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Cape Codder Resort & Spa

Middenklasse resort op Cape Cod, heel geschikt voor families. Er is onder meer een golfslagbad.

Vanaf € 60,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info


Over Cape Codder Resort & Spa

Dit resort ligt enkele kilometers buiten het plaatsje Hyannis, op Cape Cod, aan de kust. Het is in traditionele New England stijl ingericht, comfortabel en romantisch. Er is hier genoeg te doen voor de hele familie. Er zijn twee restaurants en een wijnbar/grill. Is het mooi weer, dan wordt het diner ook in de buitenlucht geserveerd. Het overdekte golfslagbad is al goed voor 'een dagje uit', met glijbanen, watervallen, fonteinen, jacuzzi en twee sauna's. In de zomer komt er nog het verwarmde buitenzwembad bij.


  • kindvriendelijk
Cape Codder Resort & Spa
Cape Cod
v.a. € 60 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Airco, WiFi, televisie met een eigen filmnet, telefoon, koffie- & theezetfaciliteiten, strijkplank en -ijzer, föhn. Volledig ingerichte badkamer.


Het Cape Codder Resort & Spa bevindt zich op 4 kilometer afstand van het centrum van Hyannis.

Aantal kamers



• 2 Restaurants
• Golfslagbad
• Buitenzwembad
• Spa
• Fitnessruimte
• Boutique


• Kidsclub

• Yoga (in juli en augustus)

Cape Cod is een van de schiereilanden van Amerika. Cape Cod ligt zo'n 130 kilometer ten zuidoosten van Boston in de staat Massachusetts biedt eindeloze stranden en de typische sfeer van New England. Het dankt zijn naam (Kaap van de Kabeljauw) aan de enorm rijke visgronden in de buurt. Van visserseiland heeft het zich tegenwoordig echter voornamelijk  ontwikkeld als toeristische bestemming, vooral voor inwoners van Boston en het zuidelijker gelegen New York City. De populairste overnachtingsplaatsen op Cape Cod zijn Hyannis en Sandwich (Upper Cape),  alsmede Chatham (Lower Cape).

"Last Minute Getaway "

The "new" Cape Codder is a fantastic option for an inexpensive getaway with the family. Went decided to go last minute on MLK weekend instead of sitting around the house wondering what to do. We were able to get a room last minute overlooking the water park for a very fair price. The room was updated, clean and very comfortable. ( I'm a bit of a picky hotel visitor). The new water park side was fantastic. There was big slides for us adults and older kids(6 and 9) as well as a kids area for our 4 year old. The best feature was defiantly the Lazy River which was fun for all. However the only complaint I had on the Lazy River was when they turned the pressure up on the "sprayers" it made it spray everyone right in the face. This was tolerable for the adults but was very frustrating for the kids. The older water park side was average. It is dated and doesn't seem nearly as clean as the new side. My one complaint with the old side was there was no lifeguard at the top of the water slides to make sure people people knew when to go and regulating height and age of those using the slide. As for food we ordered take out from Mike's pizza place across the street and it was very good. Overall we had a great weekend and a ton of fun for a very fair price. I would suggest this resort to all with kids. Keep expectations average, it's not your Ritz but it's far better than just any hotel/ resort. Well will return and we will recommend this resort to our friends and family.

"fantastic time with the kids"

Beautiful hotel, immaculate grounds. The Water park was the best/cleanest indoor water park I've been to. Love the lazy river. Hearth and Kettle on site offered enough of a variety for the entire group. Room was clean. The gentleman at the arcade went above and beyond with the kids.

"Great spot for a weekend"

I took my family to the Cape Codder this past weekend to celebrate our two boys’ birthdays (turning 10 and 7). We usually do big parties but every year we seem to get major snowstorms so this seemed like a decent compromise and the kids were excited. We have visited 3 different Great Wolf Lodges over the last 2 years (which we love) so my expectations for the Cape Codder were not as high considering how much smaller it is. Our actual experience here was much better than expected. The good: 1. Water park - this is obviously why we came here. While much smaller than a Great Wolf Lodge, it still offers tons of fund for the kids. We always seem to spend a lot of time in wave pools and lazy rivers and the Cape Codder has both (not all GWL have both). I think we spent more time in the lazy river than the wave pool but it was close. The two big waterslides are more “old school” style where you don’t need a mat or tube to go down. The red slide is ultra-fast and probably my favorite. The white one is a bit slower but still plenty fast for most people. There are two additional smaller slides on the wave pool side. One is very short but lightning fast and the other is a bit longer and slower. There is a small area for little kids that we did not go to as both our kids are above the 48” height requirements for the big slides. I do have some issues with the slides which I will describe below . The hot tub (adults only) was an average tub, nothing great. The sauna was a nice feature as I hadn’t been in one in a long time. It is supposed to be for adults but some parents had their young kids in there at 175 degrees. Yikes 2. Arcade – My kids love arcades where you can win tickets for prizes. The arcade here is on the small side but offers a decent amount of games that pay out tickets (electronic tickets). Also, this arcade in linked to the one in the Cape Cod Mall just down the street so we also spent time there. The mall has better prizes and more games. 3. Hearth and Kettle - We did the family special where we got $20 a day for food in the restaurant. We ate there for both breakfast and dinner on the days we stayed and all the meals were delicious. We have eaten at one of these before so we knew that it was more like comfort food than fine dining. 4. Other things – I didn’t use it but the fitness center looked very good compared to other hotels. They also had a room setup near the lobby that was broadcasting the NFL playoffs on a large projection screen. While I didn’t watch the game here, it was a nice thing to offer people who wanted to see the games on something bigger than the room TV’s. We also didn’t use the outdoor pool (even though it is heated and was open) or the courtyard but we were able to see the fire pit and Christmas lights setup which looked nice. It was too cold though. 5. Service – the front desk workers were very friendly and the maid service did a great job cleaning our room. The average 1. The rooms are pretty average. Small with two queen beds. We had a room that looked right out into the water park which I thought might get loud but they must have used super-duper insulation because we couldn’t hear a thing. The heat pump system in the room was easy to use and kept us warm. Water pressure in the shower was fine but the faucet was awful. The bad (or can be improved upon) 1. Water chemistry – I own a pool and a hot tub and I fully understand water chemistry and how to properly sanitize it. For some reason, both of my kids broke out in rashes on day two at the hotel. If it was a chlorine rash (i.e. too much chlorine or allergies to chlorine), the rashes would have popped up on day one. The rashes they got looked more like swimmers rash which is associated with water that has not been properly sanitized. I “think” the hotel uses a combination of ultra violet light (useless, overpriced and not needed for a pool) and a salt water generator for chlorine. The water did not smell like choline like a lot of hotel pools smell like so I know it wasn’t over sanitized. I think based on the number of people that are in the water, it is possibly under sanitized and that is why my kids broke out is swimmers rash (they NEVER do in our pool or hot tub at home). Also, if they are using a salt water generator for chlorine, something is off as my skin was unbelievably dry after coming out of the water. Normally, salt water generator based filtration will leave your skin very soft compared to a standard chlorine method. So, not sure what is going on but this was the first time I ever had to deal with my kids getting rashes from a swimming pool area. 2. The slides – As I mentioned, the slides do not require a mat or tube to go down. The slots where each section of the slides attach are not completely flush with each other so as you go down and pick up speed, you can feel the “bumps” on your back. As you get near the bottom, they feel worse to the point where it was hurting my back and I felt like I was being scratched. I had redness on my back after the first day. I noticed the same on other adults that came down. I decided on day 2 to wear a sun shirt which helped a lot. So be careful going down the slides as the friction and connector bumps can hurt. 3. Lazy river – The river seemed to have two speeds. Once where the water was going very fast and one that went slow. I couldn’t figure out when it would switch as id don’t relate to the same timing as water sprayers that would go between high and low. Maybe it is a time of day thing as it seemed slower at night. For people who enjoy lazy rivers, this is not a lazy river as it gets overly crowded, has sprayers throughout most of the river and can go too fast. You are required to use a tube and at times you get jammed packed with other people. And some of the older kids have no regard for younger ones and would plow through everyone. Lifeguards did nothing to stop this. I did on several occasions though and received some applause from other parents. 4. Lifeguards – This is where things are drastically different from a Great Wolf Lodge. Safety is clear as day at a GWL as their lifeguards are all over the place, walking back and forth along pools and slides and are excellent at keeping order. Here, the lifeguards were sporadic and were mostly sitting down on top of rocks or other areas. For example, at the wave pool there would sometimes be one lifeguard sitting on the far right side of the pool near the slides. If someone was to go under on the far left side, there is no way the lifeguard could get to them quick enough. I saw several people get rescued at a GWL and the time they went under to the time they were pulled out was seconds at most. I think the Cape Codder needs to rethink their safety measures. I am not trying to diminish the responsibilities of parents who should always know where their kids are but when you offer a large water area like this, I think you should spend a bit more on training your lifeguards. Thankfully we didn’t have any issues and I will say that the lifeguards were mostly friendly (a few were very bored looking and not exactly friendly). 5. Hearth and Kettle – yes, one minor issue. Every single time we went here (4 times total), we were immediately seated but then waited for 15 minutes plus before our server came over to take a drink order. We actually had to ask another server where ours was 2 times. However, once we were finally seen, food and drinks were brought our promptly. 6. Suggestions – The hotel layout can be awful for some people depending on where you are located. Walking from the water park side to the restaurant side is quite a hike. You can’t change the layout but if the goal of this resort is to be for families (they added a water park after all), I wonder if they can add something else for the kids to play along these long corridors. The GWL has Magiquest which is game played with a magic wand and you go on quests. Several hallways are decorated with items you activate. I am sure there are other games similar (Disney has one) that the Cape Codder could consider installing. There are plenty of hallways away from rooms and this type of activity gets kids up and walking around. Just a suggestion…my kids would love it. Overall we were very happy with our time spent here. Being back in the area was enjoyable and we got to eat at Sam Diegos which we love and visit the main street area in Hyannis that has some cool shops (including an awesome record store). I think we will come back here again for a surprise weekend from time to time as our kids really enjoyed themselves and my wife and I were mostly relaxed. My complaints above are not reasons that would keep me away.

"Great birthday"

I brought my son here for his 9th birthday . Me my daughter who is 19 and him stayed in room 411. We had a great time . The outdoor heated salt water pool is super nice . His favorite part was the wave pool. We will definitely return in the future.

"Yes, but needs serious room renovations. "

My husband booked the Couples Suite Package for my birthday which included $50/dinner, chocolates in the room and couples massage. Initially, the room looks amazing with a living room with coach, TV, gas fireplace and full bathroom on the "first" floor. The lofted bedroom had a jacuzzi, memory foam bed/pillows, TV and another full bathroom. However...when we really starting looking we found cracks in the ceilings, bad paint patch ups, peeling wallpaper, broken fireplace, reversed hot/cold water in the upstairs bathroom, broken ceiling fan, seriously outdated decor and the heating system was either on and 85 degrees or off and cold. For the money - we should have had perfection. The couples massage was A++ and the spa has had some updates recently. The front entrance starts a "smoke and mirrors" experience as it has been recently updated and looks amazing, but when we drive around the back to our room the neglect and repairs needed is obvious - cracked sidewalks, bad parking lot, aged, unmatched carpets and peeling paint. When the hotel updated the "wave pool" to a "water park" they didn't update signage and it was almost impossible to navigate around the hotel to find our room. Tip: bring their paper map everywhere you go so you can get back to your room especially if you go to the water park. Pluses: we loved the massages/spa, dinner in Grand Cru, the wave pool and being together. Negatives: the rooms (especially for the money) need SERIOUS upgrades and so does much of the rest of the hotel outside of the front entrance and pool areas. Buyer beware and yes, we told the management who "appreciated" our feedback and offered a discount on our "next visit."

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