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Walt Disney World Dolphin

Walt Disney World Dolphin vormt samen met het zusterhotel Walt Disney World Swan één groot vakantieparadijs. Luxe en comfortabel, tegelijkertijd gemoedelijk en bijzonder familievriendelijk.

Vanaf € 174,- p.p.p.n. bij een 2pk Offerte Meer info
  • Walt Disney World Dolphin
Walt Disney World Dolphin


Walt Disney World Dolphin

Over Walt Disney World Dolphin

U zit hier op een toplokatie: het resort ligt in het hart van Walt Disney World Resort, vlakbij Epcot, Disney's BoardWalk en Disney's Hollywood Studios. Het Swan Resort deelt de faciliteiten met het zusterhotel 'Swan'. Gezamenlijk bieden zij een scala aan faciliteiten. Als gast van een Disney Resort maakt u gratis gebruik van het transport naar de themaparken in het Walt Disney Word Resort en kunt u genieten van de Extra Magic Hours; langere openingstijden van de themaparken.


  • kindvriendelijk
Walt Disney World Dolphin
Walt Disney World Resort Orlando
v.a. € 174 (per persoon, bij een 2pk)

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Gelegen in het hart van het Walt Disney World Resort.

Aantal kamers



• 6 Restaurants
• 3 Bars
• 4 Zwembaden en een apart kinderbad
• 4 Whirlpools
• Spa
• 4 Tennisbanen
• Joggingtrack
• Gamesroom
• Wasserette
• Shuttleservice
• Parkeergelegenheid


• Kids Club: Camp Dolphin
• Joggen

Welkom in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, de plek waar uw Disney dromen uitkomen! Geniet van het betoverende entertainment, de fantastische attracties en de Disney Cast Members die elke dag opnieuw voor magie zorgen. Tenzing Travel maakt u wegwijs in de wereld waar van alles te beleven is. Trek rustig een aantal dagen uit om de verschillende parken te bezoeken.


"Great location - great facilities, at a price"

Stayed for a week. FYI - they are just starting a renovation in the lobby; it's a little annoying. Also, I'm not sure what the story is, but it seems a little strange that a hotel on Disney grounds (with Disney in the name), doesn't have anything that would make you think you were anywhere near Disney World (i.e. no Disney decorations at all). Not bad or good - just an observation that I thought was weird. Pros: Super nice for going to Disney world. Free boat ride to Epcot and Disney Hollwood parks. Can take free bus to other parks. You can also drive to other resorts and use your room key for free parking, which was really nice. Renovated rooms are in great shape. New, good quality TV. Good high end restaurants. Very nice amenities (beach volleyball, beach ping pong (!), 24hr tennis courts, large pool, basketball hoops (kind of cheap, roll away standards). In room mini-fridge Cons: Shower (no tub) takes like 5 minutes to warm up and pressure isn't great. 2 mind-numbing major complaints. No microwaves available!! I don't think I've ever been to a hotel that either a) has a microwave in the room, or b) will bring one to your room. The only microwave on site is at one of their restaurants. Because it's a large hotel, imagine being in your room wanting to heat up your leftovers from the night before. You've got to take a 10 minute walk through the maze that is the hotel, warm your food up, and then take a 10 minute walk back through the maze, on an elevator with everyone having to smell whatever it is that you warmed up and then hope it isn't cold by the time you get back. Insane. The other completely insane complaint - I went to grab a soda. Since there are no soda machines on site, you've got to go to one of their restaurants. Fortunately, they have a fountain machine. I grabbed a 12 oz fountain drink. The price? $4.89!!!!! Even at Disney World, where they are infamous for insanely high food/drinks, a drink is "only" $3.50. Additionally, here is ONE day of the add on's that I got on top of my daily rate: Room tax $12.94, resort tax $11.94, resort service package $17.00, resort service package tax $1.11, Resort tax - resort service package $1.02, parking self - $20.00. When all is said and done, an additional $64.01 per night on top of the cost. The definition of nickel and diming you to death. Overall, if you don't have a problem with steep, Disney like prices, it's a really nice hotel. Just don't try and warm anything up.

"Taking the business customer for granted - not a "magical" experience!"

I stayed at the Dolphin 5/15-19 to attend a business meeting. The entire lobby area was under construction and blocked off. There was only a narrow perimeter which you needed to navigate to get to elevators, the conference center, restaurants, etc. There was no advanced notice of this, no little amenity or even an "excuse our dust" for the inconvenience and the sheer ugliness. The construction is supposed to continue till September. I understand trying to stay open through the construction, but it is an inconvenience. Some token consideration - a coupon for a free something - dessert, coffee, soft drink, by way of apology for the mess would have been nice. When I voiced the issue, along with several others I will describe, all I heard was how beautiful it was going to be in September. That did not help me in May. The second day of my stay the electricity was shut off for four hours from 1-5PM. I had received no notice of this planned outage. When I went to the concierge desk to find out what was going on I was told that notices were slipped under the room doors. I explained that I had not received any such notice and one of the staffers actually contradicted me and said that everyone received a notice under their door. As I had a meeting in less than two hours and needed acces to a lit bathroom for hair and make up - I asked what they could do. Their first offer was to comp me a free night. I declined as this did not solve my immediate problem. They then offered free access to the spa - a much better solution. Between meeting others in the same predicament at the spa and conferring with colleagues attending the same meeting, I learned there were quite a few of us who had not received any notice of this planned outage. Yet, each evening hotel guests received phone messages about changes in theme park transportation pickup locations. I wondered why they couldn't have left a message regarding the electricity and /or posted notices at the elevators for the floors where this outage was planned. It was like they really didn't care. The lack of attention to detail was evidient elsewhere. At least three times when I tried to sign a restaurant/bar tab to my room, I was left with a pen that wouldn't write. Since one of these occassions was a lunch at the pool, I did not have my own pen with me. There the service had been really slow and I needed to be in a meeting so I had to chase down a bartender to get a pen that worked. Either get better quality pens or have the waiters check to see that they function before leaving the check. The inconvenient issues continued when I returned from the aforementioned pool lunch and could not get into my room because my key didn't work. And, of course, I was in a hurry to change clothes and attend another meeting. I was on the 10th floor - went down, walked around the perimeter of the lobby mess and explained the situation. The desk attendant asked "what color" the lights on the door were when I tried to get in. When I told him green for a second then red - he said it was probably a dying/dead battery. He gave me another key and said try it but if it doesn't work come back and they would need to get security to assist. I asked if I really had to go all the way back to my rooom and then come all the way back to the lobby again if it didn't work. He said to use the house phone and call. So - back up to my room, second key did not work. BUT - no house phone on my floor. Went down one floor and called from there. Then waited 10-15 minutes for security to come up. They could not get in either. So - another call to someone who had a more powerful key and that got me in - more time elapsing. My room had not been made up - although the maids had been on my floor earlier. That told me they could not get in either. So why was a dead battery left for the guest to discover, report and resolve? Someone finally came and replaced the battery finally leaving me a less than satisfactory time to prepare for my meeting. And now the topper - I had a 20 minute presentation to a group of customers. 10 minutes into my presentation, there was a hotel wide announcement that they would be testing the fire alarms and then they immediately proceeded to do just that - for at least ten full minutes! You could hear people out in the hall saying they didn't know how to turn the waring off. It was disruptive and lasted way too long. This was during "business" hours and of course, there was no advanced notice that would have allowed for some planning. Apparently no one cared that they had a business conference going on - maybe they forgot about the hundreds of paying guests who were in attendance at the meetings. This property is showing its age - other little things did not work such as the computer station to print boarding passes and the gate to let you in /out of the self-parking lot. To be fair some of the staff were excellent and very nice. I feel sorry for them to have to try to appease guests when the hotel management doesn't seem to care. I did voice my concerns and tales of woe to a supervisor who compensated me with some Starwood points and that was appreciated. However, I will not be using them to stay at the Dolphin.

"Amazing staff!!"

Our valet Alex was very nice and helpful. He was quick to get my van to me and very helpful in answering my questions. The check in process was easy and the man that helped me was very friendly and answered my questions. The bellman took our luggage out of our van and into our room. He neatly placed our luggage into our room and got us extra cups when we asked where we could get them. Housekeeping came and I said we were too tired to go out. I asked if she could just take our trash and exchange towels. She not only did that but also refilled our water. Some of the staff in Picabu could have been nicer. They are usually very friendly and accommodating but weren't much of either this trip. At checkout the bellman not only nicely gathered my luggage and brought it down but he also called valet to have my van ready to pack. The Valet had no problem with bringing the van around and reparking it for us to enjoy a final few hours at the park.

"Great location, minor issues were remedied"

Great location, love the walk to Epcot and Hollywood Studios! Borman the valet was excellent, as was Brandon at the front desk. The self-parking was full. We didn't know until we circled the lot for 20 minutes looking for a spot. When we went back for valet, the valet manager told us, yep, self-parking was full. Information we needed to know before setting out to find a spot! He offered us a long trek to self park at the Swan, or a large valet fee. We prefer not to valet because of the type of car we have, but Borman took care of it. Brandon at the front desk gave us a credit toward the valet. Housekeeping knocked on the door at 9:30am, asking if we could leave the room right then (checkout is at 11am). There weren't any Do Not Disturb signs in the room, so we hand-wrote a sign to put in the card slot. We've stayed at the Dolphin before and overall, a great hotel, just some minor details that can be fixed with some training on policies.

"Excellent place to enjoy EPCOT from"

For us who want to enjoy EPCOT as adults, this is a great place to stay. The renovation in lobby is not a problem. Great lounge and restaurants such as Blue Zoo. Good service. Renovated king room was very nicely done. Only thing sorely missing was a ventilation fan in bathroom. Comfortable bed and linens, great shower. Good place to enjoy the stay.

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