all free. Beach was clean and gorgeous. Powder sand and clear water. There were some locals trying to sell bracelets and shells but security was right on them if they became bothersome. We took a bus from Beaches to Ricks, a place everyone has to visit. Cliff diving, bar and restaurant. Free to get in and very fun. I think I covered everything. We had an amazing trip. We went in July and it was a very hot July in Jamaica. The air conditioning was not like we were used to. Only 2 restaurants were air conditioned. But we adapted. After comparing Negril to Turks, it was the same Beaches service and style but Turks was way bigger. I must say I like the beach at Negril better, but the grounds at Turks were better. I would return to both in a second. Next trip I will try the Ocho Rios resort.


Overall a great hotel with lots to do to entertain the family and some amazing staff. Our room in the Santa Cruz block was a bit tired, but we only slept in it! Great restaurants with Stewfish and the Soy being our favourites. Did not like the Venetian or the service offered- it was slow and the food not like the Italian food we've experienced. We went as a large family group including my mum who's 60, my sister and our kids. There was something for everyone and we all cannot wait to return!

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