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Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Een aantrekkelijk resort hotel met een tropische sfeer, mooi gelegen rondom een meer met intieme zandstrandjes. Perfect voor gezinnen en stellen.

Vanaf € 133,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Pirate Room
  • zwembad, Disney Caribbean Beach Resort, Orlando
Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA Pirate Room zwembad, Disney Caribbean Beach Resort, Orlando


Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort, Orlando, Florida, USA
Pirate Room
zwembad, Disney Caribbean Beach Resort, Orlando

Over Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Tenzing Travel Best Deal

In dit gemoedelijke resort ligt de nadruk op de recreatieve activiteiten. De gasten van dit hotel kunnen fietsen en bootjes huren om een tochtje over het meer te maken of zich vermaken aan de zwembaden, de strandjes of op het levendige zonneterras rond het 'oude' fort. De accommodaties liggen verspreid over vijf ‘Caribische dorpjes’. De in pasteltinten, goed ingerichte kamers bieden zicht op het meer of de tuinen. Old Port Royale, met verschillende restaurants en winkels, ligt temidden van de dorpjes. Kortom, dit resort biedt u veel faciliteiten terwijl u tegelijkertijd geniet van alle voordelen van een verblijf in een Disney Resort.

Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort
Walt Disney World Resort Orlando
v.a. € 133 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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WiFi, telefoon, kluisje, koffiezetfaciliteiten, strijkijzer en -plank, badkamer en föhn .

Standard Water/Pool View
Zoals Standard, met (gedeeltelijk) meer- of zwembadzicht.

WiFi, telefoon, kluisje, koffiezetfaciliteiten, strijkijzer en -plank, dichtbij de belangrijkste faciliteiten.


Gelegen aan een meer met strandjes in Disney World.

Aantal kamers



• 2 Restaurants
• Bar

• 6 Zwembaden
• Speelplaats
• Speelhal
• Volleybal

• Minigolf

• Boot- en fietsverhuur

• Shuttleservice
• Wasserette

• Parkeergelegenheid


• Joggen
• Watervoertuigenverhuur zoals: zeilboten, waterfietsen en kano's

Welkom in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, de plek waar uw Disney dromen uitkomen! Geniet van het betoverende entertainment, de fantastische attracties en de Disney Cast Members die elke dag opnieuw voor magie zorgen. Tenzing Travel maakt u wegwijs in de wereld waar van alles te beleven is. Trek rustig een aantal dagen uit om de verschillende parken te bezoeken.


"Poor service. Poor quality. Disappointed. "

We arrived on Saturday, September 9 knowing the Disney parks and much of Orlando was going to be shutting down due to hurricane Irma heading our way. What we did not expect was the resort to not take care of its paying guests. At all. Our Disney travel agent assured us, after checking in with Disney, that Disney had a hurricane plan in place and guest would be 'well taken care of'. So we kept our trip as scheduled and planned to use the rest days we had built into our vacation for the first two days of our trip. We planned to ride out the storm. We arrived Saturday afternoon and were told by the front desk that they may not have food service on Sunday, depending on the weather, so we might want to stock up on these pre-made sandwiches (at $9 a piece) and whatever snacks we may want from their little snack room. We had purchased the dining plan and this is the option we were given for food. We had dinner reservations that evening at a another Disney resort so we didn't really have time to think about i. We purchased the sandwiches and put them in our hotel fridge. We had a nice dinner at the Floridian and returned to the resort for the evening. The transportation at the resort leaves much to be desired. If you are not in any type of hurry, by all means use the free shuttle. But plan on 30 minutes- 1 hour to get anywhere. Additionally, the resort is so spread out that while you can walk between your room and the food service area, if you got placed in a room or 'village' as they call it, on the outskirts of the resort it could be a 15 to 20 minute walk. Or a 15 to 20 minute bus excursion...you decide. Either way, it's not really convenient to tack 30-40 minutes on to every meal! We were fortunate enough to be placed in a village next to the food area so it was only about a seven minute walk for us. We used the internal bus the first day and after 15 minutes of driving around the resort we were finally dropped off at the food area. Decided walking would be quicker and it was. Now let's discuss the food options. Thankfully, The weather did not affect food service on Sunday morning but they still could not tell us if there would be food served past breakfast? We got a boxed breakfast no choice in the matter as to what we got. Just a box breakfast and go eat in your room. The same thing for lunch. No choice, just here's your box lunch, take it away and eat it somewhere else. And then this same pasta and meatballs were served a day later? Very expensive, using my meal plan pasta. But alas, the hurricane is coming, what choice do I have? There was a drizzly rain all day Sunday but we explored the resort in our ponchos and rain boots and had a nice family time despite the weather. The high winds and rain came Sunday night and I will say the hotel is built nicely as I could not hear any of it inside my room. P.S. No housekeeping services ran in Sunday-full trash and dwindling toilet paper. Monday morning: the sun is shining, the storm is gone, but everything is shut down today. Everything. No food. No housekeeping. No pool. No playground. There were leaves and small branches scattered throughout the resort due to the high winds and rain. I get it. That needs to be cleaned up. I get it. But are your chefs and servers doing the cleaning? Are your housekeepers out raking the leaves? I just do not understand why there was still no food or housekeeping services all day Monday and the swimming pools didn't open until around 3 PM? There were so many guests out and about on Monday with nothing to do in the beautiful weather. I understand there are things going on with the hurricane but it just seemed like you had a lot of displaced guests with nothing to do and nothing to eat on their very expensive paid vacation. So this is the day we got to eat our pre-made sandwiches that we bought two days earlier. And they were just as disgusting as that sounds. We took an Uber out to dinner at an off-site restaurant that night even though we had already paid for 8 meals (4 people on our trip) for our meal plan that day that we would not get to use. That Afternoon I called the front desk to request more toilet paper as we were on our last roll. First off, it took about seven minutes on hold to reach the front desk. And once I get the front desk and request either toilet paper be brought to my room or I even offered to go pick it up knowing that they were probably busy. I was told no one could bring me toilet paper due to the safety of their employees. So I again offered to come by and pick some up and was told that that was not recommended due to my safety. I laughed and asked her what she thought we should do when this 1/4 roll of toilet paper that we were using was gone? She had no answer. She said when safety was not a concern she would have someone bring us some. I guess safety issues cleared up three hours later when there was a knock on the door and two rolls of toilet paper were presented. Tuesday: Due to construction, there was one food tent available for breakfast. Fine, it's breakfast. Whatever. It was a buffet type set up with some decent options. Dinner: we had the food tent option with two main course choices and some sides. And then two food trucks. Not terrible but honestly just not what I expected from a Disney 'resort'. The big pool was nice with waterslides for the kids. Then we had another pool close to our village that was nice and big as well. No slides or fun stuff just a pool. The grounds were very pretty and lush and well-kept. The room was small to me and had one tiny dining table with two chairs, two beds, and then the TV sitting on a dresser. I did like the open closet clothes bar and shelf area in the bathroom as it provided additional easily accessible storage. We were given a $75 per day credit via a Disney gift card upon arrival. This was for the inconveniences due to construction. While this was definitely appreciated, it by no means compensated for the lack of quality of the food options and quality of service provided. I just had higher expectations due to the Disney hype. Maybe that was my fault for listening to others? But I was definitely disappointed with the resort. I feel like we overpaid. I would have been perfectly happy if this all happened at one of their lower-priced resorts. I wouldn't expect housekeeping to come every day and wouldn't expect as many food options. But when you're paying more you expect to get a little bit more. Nope not in this case. Do not spend the extra money! I have several other instances of lack of attention to the guests but I feel like this post is already too long!

"Moderate category???"

The hotel is under renovation and although the guests are experiencing all the issues that come along with that, they continue to be charged normally. No discounts, no special rates. The restaurant during the hurricane was in a shed, the food was poor (pasta only), there was no (even basic) housekeeping, the snacks should be free, but were sold for 7 dollars. The lobby is located in one side and all buildings are far from there, in another area. So we can consider this hotel has no lobby to be, in a case like a hurricane. There is no living area. This hotel doesn't seem to be a Disney property. And it's even more unacceptable that it is Moderate category hotel!

"Still Lovely even though building work going on"

We stopped in Jamacia had 2 rooms on the top floor we had a corner room which was lovely lets in lots of light, both rooms had murphy beds (and the kids said they were really comfy). We were close to the market place and the drinks machine (although the queues did form for this). Caribbean beach is having a refurb so there was a temporary food tent, although this was ok (it was buffet we didnt want to do it every night - we ended up going to other resorts to eat) the building work did not disturb us but we did miss the normal food court. The bar was also open and that was nice, we had live music some nights. We also like the fact that we could see the fireworks from the parks by the main pool. Movies under the stars looked good for the kids we never did this as our children wanted to be in the pool. The shuttle buses were good but the timings were a bit out on the boards, the only issue was at park closing when everyone was tired the buses were busy and you could wait up to 40 mins for one. We were on the dining plan and it was nice that we could get coffee at the market place (which wasnt too far from our room in paper cups) Also we used a snack credit for cereal and milk for the breakfasts was good use of the snacks on the dining plan. We would definately go again and cant wait to see the alterations they have made.

"Dream holiday, Dreaming!!"

Do not book the Disney Caribbean beach resort until the have completed the renovation work!!!! We were informed of Disney's re-imagining (their name for building work and disruption) approx 3 months before our holiday. To compensate us we were given $75 per room per day, this by way of a Disney gift card, which restricted the spending of this to Disney only products. This allocation in itself was unfair as we had different party sizes in the rooms and should have been compensation per person. Our rooms and location were fine but the real disadvantage were the temporary arrangements for our dining and drinking. The facilities were woeful! A large marquee was erected as a dining hall and this was far two small to accommodate the numbers of people wanting to use it, causing large and frequent queue's to eat. When in there, food quickly became cold due to the forced air conditioning flow, the seating was little moor than wooden tables and chairs akin to a scout camp!! Plastic cutlery was of limited use and on the second day they ran out of tea bags although this was rectified and it didn't happen again. The bar facility was a portakabin with only a few seats outside. When the lightening was within 5 miles of the place, they closed the bar and pool leaving all holiday makers with no where to go other than the marquee, which was inevitably full of people eating. No other inside space was available to relax and have a drink. We ended up sitting in a group on the landing of our accommodation block having a drink out of the rain. Just not good enough. I fully understand that resorts have to be refurbished to maintain their level and standards but Disney should respect their customers who are paying, in our case, thousands of pounds for the experience and they should close the resort as a whole rather than attempt to get by with inadequate replacement facilities. The resort itself was really good with a choice of pools and a lovely lake and grounds. In normal circumstances, with a proper restaurant and bar to sit and have a meal and drink inside in the evening, Disney Caribbean beach resort would have been perfect but unfortunately our dream holiday was some what spoilt K. Wirral

"Not up to Disney's standards"

Massive resort with no real lobby. If you forget something, you are out of luck because there is no gift or sundry shop. The front desk staff is minimally helpful and we felt as if we were an inconvenience. There is a LOT of construction. Swimming in the main pool; we could hear and smell the construction vehicles. Our room was fine and the housekeeping staff was very nice. We have stayed at most of the Disney properties. This one does not measure up. If you can, stay elsewhere.

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