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InterContinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa

Dit prachtige resort ligt volgens velen op een van de mooiste plekjes in Frans-Polynesië. Het is een feit dat de twee witte zandstranden schitterend zijn en het omringende water onwerkelijk transparant is.

Vanaf € 336,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa, Restaurant
  • Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa
  • Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa
  • Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa, Beach Bungalow
  • Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa
Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa, Restaurant Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa, Beach Bungalow Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa


Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa, Restaurant
Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa
Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa
Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa, Beach Bungalow
Intercontinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa

Over InterContinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa

In dit zeer gemoedelijke en intieme resort heeft elke gast zicht op het helderblauwe water vanuit de comfortabele bungalows, die zo mooi en warm zijn ingericht dat je er de hele dag kunt blijven zitten. Toch lonken de activiteiten, variërend van snorkelen tot een tochtje met de speedboat naar een privé-eiland. Dit gezellige resort verwelkomt singles, honeymooners, koppels en kids. U kiest het 'zusterhotel' InterContinental Bora Bora & Thalasso Spa wanneer u de echte luxe zoekt en de spa voor u belangrijk is en u kiest dit resort wanneer u op zoek bent naar een kleiner resort, met een gezellige en warme sfeer.


  • kindvriendelijk
  • wifi

Goed om te weten

Een reis naar Frans Polynesië kan heel goed gecombineerd worden met een citytrip in Los Angeles. Vanuit Amsterdam is het ongeveer 24 uur reizen naar Tahiti. U vliegt vanuit Amsterdam via Parijs of Londen naar Los Angeles, vervolgens vliegt u door naar Papeete, de luchthaven van Tahiti. Vanaf hier is het vervolgens nog ongeveer 1 uur vliegen naar Bora Bora. De totale reistijd is dan dus ongeveer 25 uur.

InterContinental Le Moana Bora Bora Resort & Spa
Bora Bora
v.a. € 336 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Beach Junior Suite Bungalow
(36 m²) Airco, plafondventilator, televisie, DVD-speler, kluisje, internettoegang, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, strijkplank en -ijzer, apart zitgedeelte, badkamer met bad, aparte douche en föhn, buitendouche, privé-terras, gelegen aan het strand.

Lagoon Overwater Junior Suite Bungalow
(36 m²) Airco, ventilator, televisie, DVD-speler, kluisje, internettoegang, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, strijkplank en -ijzer, apart zitgedeelte, badkamer met bad, aparte douche en föhn, privé-terras, gelegen boven het water met directe toegang tot de lagune.

Horizon Overwater Junior Suite Bungalow
(36 m²) Airco, ventilator, televisie, DVD-speler, kluisje, internettoegang, koffie- en theezetfaciliteiten, strijkplank en -ijzer, apart zitgedeelte, badkamer met bad, aparte douche en föhn, buitendouche, privé-terras, gelegen boven het water met directe toegang tot de lagune en uitzicht over het rif en de Motu Piti Islands.


Gelegen op Bora Bora, direct aan het witte zandstrand.

Aantal kamers



  • 2 Restaurants
  • Bar
  • Zwembad
  • Spa (in zusterhotel)
  • Internettoegang
  • Businesscentrum
  • Laundry-service


  • Watersportactiviteiten zoals snorkelen en duiken

Ongetwijfeld is Bora Bora het mooiste eiland van heel Frans-Polynesië en volgens velen van de hele wereld.

"The Nicest Place On Earth"

This is a story about an 11 year journey to get to IHG Le Moana, if you don't like stories then I will give you the summary: Run to your computer and book this place; you will not regret it and will probably feel obligated to send me thank you notes (not necessary BTW). If you like stories that involve years of research, complete satisfaction and infinite detail on this hotel then keep reading... Ever since I saw this hotel 11 years ago I have been planning to travel to it. It's not an easy place to get to and frankly it's expensive (all of the hotels in Bora Bora are really). But it looks amazing and I stubbornly saved my hotel points and money for 11 years and researched it every 6 months until finally it was time to act! I booked this hotel for two weeks in March and have loved every second of it. I could tell you how many hours/days/years I spent researching this hotel, comparing it to others, reading reviews (thank you fellow Trip Advisers) but that would be another page so let's assume I did my homework when I tell you that this is the place to go. When I decided to finally book I spent months emailing and calling Kevin (Front Office manager and all around super guy). Kevin is fantastic, he patiently answered my many, many questions and personally greeted me when I arrived. Have a problem? Email Kevin. Think of something you want? Call Kevin. Share a witty observation? Walk by Kevin's desk. Kevin probably could have pointed out that there were so many other excellent staff that could have helped me but he didn't......he did it himself. Thank you for that! Le Moana hotel: This is one of the oldest hotels on the Island but you would never know it. The place is absolutely fantastic, the grounds are immaculate and it has the best location on the Island. There are great restaurants within walking distance (Lucky House and Blue Coco), there is a market right outside the hotel for snacks, beer, etc and you can stretch your holiday dollars a little farther. The hotel gift shop has souvenirs a plenty and the prices are comparable (in some cases cheaper then in Vaitape) - I know this because I spent a whole day comparing prices. Join the IHG Ambassador Program (costs $200) and you will get a complimentary room upgrade and a free weekend night certificate (and Beach Bungalow room is roughly $800 a night so you just saved $600). Over Water Bungalow: Do yourself a favor and book this room. I know it costs more but if you are only coming here once then you will regret not doing it. The room was ridiculous, the view alone is worth the $$. The OWB was well appointed and I had a great view of the mountain and ocean. I researched this room to death and specially requested it (thanks again Kevin) but honestly all of the OWB's are pretty great. Internet was slow but you are in French Polynesia (on an island), if you came for fast internet you are kind of missing the point of this vacation. There is also a TV but I never turned it on - I sat on my personal deck and stared at the view (eagle rays, sting rays, colorful lagoon fish, the occasional shark and and octopus that hung out on the bit of reef under my OWB). The Staff: The staff are some of the nicest people I have met - they really make this hotel special!! I can't stress that enough... You get to know them through-out the week and they become like family. The Concierge staff were really good - I asked them a million questions and they never batted an eye. They would see me coming and we would both laugh because they knew I had at least 5 questions. Super knowledgeable and very helpful. Use them early and often (hint -almost every restaurant requires reservations). The Bar staff - special thanks to Camille (spelling?), tell that guy what kind of drink ingredients you like and he will make something for you. The Beach staff - kept me laughing the entire time. There is a guy whose name I regret not getting but he wears the traditional Polynesian loin cloth and has Polynesian tattoos on his lower torso (read butt) - he plays the Ukulele and is really friendly; made me laugh every time I stopped to talk to him. Front Office staff - did I mention Kevin the Front Office Manager?! :) The Kitchen: Sigh........my biggest disappointment here and it kills me to write this because I really love this hotel. Breakfast is good (buy the breakfast meal plan BTW - best decision I made), good buffet choices. Lunch was also decent; good burgers, paninis, and french fries. Dinner was a complete disaster, we tried it twice to be sure.......and then we made sure to eat out for the rest of our two weeks. Not sure what the problem is exactly but the food was just not good (bland, under cooked, unappetizing). I would suggest hiring a chef specifically for dinner, so much revenue could stay at the hotel. The dinner show is good but the bad dinner(s) really overshadowed the entertainment. Sorry Le Moana. :( Hotel Boat Transfer to/from Airport: You just flew a day and a half to get to Bora Bora, do yourself a favor and opt for the hotel boat transfer (at least on your arrival). It costs a little more but you will be so over traveling by the time you arrive that it will feel like a welcome relief to sit on the boat, enjoy a nice lagoon breeze and relax in style. Plus arriving at the hotel docks on a "private boat" makes you feel like a rock star! Here are my hints in no particular order: Happy Hour at the bar - Runs from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. It's a buy one get one free kind of promotion - try Camille's rum drinks. Order your first drink and take it across the street to world famous Matira Beach and watch the sunset. Happy hour is for cocktails only. Coral Gardens: The hotel happens to be just across from one of Bora Bora's famous snorkeling spots. You can book a $200 snorkeling tour and they will take you right across from your hotel - complete waste of your $200. Grab one of the free canoes and snorkeling equipment from the Beach staff and paddle across a short stretch of lagoon to the Coral Gardens and do it yourself. Now you have $200 to spend on other tours - take the hotel'ss jet ski tour. I snorkeled at the Coral Gardens almost every day. Walking distance: The Lucky House restaurant: all around best restaurant that I ate at in Bora Bora. Best value (all restaurants are pricey), great pizza, try their bacon ceasar salad (wow), and molten lava chocolate dessert. The Blue Coco has good Italian and is on Matira Beach - go there for a sunset dinner. The market is also right outside of the hotel - instead of buying hotel priced beer buy a case of it for your room and put it in your hotel fridge. I went to the market for everything - most everything is imported and French products are cheaper - hence we had french wine, baguettes and cheese for lunch every day in our OWB. The market staff make really good spring rolls in their kitchen. There is also Bora Bora Colors (I think that was the name of it), good souvenirs and cheaper than the stores in Vaitape. Vaitape: It's a little village that has all the black pearl shops, souvenir shops, and a bigger market (its about 10 min away). Costs $20 each way by taxi from the hotel. Black pearl shops may offer a 10% off their prices if you request it but you have to be at least at the $200 threshold before you ask. Shop around for the pearls, you will quickly learn how to pick out good ones as each owner will happily explain the process - reminded me of diamond shopping (pearl grading, size, etc). Have lunch at the Cafe in Vaitape or at Bloody Mary's. Buy the Monoi oil (coconut oil) with the Tiare flower in it (its cheapest at the market outside the hotel) - lotions your skin after all day in the sun and smells great. Also good for romantic massages in your OWB Honeymoorers! ;) Service, language, and pricing: Service is slow almost everywhere (mostly in restaurants), it seems to be a cultural thing but be prepared for 2 hour dinners. Language is Tahitian and French but most people spoke some English - be prepared for language barriers (especially when ordering food), we often chuckled that 3/4 of our order or request would be accurate. Patience is key and it doesn't hurt to learn some basic French to help yourself out. Pricing is expensive, most food is imported and everything in Bora Bora is pricey. Lunch was typically $50 - $100 for two people, dinner is $75 - $200, and so on. Tours/excursions were around $200 - $400 each and more for private tours. In short, Le Moana hotel was everything I wanted and more; I could write pages about their attention to detail and helpfulness. If you are considering hotels in Bora Bora I would urge you to check this one out. I would use words like, small, intimate, romantic, private, special to describe it. I did check out the other IHG hotel and it was three times the size of Le Moana, was under construction, and did not have as nice as a location as Le Moana. But the do have a gym and a Spa. Thanks Le Moana for everything........it was worth the 11 year wait.

"A bucket list item realized!"

Heaven on earth! Bora Bora is more gorgeous than one can imagine. This resort was by far the perfect choice for us and anyone else who wants to get away from it all and relax. We were celebrating our 30th Anniversary and our stay here exceeded all our expectations. We were greeted at the Bora Bora Airport by Leilani, a staff member from the resort, she then escorted us out to a boat to take us to the resort. Once we arrived at the resort, which was prior to checkin, we were given a nice tour of the resort and we were told to relax around the pool or beach until our bungalow was ready. We were also greeted by the resorts General Manager, Laurence Levy, who welcomed us. Leilani came to find us by the pool and personally took us to our overwater horizon bungalow, where our luggage was already waiting for us. As we entered, the beauty of it all caught up with me and actually made me cry. We were given a brief tour of the bungalow by Leilani. We were in bungalow 16 and the water was just perfect in depth for us to snorkel off our dock. We relaxed, snorkeled, kayaked by day and enjoyed the happy hour prior to dinner. We highly recommend the romantic dinner for two on the beach. My husband scheduled it for our last night and it was just like something out of a movie, well worth the extra money. Julien, the Food and Beverage manager, was there for breakfast and dinner daily, took the time to orchestrate our private/romantic dinner ... he even took our photos for us. He, along with all the staff were very welcoming and friendly, which made us feel right at home. On our last day, the General Manager and other staff were on the dock to see us off. This was a trip of a lifetime and we truly would and have recommend this resort to all our family and friends (and anyone else who will listen!)

"Dream vacation in tropical paradise"

We had an outstanding vacation at the IHG LeMoana in Bora Bora for five days. We started our trip with three days at the IHG in Moorea. That was beautiful, a lovely resort, but we were glad that stop was first because nothing could measure up to the experience in Bora Bora The beauty, the warm inviting ocean, our amazing room and the wonderful staff - it was the most memorable trip ever. We never saw the check in desk, we were escorted to a lounge where we were seated with a cold beverage. The staff came to us with paperwork and took care of the process while we relaxed. We got our room 2 hours earlier than expected, and a lovely intern, Paul escorted us to nearly the end of the pontoon to our exceptional room. As we marveled at the room, fresh flowers, see thru coffee table to the ocean below, and our deck with the world famous view, another staff member put our luggage in the closet and then they slipped away. Minutes later champagne and cookies were delivered. We were welcomed and treated so well by everyone. We loved taking out a kayak every day, along with the wonderful snorkeling under our room, at nearby Coral Gardens with the kayak, and in the coral nursery fostered closer to the beach. Best snorkeling in crystal clear, warm water only about four feet deep, so you could stand up at any time to clear your mask or visit, then go right back to snorkeling. The resort beach was beautiful, and the mile long public beach with great sunsets was just across the street. I selected this resort not only for what it offered, but the location too. I wanted to stay on the island (not a motu) since we like to explore, walk and wanted other restaurant options (when we booked originally only breakfast was included). Our travel package ended up including our dinner which was great. The buffet breakfast was amazing, so many delicious choices it was hard not to eat too much. The dinners were nice, but they included shows and were/would have been very expensive. We prefer more simple, casual dining but there was only the one dinner option, had it not been included we would have taken advantage of many nearby restaurants. The farther dinner places will also pick you up for free. There is a pizza place and a market where you can buy some items for your room fridge, just down the road to the right of the resort. The beach is across from the lobby, and if you take the road to the left there are a couple other places to eat and some beautiful beaches and sunset views too. The pool at the resort was tropical and pretty, but we mostly went in the ocean since it was so beautiful, clean, calm and warm. So inviting. The beach staff will loan you kayaks, paddle boards, outriggers, and snorkel sets for free. The staff are very friendly and often have coconut carved up to snack on, or play music and sing. They offer a daily activity at 11 am. I learned how to make a floral headpiece one day and a woven basket/purse another. Again, the staff are super helpful and provide the supplies to make your craft. This was a nice touch and fun to visit with other guests too. Laurence Levy is the resort manager and it is very clear that she has a passion for taking care of her guests and her staff. She is very visible often visiting with guests in the restaurant to make sure you are having a great time, greeting her staff, and even helps at the boat dock and says farewell to guests departing. The best part was our experience in our OWB. Staying over the water, the glass coffee table where you can watch the fish, or open the table and feed them was too cool. Our bungalow was a lovely suite, where the huge picture window allowed us to awaken to the sunrise in view (there are shutters to close but it was so private we preferred the moonlight and sunrise). The deck was so nice to relax on, watch the sunset reflect on the horizon, or have a snack and cold beverage. Being able to enter the water right from our dock was also so fun. We went in the water every day, swimming, boating, snorkeling, more than any other vacation we've taken since it was so amazing and inviting. Be sure to use sunscreen without fail as the sun seemed pretty strong. Our weather was warm and tropical the whole time with only short rain a few times, then the sun would come right back out. Just beautiful. I filled out their comment card the day before we departed, to be sure to let them know what a wonderful stay we had. The room had a couple tiny issues, not worth fixing while we were there, but I noted it so they would know. To my surprise, Mrs. Levy had not only read our comments, but mentioned she'd be sure it was perfect next time, while helping us board the board when departing! We thought this might be a once in a lifetime visit, but we agreed this is the most special place we have even been, and the resort was excellent, exceeding our expectations so we plan to return again to Bora Bora, and this IHG LeMoana resort. This was our most memorable trip, and we highly recommend Bora Bora and this IHG resort. We looked at a few nearby resorts while we were here but this resort is the place for us.

"Beautiful overwater bungalow #28"

We are returning from a week at IC LeMoana Resort and specifically bungalow #28. We feel the Resort met our expectations for our week in the following areas: GM met us individually and showed genuine interest in ensuring our stay at the resort was a pleasant one and followed through in areas that we had requested (impressive). The staff seemed to enjoy their positions with friendly greetings and were helpful when we requested. We found the location of our bungalow to be great (end of "pontoon" pier, looking to horizon (waves breaking on reef in distance...beautiful) and quiet area but some noise from jet ski's and boat traffic (minor). We found our dining experiences (breakfast buffet and one dinner) to meet our expectations. We found the concierge to be helpful in a couple of requests. We were also amazed at the zero effort to upsell us on any activity and we liked this!! We would recommend this location because of being on the island vs needing to take a shuttle boat (IC Thalaso). A couple of downsides..no on site fitness area at LeMoana and the physical area of resort is short walk down a street without a sidewalk and traffic.

"Pricey once in a lifetime stay"

We stayed in an over the water bungalow as opposed to a beach bungalow but had the chance to see both due to a late checkout request. The over the water bungalow was a dream come true and I loved the coffee table! The top slides back and you can buy fish food and feed the fish. Even if you don't see them throw some in and they will come. The food served at the resort was nothing special, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. My husband said, if we go back we will go the beach bungalow route because he did not feel it was worth the additional cost to be over the water. The general manager came out and greeted us on our arrival and then came to see us off on our departure which was a nice touch. Also my daughter and I have gluten allergies and someone from the wait staff or a manager was great about making sure we were comfortable and knew what we could eat and what we could not eat. We had high expectations especially for the price and for the most part we were not disappointed. If you can afford the splurge and it is a dream go with the over the water bungalow. If you are there for the water and don't care save yourself the money because the beach bungalow is the same minus the coffee table and the stilts.

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