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Fox Hotel & Suites

Sfeervol hotel in het centrum van Banff geïnspireerd op de omgeving van natuurlijke bronnen en watervallen.

Vanaf € 72,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Hotel kamer
  • Lobby
  • Premium Loft Suite
Hotel kamer Lobby Premium Loft Suite


Hotel kamer

Premium Loft Suite

Over Fox Hotel & Suites

Verblijven in de Fox Hotel & Suites is een pure verwennerij. Het middelpunt van het hotel is de 'hot-tub' waar u heerlijk de spieren kunt ontspannen na een actieve dag in het nationaal park. De overheerlijke Canadese burgers die Chili's Grill & Bar serveert, zijn ook zeker het proberen waard!

Fox Hotel & Suites
Banff National Park
v.a. € 72 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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: WiFi, telefoon, televisie, kluisje, koffiezetfaciliteiten, strijkfaciliteiten, föhn. Compleet ingerichte badkamer.

2-kamer Superior Suite
: Zoals Hotel, met een aparte slaapkamer, kitchenette en airco.

3-kamer Superior Suite
Zoals 2-kamer Superior Suite, extra slaapkamer.


Gelegen in het centrum van Banff.

Aantal kamers



  • Restaurant
  • Fitnessruimte
  • Bar
  • Sauna
  • Hot tub

Banff in de provincie Alberta is een dorp in het gelijknamige nationale park, wellicht het beroemdste van heel Canada.

"Soak like your at the Cave n Basin"

Booked the one bedroom suite. Average to modest decorating. Fairly quiet . Outside door entrances to your room so in the winter it can be fairly cold going and coming back from the pool. The pool area is fabulous. It like being in a cave, beautiful warm water and well planned that you can have private stops in the large hot tub.

"Lodgey feel but noisy!"

Stayed for two nights in November 2016. The good. Warm, friendly, accommodating front staff. Warm lodge feeling envelopes you the moment you walk into the lobby, big timber frames so common in Banff. A warm fire. Chili's restaurant on sight. Walkable is a variable term. For some who have difficulty walking for any distance, this might be too far to the shopping and other restaurants. For others its totally walkable , several blocks to the main part of Banff. The hot tub is one of a kind , perfect temp, like a cave with several cozy corners to have a bit of privacy and open to the stars and or snow which would be amazing. The rooms, small. Very small in fact. I stayed in a double room. The distance between the door and the first bed , well lets just say the when the door is opened you have maybe 8 inches between the bed and the end of the door. The beds are doubles, not queens. There is a counter along one wall, with local coffee and coffeemaker. That too between the end of the bed and that counter is about 2 feet maximum two people could not pass each other at all. A clean room although it's been lived in. nightstand has been abused. And to follow the theme of rustic lodge the doors are pine??? questionable wallpaper. I guess they wanted to follow the lodgy feel , but less is more and it only makes the room feel so much smaller. The only roomy spot is the area with the tub and toilet. There are shelves beside the sink for storage. And a tiny closet for those winter coats? I was alone in my room and it was ok for me. But if my husband had been with me it would have been cramped, esp ,, where do you put your suitcases? I used one bed for that. The beds were comfortable. The BAD. HOUSEKEEPING STAFF! Not sure about the rest of the hotel, but our rooms were located near where the housekeeping staff kept supplies. It also seemed to be where housekeeping staff gathered at 5 or 6 am for their morning gathering place. And they seem to forget that their guests are sleeping. VERY VERY NOISY. Loud conversation, shouting to each other, banging doors and the carts are very noisy along the outside corridors and it never stopped from that point on. What I found quite interesting is a note card in each room that specifically had a note about guests quiet time from 11 pm to 8 am. When I was awakened around 5 am to staff making the noise I thought to myself they expect their guests to honor quiet time what about their housekeeping staff? But the fact that there was even a note for quiet time made me wonder if this was just a norm in this hotel. And in fact it was either tweens, teens, or noisy adults heading to the hot tub screaming and yelling past our rooms. IN addition on my 2nd day I noticed I was not offered any more clean towels, they took my used ones, but did not replace them, nor did they replace the shampoo or the coffee? I have stayed in other hotels with outside corridors, this hotel for some reason, the outside walls are as thin as paper. Not between the rooms just the outside wall. Or is the design of the hotel where the rooms are built in a rectangular surrounding an open area where it might cause echoing to be more profound. I am curious if other rooms had the same noise issues? Or were just unlucky in which rooms we were given. I did speak to the front staff about the noise, and it was transferred to the manager who did try to reach out to us but we missed their phone call. No other compensation was offered. It seemed a bit better on day two, but I also found ear plugs in my bag so that helped also. There are so many beautiful hotels in Banff. Based on my experience with the noise issue I might choose a different hotel. But that hot tub is pretty amazing,, kids would like it. WE received a complimentary continental breakfast each morning that came with the room.

"Good Hotel"

I've been to the Fox hotel twice now and I enjoyed my stay both times. This hotel has a beautiful hot pool in the basement level which is open to the outside through the roof and can be seen from the courtyard area in the centre of the hotel. The complimentary breakfast didn't have a large selection but the food was good, and there was a little bit of everything you need. Cereal, yogurt, fruit, some pastries and waffle makers which seem like they are quite popular. Everything is well maintained and clean. My first stay we were on the main level and there was a lot of people noise at times from inside the courtyard but we didn't notice anything from the rooms on either side, but the last say we were up on the 3rd floor in suites and we didn't hear anything from inside the rooms. (and hopefully nobody heard us... we were there for a bachelorette party).

"family trip"

this hotel is quite nice and has a great location. breakfast included too. very nice. the only thing it needs is a mini fridge in the room. we want to keep our drinks cold and put a sandwich in the fridge from the IGA....no luck...but the location is terrific.

"1st Anniversary Gone Wrong"

First off I would like to point out the positives of this hotel, the lobby is really comfortable and clean the staff that checked us in were really pleasant and helpful. The hot tub area is out of this world we loved it in there and enjoyed every soak we had. The location was ideal to walk anywhere down town which my husband and I took full advantage of Now for the downsides, the room is dated and the bed was really uncomfortable for what we paid a night ($300.00/night) I was less then impressed, time for some updates in my opinion. We were kept up until 3am by our obnoxious neighbours, I was so upset by this as I am pregnant & a mother of 3 young kids and sleep is hard to come by when we pay 300 for a good sleep and don't get it it is hugely disappointing. We did call the desk and they sent someone straight away but they guests didn't listen. When my husband went to pull open the big top blind in the morning the entire thing pulled out from the drywall landing directly on top of him leaving a huge goose egg and headache and a bruised arm. Not impressed whatsoever, this is a lawsuit waiting to happen. We are thankful he wasn't more injured, we called down and the desk sent maintenance up immediately which was nice but he couldn't fix the issue. The breakfast included in our massive price left much to be desired, some fruit, make your own waffles and boiled eggs. We didn't even eat there we chose to walk to a neighbour hotel and eat. When we stopped to discuss our experience with the front desk he said he'd let his supervisor know but I don't think he understood the severity of having a massive piece of metal land on your head.....upon our return from breakfast the supervisor was at the desk, I found her abrupt and dismissive, she also didn't take the issue seriously so I asked for a price adjustment which she couldn't do because we booked through a third party, totally understood so I asked for another solution as she wasn't going to offer squat. She said she could offer a free nights stay at their hotel or a partner hotel. I thought this was great and accepted this offer with huge thanks. Our second night was better despite our party animal neighbours we actually got a bit of sleep. We stopped at the desk to check out paid our $600.00 for two nights and received an envelope with our gift card we went to eat and I opened the gift card, its for $100.00!!!! We were shocked! A free nights stay?!?! Really?!? Well we would need a lot more than a hundred bucks to stay anywhere in Banff! That won't even pay for dinner out in that place lol. Such a huge disappointment and lack of any understanding, maybe we were too kind with our complaints and understanding that things just happen but I am so disappointed with the management of this establishment and will absolutely NOT be back and I will be sharing our experience with everyone we know. We are only 2 hours away and travel to banff at very minimum 6 times a year. To come here to celebrate our first year of marriage and to head home disappointed and exhausted was a let down. Sorry Fox hotel you did not cut it.

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